Easter: Inspiration

Easter: Inspiration
Williams-Sonoma Cookware never fails to inspire me around the holidays.
Easter: Inspiration
These adorable papier-mache eggs would be a beautiful addition to the Easter basket. Most of our eggs are plastic, I’ll be honest, but sometimes I stick something special in our kids’ baskets to be a keepsake. I was more into special little things like this with our girls, however. Unless these eggs had spideman printed on them, our son wouldn’t even care.
Easter: Inspiration
What a cute bunny pan! If I was into baking I’d make bunny cakes for sure.
Easter: Inspiration
You could make this yourself. A nest wreath with candies in the middle — easy centerpiece.
Easter: Inspiration
Easter: Inspiration
Easter: Inspiration
Ok, now, I adore those straw bunnies, birds and chicks. I must have them! They are so life-like. They’d be adorable perched on the table or basically anywhere. I love them.
Easter: Inspiration
The Easter Egg tree is a seasonal tradition in many European countries. You could make this with branches from outside.
Easter: Inspiration
These little chicks are just the fluffiest cutest little sweetie chicks ever. These are another good example of the kinds of little surprises I always loved sticking in plastic eggs to surprise my girls when they were little.
Easter: Inspiration
Super easy decor. Love the eggs around a pillar candle.
Easter: Inspiration
Of course, baking sugar cookies in fun Easter shapes would make the holiday special.
Easter: Inspiration


  1. I just love those old fashioned Easter eggs. They are so cute. And the chickens!! Would love to find some of those.
    Hope you have a great Monday.
    Love Elzie

  2. Hi!
    Wow, I love your Easter things! Such a cute little chicken :) Thanks for all the inspiration! :)
    Have a wonderful monday!

  3. I was looking for Easter decoration ideas and have found them right here. Thank you! Eleanor

  4. These are all so beautiful and inspiring Melissa! I love the idea of using a nest and filling it with chocolate eggs! The display would look like an empty nest on my table though…. hehehe!

  5. I love the easter egg tree… thanks Melissa, now I have to go figure out how to work that into my decor!

  6. Hi Melissa, I love this post..you probably know I have a real fondness for eggs. : ) Love the paper mache ones you are showing here, very pretty.

  7. I went to your link for Williams and Sonoma….one of my favorite ideas was putting Easter eggs around the base of a pillar candle in the glass candle holder….
    I LOVE your blog…..I can spend hours looking around and be ing inspired!

  8. Thanks everyone! Cathy, I had overlooked that great idea so I added it to the post. Thanks so much, I LOVE easy ideas like that!

  9. Well, now you’ve gone and done it. I’ve managed to stay OUT of Williams Sonoma because of my habit of buying $30 cake pans that can only be used once a year!

    Oh, the bunny pan is calling to me.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  10. Everything looks so lovely! I especially adore the nest centerpiece and will have to look for something where I can duplicate that. Where to start????

  11. Love the little white chicks. So adorable!! peep,peep

  12. Very excellent ideas for the easter table. I need to go find those blue egg candies. Just a wonderful post. susan

  13. once again Melissa….i leave your beautiful blog full of inspiration and love for life! i am salivating over that nest full of the blue candy eggs. that is divine and sooo sweet to make! i think i have a project to get to!

    also, i am loving those eggs in the candle glasses. pretty, colorful and perfect!

    hugs to you today my bff!

  14. Love,Love,Love this time of year! It just shouts new life coming…thank you Melissa.
    xxoo julia

  15. Love the nest centerpiece. My kitties wouldn’t leave the eggs alone……but love the idea! Rosie

  16. I just love every last thing!
    If those don’t get you in a springtime mood, nothing will! :)


  17. Super cute. I love the nest with the eggs!

  18. I’m completely stealing your idea of putting a cute little chick in an Easter egg and claiming it as my own! My girls will love it. Thanks for the tip!

  19. This totally got me in the Easter mood, even though we’ve got a couple feet of snow outside our door. Thanks! -Julia :-)

  20. Love the William and Sonoma Catalog.. I droll over it everytime it arrives!

  21. Oh, what lovely ideas! I must try the wreath in the nest with robin’s egg candies — too cute! On someone else’s blog I saw moss-covered eggs wrapped in brown satin ribbons. I think they may have been from Ballard. They were fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration, Melissa. :)

  22. Love the old fashioned easter eggs, but I think I just might have to get me one of those bluebirds!

  23. annie2000 says:

    Hi Melissa…your easter pictures are gorgeous…when my boys were younger and we lived in Germany, we used to buy some lovely eggs..especially the paper mache ones, instead of baskets and fill them with little ones.

  24. Hi Melissa…your Easter pictures are gorgeous. When my boys were younger and we lived in Germany, we used to buy some lovely things, especially the paper mache eggs to fill, instead of baskets.

  25. Melissa,

    It is so wonderful to see all this inspiration…thank you for sending us some “Spring Blessings” today!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  26. Oh I just love those little chicks! Great blog!

  27. Oh such fun Easter things! Especially like the adorable bunny pan and pink straw bunny, but everything looks so wonderfully candy-coloured and Spring-like. Very much looking forward to Easter long weekend!

  28. I had those papier-mache eggs when I was little! Thanks for bringing back some great memories, Melissa. Love all the beautiful photos you have compiled in these Easter posts! Great job!

  29. don’tcha just LOVE williams-sonoma! i love wandering around in their shop. lots of eye candy =) debbie

  30. Okay!! I am swooning outloud!! I want a bit of it all!!! xoxo

  31. Wow this stuff is unbelievable! I love love love that nest idea!

  32. Aww…the straw bunnies and the chicks are the cutest! :)


  33. I stop for second to tell Hi and fall in love with your Easter decorations! How lovely!

  34. What wonderfully cute ideas!! Love the blue chocolate eggs in the nest; love the straw animals; and a clever idea with the eggs in the candle thing—I have one of those with beautiful colored stones from a lake in montana…..but the eggs are a nice touch.

  35. I just love the nest full of chocolate eggs and the cute fuzzy chicks. Easter colors make me so happy!

  36. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    I love those candles in all of the sherbet colors! Too pretty and very happy!


  37. Hey bff Melissa!

    It was great to hear from you. I’ve been a commenting slacker in the worst way of late, but I’ve done plenty of lurking…and this is always a daily stop for me…I marvel at your creative sensibilities, incredible taste, helpful advice…and your sense of fun!!! Love the Easter goodies…I would dearly love to decorate for every holiday…perhaps I’ll be able get at least a little spring-fling-thing happenin’ at my place…because as usual, I’m inspired when I come here!

    All is GREAT with me BTW…just keeping busy with lots of thrifting at the moment…but alas not near enough creating. Hope to strikethat balance a little here soon.

    Take care!

    Hugs and blessings,
    Becky S.

  38. Hi Melissa, I usually have an egg tree at Easter but not this year. But you have inspired me to do something else with eggs. I took the brain quiz and didn’t score 10 or more in any category. Wonder what that means? LOL

  39. What a pretty, pretty post. Lots of darling wee critters. I love those brightly coloured candles with the eggs. Positively darling!! Just a lovely happy post!!

  40. I love the nest centerpiece, it’s not something I would ever have thought of. It’s very beautiful.

  41. Love the nest centerpiece, it’s so very pretty.

  42. Hello,
    Thank you for publishing these beautiful photos, especially those papier-mache eggs. I haven’t seen them anywhere in years. They are lovely.
    (Do stop by the Happy Turtle, if you can; we are on national press. I am now heading to check Washington Post. Congratulations!)

  43. I loved the bunny pan and the sweetie chicks!

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