How to Decorate: Decorating 101

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

Do you need tips for how to decorate, no matter what your style or budget is? Do you need some fresh inspiration for ways to decorate your home? I’ve written TONS of posts over the years on how to decorate and find inspiration for your home.

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

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I’ve created a gallery of decorating ideas and (following the gallery) there is a list of my favorite tips which I think will be very helpful! This Decorating 101 series will provide you with endless affordable and simple ideas for your home.

Below is the gallery of posts to inspire you with the types of tips, ideas and decorating inspiration you are looking for. Simply click on any of the boxes below in the inspiration gallery and then scroll through the related posts to be inspired for how to decorate.

Following the decorating inspiration gallery, scroll down and you’ll find a list of links to simple decorating tricks and topics!

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

 Because I believe everyone deserves a lovely home, below are some links to affordable, doable and practical principles I use to decorate my own home!

 How to Decorate: Decorating 101

how to decorate:

I find new things at thrift stores and flea markets.

I use books as my top go-to decorating accessory.

I avoid a look that is easily dated!

I think of creative ideas for what to hang on walls.

I set trends by having happy decorating accidents.

I do my own simple DIY projects.

I can make something if I can’t find what I want {How to Make a Lamp}

I try to make every day items more beautiful.

I create vignettes with a few open shelves.

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

I lean & layer artwork and mirrors.

I frame meaningful artwork.

I update rooms on a budget with paint.

I make my own simple DIY wallpaper out of heavy paper or gift wrap!

I organize my house so it is both attractive and functional.

I create mini-destinations.

I consider the pros and cons of my choices (white slipcovers!)

I strive to create a happy home rather than a perfect home.

I make my everyday things more beautiful to blend in with my decor.

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

I get brave and paint furniture I already have.

I customize beautiful fabric on sale for curtains.

I paint stripes on walls.

I create an inspiration board.

I use what I love and don’t worry about trends!

I rethink how we organize our home.

I create antiques with character out of unfinished or blah furniture!

If I’m feeling like I am losing my style direction, I create a Progress Report!

I makeover rooms on a budget and with a little creativity

I display things that make me happy.

I decorate with things I love.

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

I’m always tweaking things, my house is never done.

I love adding personality through charming architecture.

I use open shelving.

I re-arrange furniture to make our home work better for us.

I try new things to get out of decorating slumps and feel inspired.

I like to use natural materials to make my home feel warm.

I love to incorporate the seasons.

I like to add some whimsy!

I like neutrals and pops of color.

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

I make design decisions based on what works for my family, even when it may not be the norm.

I make my curtains extra full to make windows feel larger.

I solve problems with creativity.

I creatively conceal things I don’t like!

I like to establish a purpose and focal point.

I determine when something is GOOD ENOUGH.

I go to the Goodwill and find treasures to spray paint!

I create art out of book pages!

I use an element of surprise.

I make our home feel like US.

I stalk my favorite stores like Anthropologie for inspiration.

I find ideas for styling my tables and shelves in the Pottery Barn catalog.

I decorate with useful and practical things.

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

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