My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils

I just wanted my house to smell like Anthropologie.

If you want your house to smell like Anthropologie (who doesn’t love that Volcano candle?), too, read on because I’ve got a FREE GIFT for you today that I know you will love!

As you probably know, I’ve always been so in love with the scent of the Anthropologie stores. For years I’d walk into the store and take a deep breath. Ahhh, it was like heaven to me! It smelled exactly like I wanted my home to smell, so quite a few years back I started buying the candles and lit them almost every day. It was pure bliss.

A couple of years ago I decided to stop burning scented candles in my home (and stopped buying scented products as well) because of the correlation between toxins and various health issues. I just didn’t want to take that risk any more. Womp, womp, womp.

Even though I was so glad I made that change (ridding my home of synthetic and scented products has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health) I’ll admit I missed having such a divine smelling house.

I started experimenting with using essential oils to recreate the scents I used to love so much. My first attempts at the Anthro-inspired scents were good, but not close enough!

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils
The Desert Mist Diffuser – it can flicker like a candle!

Finally my girls and I came up with a couple of essential oils diffuser recipes that we tested right next to our old Anthro Volcano candle and a Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon candle, two of our very favorites! Our oil recipes are sooo close to the real deal! Woot!

My senses have been very happy ever ‘scents’. :). I actually don’t miss the scent of candles at all. In fact, now I PREFER natural plant-based scents! And I love the way they make me feel, too. So much healthier!

If you have been considering ordering a set of oils for your home or family (I promise you’ll love it!!), my girls and I would love to send you our Anthro-inspired diffuser scents and some other fun gifts in a welcome box!

I’ll explain how to get the oils and a gift box from us in a moment.

I’ve shared our own exclusive Anthro diffuser recipes with our wellness group (my Young Living members), but today I’m posting them for y’all to enjoy!

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils
The Aria Diffuser – real wood + glass, a remote, pretty light settings and can play spa music!
My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils


Anthropologie describes their Volcano scent as smelling of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens. That sounds heavenly, yes? It is.

This is the recipe we used in the Desert Mist diffuser (one of the starter kit diffuser options). It’s a lot of drops, but the Anthropologie candle is always a strong scent so if you want a more subtle effect or have a very small room, you can adjust to your preferences!

  • 5 drops lemon 
  • 5 drops lime
  • 3 drops orange
  • 2 drops grapefruit
  • 2 drops northern lights black spruce
  • 1 drop bergamot
My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils


  • 3 drops Stress Away (vanilla and lime!)
  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark
  • 1 drop Nutmeg
    (Try more drops of each in a larger space or for stronger scent)

Get these two essential oil blends for FREE this month from me, in addition to lots of other goodies!

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils
My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils

Essential Oils Kit + Free Gifts in May from me!

When you get your Young Living starter kit with my referral this month (includes 12 everyday oils, a diffuser and more), I’m sending you a FREE additional gift bundle including two of my favorite Anthro-inspired diffuser blends in adorable little bottles (along with LOTS of other fun goodies you’ll love).

Here is what you will get for FREE in addition to your kit this month!

  • A sample bottle of our own Anthro-inspired volcano essential oil diffuser blend
  • A sample bottle of our own Anthro-inspired sweet vanilla cinnamon essential oil diffuser blend
  • A glass spray bottle to make your first bottle of Thieves Cleaner (which comes with the kit!).
  • A glass roller with a gold lid to make your own custom blends
  • An Amber dropper bottle filled with V6 carrier oil
  • 9 exclusive Dwell Well recipe cards full of DIY recipes and usage inspiration
  • A pretty oils guide book full of recipes and tips to help you use your new kit with confidence
  • An invitation to join the Dwell Well Collective—my free exclusive educational wellness community so you’ll have all the support you need
  • Wholesale prices (24% off) on all future YL purchases (no obligation to order again)


For the rest of May (May 20-31), when you get any premium starter kit as a new member (an essential oils kit, a Thieves kit, Savvy Makeup, or NingXia Red kit), Young Living is sending you a FREE full sized bottle of Thieves Cleaner Concentrate (my absolute favorite all-purpose cleaner which will make you TWENTY-NINE spray bottles of cleaner!!!) and a glass spray bottle. This is in addition to the bundle I am sending above!

It’s a GREAT time to grab a kit and get started with detoxing your home. The starter kit gives you everything you need to make significant strides in a healthier home.

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils

There’s no better way to start and no better oils on the planet! The oils you find at the grocery store or on Amazon are not the same. For the health of your family, you want these oils because they are actually made from plants, not compromised with toxic fillers or synthetic ingredients.

