Bigger and Bolder is Better

We’ve all been there. You are out shopping and you want to buy something new for your home. But you really don’t know WHAT you want or need. So you wander through some shops, looking for the missing ingredient.

Then your eyes find “it”. That adorable little accessory you can afford and you expect will transform your room from blah to WOW. Or at least add a little something–if not a big WOW then a little nice touch! The sales clerk wraps it up in paper and you take it home, carefully sitting on the seat next to you.

You unwrap it as you go through the front door, running from end table to bookshelf, looking for its home. Here? No. Over there? Ugh. No.

Then reality hits. It was cute in the store, but in your massive great room, YOU CAN’T EVEN NOTICE IT! It doesn’t make a statement at all. So then you pile on a dozen more accessories trying to make the statement and it ends up a mess.

The moral of the story here is this: it is better to buy one bigger, bolder piece for a specific spot in your room than to buy something cute and little and then search for where to put it.

Best bet is to buy in pairs (two lamps, two candlesticks), triplets (three pillows, three frames, etc.) or make sure a single item is a statement all by itself. Consider the size of your room–if it is a “great room” the bigger the better for accessories.

Go for fewer items, more repetition and bolder pieces.

Bigger and Bolder is Better

Look at the photo. It is a real life example from a client (the before picture). Do you see the accessories? The tiny bunnies? Right over there, on the table behind the sofa. Yeah, there they are. Go ahead and laugh. The client laughed too. That is why she called me. She knew she needed help. No more tiny bunnies! Tiny bunnies rarely solve decorating problems.

Happy Feet = Authentic Style

Remember the movie Happy Feet ? Those of you with kids probably saw it, for the rest of you, it is a kind of weird but kind of cute movie about penguins finding their inner song–their “Heart Song”. One poor little guy just couldn’t find his heart song, no matter how hard he tried. But while he couldn’t sing, he could dance. His little penguin flippers could jig like no one else. He was unique!

Finding an authentic style for your home is kind of like discovering your own Heart Song. While everyone else is following the crowd and filling their homes with meaningless objects, following the trends, ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ in home decor, you are searching for what makes YOUR HEART really sing.

Find what works for you, what YOU really love, what makes SENSE for you, what fits with things you already have and love, and build a home around it. Incorporate some trends if you like them. A few trendy items in a home full of authentic, personal style can work to bring in a little contemporary flavor without marking your home ten years from now as being redone in 2007.

The goal with authentic design is to have a home built on a lifetime of refined taste, rich memories and meaningful beauty, everything that makes you unique and interesting–not an afternoon in a trendy designer showroom.