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Tweaking This and That Around The House

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, my house

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Tweaking This and That Around The House

I guess I’m a tweaker. I enjoy moving this and that around, living with it for a few days, and then sometimes I think of a better idea. Or I’m stumped for awhile. The black and white framed drawings in the photo above used to be hanging in my what is now my command center hall (below). This upstairs hall (above) is where the art ended up for now, which I decided was better than leaving them on the floor to collect dust!

Tweaking This and That Around The House

Before: Command Center Wall

And then this (above) was how the command center hall/wall looked as of a couple of weeks ago. This was the hall I said I wanted to paint but it wasn’t my priority right now, remember? Yeah. Famous last words.

It really was driving me crazy for a number of reasons, so I put my painting jammies this weekend (don’t judge) and painted the command center wall teal. I just happened to have the paint already so I thought I may as well try it! It is Sherwin Williams Hazel. I’m not done with the hall, but it is coming along!

Tweaking This and That Around The House

Command Center Wall Progress! Ha, and Jack.

So I’ll only show you this wall in the hall for now. Can’t reveal all my tweakings at once!

I was kind of shocked I went for teal since our upstairs turquoise bathroom walls were pretty colorful for me, but maybe it is because spring is coming and I’m obsessed with pretty colors! It really is a lovely shade of teal and the hall feels much fresher now. I like how the wall contrasts with the darker wood and black chalkboard.

The teal looks great with my kitchen curtains which are also in view of this hall. For now, I’m living with it and tweaking the walls around it to see if I’m going to like how it feels long term. I have a few more ideas I’m working on. And really, it is going to be awhile before I’m sure what I’m doing here because my kitchen and family room need to be repainted and I won’t really know how things will come together until I work more on those rooms –someday.

Disclaimer: I may change my mind about the paint color by the time I show you the hall next.

Oh, and don’t look too closely through the open door down the hall. Eh hem. That is my office, the one I’m intending to give a little makeover to. I got distracted from clearing it out when I got the inspiration to paint the hall, but oh well, I’ll get back to it, right?

Tweaking This and That Around The House

Basket Wall

Finally, for now, a new addition to my basket wall that I first showed you here. I found some cool wire baskets at TJ Maxx about a week ago and I was able to add one more to this wall! It is the basket way at the top. Little by little my collection is evolving and I’m loving all the texture there by the door.

This is what real life decorating looks like around my house, it moves along little by little as time allows. Some new tweaks I end up liking, and some things I end up changing. Not everything works out perfectly on the first try. This is how it goes working with what you have and what you can afford time and money-wise. And honestly, I’ve been doing more decorating tweaks lately than I really have time for, I’m in a tweaking spurt.

I actually think I’m procrastinating doing my taxes. Decorating is always more fun than paperwork.

Oh, wait, there is one more thing I’m working on!  I am tweaking my blog design too! I seem to like to freshen things up once a year and it is that time again! It will take another week or so before it is all fixed up (not everything has been updated yet)  but you might be noticing some changes already if you’ve looked around lately!

Yep, I’m a tweaker.

Are you a tweaker around your house (or blog!), too?


  1. Pat

    Love that basket wall, and the table and pot! Too cute.

  2. Annie

    Looking good girl. Have fun tweaking away!

  3. michelle starling

    The black framed drawings are beautiful and I love the teal color. My daughter painted her bathroom a similar color. Hopefully soon I’ll have a post about that. I say go wild with color. I love color. In fact, I did a post about that. I think any color can be a neutral background. And I jsut wanted to tell you that visiting you via blogland is and “inspiring” part of my day. Thanks for the great ideas.

    • Melissa

      Thanks Michelle! I love color too, and I love neutrals. When I can mix them both successfully in my house I’m happy!

  4. Imperfect

    Those frames are beautiful, and I really like the basket wall. I’m not sure if you’d call it tweaking since we’ve never actually completed the room in the first place, but I’m finally getting my living room/study together – adding things here and there. Slowly and over time it is becoming my favorite space.

    • Melissa

      Yay! I think I tweak even when things aren’t complete, it might be my main decorating method :-) slow but eventually things get done!

  5. Tiffany

    I love the teal. You’re right, it does look very fresh. Also love the basket wall. What a great idea!

  6. Gina

    I’m a tweaker, too! Sometimes after I do so, I think “why didn’t I do that sooner?” A lot of times a little change here or there helps me see a bigger project that needs doing! I like your new hall color. Can’t wait to see all of it.

  7. Stephanie Yott

    Another wonderful color is Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray. It’s in my foyer, up the stairs and halls. It is very neutral and depending on the time of day can be gray, greenish-gray or bluish-gray. Very soothing if one is a little afraid to go straight up blue or green (like me). Love all of your pictures. I tried the Tobacco Leaf and loved it. It’s in my family room and kitchen. I had similar sofas and chairs (mine are IKEA, Ektorp with white slip covers) and my pillows were similar. The Tobacco leaf serves as an excellent backdrop! Thank you- my husband was on the verge of committing me because I had at least ten different paint color samples on the wall.

