The Inspired Room in The Cottage Journal

The Inspired Room in The Cottage Journal

Hey friends! Hope you had a nice weekend. I can hardly believe it but we actually had SNOW at our house yesterday. Not much, but enough that it dusted the ground, cars and rooftops.

Come on spring, enough with the cold and snow. Sun and spring flowers only. Thank you. 

I just wanted to let you know this fun news today–my house is in an eight page feature in the spring edition of The Cottage Journal! I’m so excited and honored to be included. I’ve always loved this magazine. There is a great article in it, too!

The Inspired Room in The Cottage Journal

I think this might actually be the first time Jack and Lily have appeared in a magazine, so of course they are quite proud (haha). When Better Homes & Gardens came out to photograph our last home many years ago, I hoped they would take a picture of Jack in our kitchen, but they didn’t seem to want to. I remember so many people messaged me to ask why Jack wasn’t in the magazine! HA! Poor Jack. They did photograph Lily, however. She was just a wee puppy back then. Sadly the photos with her didn’t make it to the magazine. I still keep hoping that someday those images will appear somewhere!

But, I’m so happy that the pups made it into The Cottage Journal.

The Inspired Room in The Cottage Journal

Anyway, I know many of you have mentioned seeing this issue of The Cottage Journal because you subscribe to the magazine, but if you aren’t a subscriber, you might want to look for the Spring issue in a store near you (someone said it might be at Costco). It can also be ordered online here.

I have some super fun projects in the works at my house that I can’t wait to share, plus I’m excited to mix in some housekeeping posts soon. :)

Have a great day!

Pink Rooms & Blogging

Pink Rooms & BloggingHouse Beautiful

Greetings, sweet friends! Who doesn’t love a little pink these days? Everyone seems to be into pink! It has always been one of my favorite accent colors, even though I don’t use it a lot. But I do love a pop of pink here and there this time of year. It makes the house feel like spring (come back tomorrow to see my new pink pillows!).

Pink Rooms & BloggingLonny

Thank you so much for the fantastic responses regarding the possibility of a homemaking series.¬†From all of the comments shared (and feel free to keep commenting on that post!), it looks like the series would be helpful and of interest to many of you! I’m happy to hear what you’re interested in; I think it will be fun to start pulling ideas together so I can get some posts going very soon!

I also wanted to thank you for the comments, emails and messages some of you sent me in general recently, just to see how I was doing! I was SO happy to get your notes. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! I was really touched to hear you were thinking of me and took the time to let me know I was missed. Thank you. While haven’t been able to respond to all your messages yet, I am so grateful for your support and the encouragement!

Pink Rooms & BloggingLonny

Some of you mentioned you were missing my regular morning emails! Aww, you guys! You reminded me of how much I miss the old days of blogging. I’ve always felt that blogging was so special because of the close community that formed through it. I still feel that way! Sometimes with the rise of social media, it feels like the internet has gotten so big and spread out. I do think it’s great that so many have built communities on social media platforms now–I go there, too (mainly Instagram)!

But honestly, I really do miss the good ol’ days of blogging when everyone gathered around the morning blog posts with their cup of coffee (making the rounds to all of their favorites!). I’m so grateful so many of you still venture over here to visit, or I’d be super lonely here writing notes to myself. :) What a sad day that would be!

So here’s the thing, I’ll keep blogging as long as you’re still letting me know that you’re here. :) How’s that? I don’t know about other bloggers, but I’m not going anywhere. I still love being here with you guys!

Happy Monday!

Pink Rooms & Blogging

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