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Four Weeks Until Christmas!
Holiday Linky Inspiration!

Four Weeks Until Christmas! <br>Holiday Linky Inspiration!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Four Weeks Until Christmas! <br>Holiday Linky Inspiration!

Due to a mashed potato overload and an internet crisis at the beach, I was unable to get all my holiday finds up for this week. But, next week I’ll share some links. For anyone who has holiday posts from this week that they would like to share, here is that amazing Mr. Linky! Still a lot of great posts (68!) up from last week so feel free to roam around and catch up on the best of the best holiday posts from around blogland!

Big hugs to all!

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photo: Martha Stewart

Mr. Linky Instructions: ALERT! MR. LINKY MIGHT BE BROKEN! YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO USE MR. LINKY! Hopefully it will be FIXED SOON! :-)

1) Select a specific holiday post from your blog and add the link! Please do not link to your blog home page or people will not be able to find your post in a week or two! And please only link to holiday related posts.

2) It is a nice courtesy to add a link back to The Inspired Room so that other people can be included in our fun too.

Holiday Decorating:
Using What You’ve Got

Holiday Decorating: <br>Using What You've Got

I thought this was such a clever wreath alternative (found at Country Living)! And easy? You can beat it! Do you guys laugh behind my back at all the simple ideas I find? So many of you are brilliantly creative, I stand in awe of your genius. Me? I would be pleased with myself for stuffing greenery in my shopping tote and hanging it from a nail. My kind of craftiness!

You can find more re-purposing ideas for holiday decorating over at HomeGoods for my last featured blogging post! Come bid me farewell and maybe get inspired for your holiday decorating this weekend!

  • Need a last minute centerpiece? Find inspiration at Blissfully Domestic!
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  • You can still get 25% off your order at is the coupon code!