  8. Heather

    Constantly tweaking everything – the house, the blog, recipes, my hair……

    Love the teal and really like what you’ve done with the basket wall.

  9. Mimi

    I tweak art. I am forever changing my wall art and decorative pieces from room to room when I’m ready for a fresh look. Move my decorative items around quite a bit too.

  10. Franki Parde

    LUV the “teal” shade…it’s almost a neutral don’tcha think?!? franki

  11. Lisa

    I love that grouping of framed prints hung like that Melissa! I am a tweaker, most especially with my blog – I’ve got to stop the madness! I love changing things around!

  12. Julie

    I am a terrible “tweaker”…you don’t even want to know my terms for that affliction. I’ll spare your audience the profanity.

    I move stuff around all. the. time. Is there a psychological term for this? I am usually changing stuff up in 2-3 rooms at a time…thank goodness my family loves me.

    …but it’s getting there…we’ve lived in the house 5 years and I’m closer to getting it “done”.

    Whatever ;-)

  13. Drue

    Love the teal.
    What color is the basket wall?

    • Melissa

      Thanks! Basket wall is Studio Taupe (behr all in one)

  14. sarah

    like your new basket. i am a tweaker, but in the sense of major overhaul. like, i can’t just change one frame, it has to be a piece of furniture and then two pieces and then the whole wall, and then the room….oh well, it’s super fun and my way to keep my mind sharp and thinking.

  15. GinaE

    I think your new hall color looks great. But, then your house always looks great! I’m a tweeker and like to live with things for a few days too, and then decide if I want to move it or not. I have to say, I think yours is one of my favorite blogs!

  16. kristie

    of course, i’m a tweaker! love the way you hung your art on the thin wall above the chair. also love your new hall color! nice job :)

  17. Jo

    Oh, I’m definitely a tweaker! Although most of the time I’m busy tidying rather than tweaking! Two preschoolers will do that ;-) I love your black and white frames! Especially how you didn’t just do a 3×3 grid.

  18. jane

    I am definitely a tweaker too. It amazes me how good it can make me feel to just move a few things around in my home. Sometimes it stays that way only a few days but sometimes I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner. Love all the changes you are making! You are truly an inspiration for this girl!

  19. Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis

    I’m a hopeless tweaker/mover-arounder! Always doing that sort of thing. The husband laughs, but hey, it’s better than constantly shopping and bringing in new and more stuff!!!
    Love the new blog look!

  20. teresa

    Love the basket wall- I tweak all the time- {I blame it on the fact that I moved 19 times in 19 years while growing up}

    and I like to tweak my blog about once a year……thats about all this non tech “grammer” can handle. =)

  21. Jen

    I am totally a tweaker. I think I just like change. I just finished my master bedroom makeover. Now I’m working on my office and then my daughters nursery, i notice I tweak a lot less when I have big projects going on, creatively my mind just seems happy and busy : )


    I am a tweaker too Melissa, I like to call it nesting. WE are like little birds re-feathering our nest. We can not help ourselves it is the way God made us, I am sure of it. Love all of your new Tweaks! Kathysue

  23. Dana at Cooking at Cafe D

    I love that you used a paint you already had.
    Cost = $0
    I need to go “shopping” in my basement.
    Wonder what I’ll find…and paint up!
    ~ Dana

  24. Cathy

    SO HAPPY to know I’m not the only tweaker out there. And the part about how you can’t really do X until you do Y to the kitchen and Z to the living room – I had that exact same conversation with my husband last night… not that he was listening. Love your blog – I’ll be back!

  25. NanaDoll

    I really like the arrangement of the black-framed prints. I have a problem wall about that size in the hallway that is in need of a huge pick-me-up, and I may tweak it with a similar approach. Also may borrow a basket idea or two for right inside my front door.

    I think my tweaking is really reflective of my ADHD need for changing things. Or, as my daughter would say, I am really OCD about moving things around in search of the “perfect” solution. That will never happen! Love the posts and pictures…I look forward to these posts in my inbox everyday!

  26. Elzabeth

    Oh, I’m a tweaker all right. Just this weekend I redid one wall in our basement guest room, again, and I think I am finally on the right track. For now at least ;)

    You have made some great ‘tweaks’ and I love that fresh new colour. I am always inspired when I drop by, and I love that you do real life decorating that is so pretty and budget conscious too.

  27. Cottage Katie

    This is my first visit to your blog and I am thoroughly impressed! I wholeheartedly identify with your design philosophies of making a home first and making it beautiful second. It is about making practical choices to create a space that makes life enjoyable. But a home is also an expression of the people who live in it, and it is extremely important for all to be reflected!

    Thanks for all of your great ideas/stories/tips and discussions! I will continue to follow and contribute to this awesome blog!


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