Gracious Hostessing 101: Big Butt Dining Chairs

Ok, I have been laughing so hard at my friend Alicia’s post on her new sofa (she ordered a Big Butt Sofa) that I just had to share it with you. I laugh because she is not the only one who contemplates such issues. I have my own little story to share along those lines.

I have been thinking lately about getting Big Butt Dining Room Chairs and an Ample Bodied Table. I have the most adorable antique dining table and chairs, but whenever we have guests of NORMAL sized (i.e. ample) derrières and modern day wider load bodies I cringe a little. I brace myself when I watch them aiming their behinds for those chairs that almost look like doll furniture. Then they pull the chair up to the table built for people 4″6 and they bump their knees. Awkward hostessing moments.

Gracious Hostessing 101: Big Butt Dining Chairs

Here is what it is like when you come to my house for a sit-down dinner (it is no coincidence that we usually serve potluck in the kitchen and avoid our dining table). I say things like this: “Welcome, friend, right over here…” [i.e. you are in the bigger butt category so I have to usher you over to a big-butt chair]…and “So glad you are here, have a seat” [pulling out a small-butt chair].Once I even thought ahead and made place cards (I am totally serious, and so embarrassed to admit this) according to butt-size. That backfired when I noticed people switching their place cards and I had to grab small-butt chairs out from under them and swiftly replace them with sturdy big-butt benches before they sat down. SO embarrassing. Reminds me of my son, who has been known to tape signs to my rear end “CAUTION: WIDE LOAD”. Obviously, I myself need the wider load benches.

Gracious Hostessing 101: Big Butt Dining Chairs

Moral of this story is if you are really wanting to be a charming and gracious hostess, GOOD GRIEF have Big Butt Chairs for everyone.

IKEA Comes to Portland July 25!

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Portland, Oregon we have been IKEA-deprived. If we wanted to shop at IKEA, we were in for a 6 hour round trip to Seattle! With the cost of gas, you thought twice about that little trip.

But tomorrow, Wednesday July 25, is the Grand Opening of our very own IKEA store! So, fellow Portlanders, let’s celebrate! In fact, if you are up at at it early tomorrow morning, entertainment begins at 6AM right there at IKEA! Not really sure what kind of entertainment they will have at 6AM (the doors don’t open until 9AM), but let’s hope it involves a latte and a scone.

For those of you who can’t make it, or want to avoid the crowds, check out the virtual store!