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils

My family uses our oils every day for SO many things…for sleeping well, to make our home smell like a dream (naturally), for emotional support, for better skin, to support our immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, to clean, to help us focus, for calm during times of stress, for soothing sore things, to balance hormones, to help us enjoy the outdoors in springtime…and SO much more.

A Young Living wellness membership is very much like a Costco membership, except with Young Living there are never membership fees. Once you grab your kit, you NEVER have to order anything else! But you can get household, skincare, baby, makeup or other wellness products at wholesale prices any time you want to order.

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils

Order essential oils and diffusers here. 

Once you order your kit, you’ll also be invited into my free private educational group called The Dwell Well Collective where we have fun, learn together and swap recipes! I can’t wait for you to join us.

When you get your Anthro bundle from us, drop your essential oils in your diffuser and take a photo! Post it online with our hashtag #dwellwellcollective so we can see. I bet everyone who enters your home will say, GEE, YOUR HOUSE SMELLS TERRIFIC! (anyone know what that line is inspired from? LOL).

Have a happy day, friends!

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils
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How to Add Cottage Character to Your Home Over Time

How to Add Cottage Character to Your Home Over Time

I was scrolling the interwebs the other day and photos of a little cottage stopped me in my tracks. This coastal cottage in Carmel is almost exactly the big future vision I’ve had for my little house.

This cottage is a sale pending in Carmel (see the post and more images via Hooked on Houses). The listing is here. I love Carmel, have you been there?

But behold….do you see what I see? Besides the charming Dutch door, the paneling, the bookcases, the vaulted ceiling, and the built-ins …

How to Add Cottage Character to Your Home Over Time

Right there in the middle of this living room is my fireplace’s twin (minus my bookcase, but still….it’s so similar!).

Once I read so many of your comments on my post sharing that you like my fireplace and then I stumbled across this home, I felt more confident in the fact that my fireplace can work with the direction of my home. Painted white, it took on a simple and cottagey look. I’m such a fan of simple changes!

Yet with that said, I’m still thinking of making a update or two to my decor, fireplace and living room, which I’ll share more about in a future post! :)

The Carmel cottage is inspiring me, though! It definitely has an abundance of character.

One step at a time, right?

How to Add Cottage Character to Your Home Over Time

I think when you are on a budget (or living life!), it’s good to have a long term vision with shorter-term plans.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t think updating your home over time means you have live in complete chaos for years. :) It might feel that way at times, but you can definitely take breaks in between projects if you plan accordingly!

Timeless Tip: Make simple changes that can be accomplished on your budget and timeline, with a reasonable standard of quality.

How to Add Cottage Character to Your Home Over Time
Lessons from my own white painted fireplace

Here are a few of my cottage style suggestions that can be accomplished over time!

1. Start with a clean slate.

Before you spend time, energy and money trying to add character, it helps to simplify any glaring or conflicting features so you begin with a fresh clean slate (or as much of a clean slate as you can)!

That might mean painting walls and unattractive design elements like ugly brick fireplaces or removing dated carpet and light fixtures.

If you can refinish or install hardwoods and add cottage architecture right away and get it all done at once, that’s great! Ideally we would get all the messy stuff out of the way so the backdrops are complete. But it’s not always possible to do it all first or to do it all at once and that’s OK, too. Do what you can!

Once you have the freshest backdrop you can manage right now, you can more easily determine and pace your future improvements. Plus with a cleaner backdrop you can more easily recognize the most effective way to add cottage elements while staying on budget.

2. Focus on simple updates.

With a refreshed backdrop, there are simple ways to add a cottage feel to room as time and budget allows. You could add classic bamboo blinds, shutters or non-fussy curtain panels to plain windows, or incorporate cottage style furniture, rugs and cozy lamps, ceiling or wall fixtures. Artwork, accessories and hardware are easy to add or change out as well!

3. Add cottage architecture.

While in an ideal world the architecture of a room is completed first, sometimes you have to work with what you have and it can’t all happen at once. Sometimes a delay is a blessing in disguise. Once your home simply feels cleaner and cozier, bigger projects or remodeling may seem less urgent or no longer necessary.

But if and when you are ready to tackle a bigger project, the sky is the limit! You could totally remodel a room, add classic wainscoting or wall paneling over drywall, install simple crown molding, add timeless hardwoods or simple tile, and change out windows and interior or exterior doors. Make a square doorway into an arched doorway! You could maybe even knock out your ceiling if you want a vault or add beams.

Have you remodeled a house all at once?

Or have you worked on adding character to your home over time?

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