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{Inspired By} A Color Scheme for Your Home

{Inspired By} A Color Scheme for Your Home

I get so inspired to work on my house around the holidays! It might be weird, but almost every Thanksgiving no matter what house I’m living in, I start painting walls. It makes for a little bit of Christmas decorating chaos, but it’s worth it :). This house is no exception, we are finishing up painting our hallway and starting our bedroom paint right now (insert a little jump for joy!). I am pretty excited to be able to get all settled into at least these two areas of our house with the right wall color for us before Christmas.

I mentioned in my last post about how the pinkish-beige color of “swine” affects me in my home. You may not even be aware of the impact of the colors in your house, especially if you have neutral paint on your wall, but it still impacts how your home feels! We (those of us who are home-lovers!) likely all have our own inner-sense of what feels right to us, whether we are in tune with it or not.

We might feel “unsettled” in a space and not realize why. We might struggle with how our house feels, and we might start to decorate a room thinking the problem must be that we have too much or too little furnishings or all the wrong accessories and all the while, it was the foundation of our room that was keeping us from feeling settled in our space.

{Inspired By} A Color Scheme for Your Home

While it would be wonderful to just visit a blog and say, I love her wall colors and I’m going to paint my whole house exactly like hers, it isn’t always that easy. It isn’t just a matter of what colors we like or don’t like. Every one of our homes will be unique, even aside from our personal style. There are so many things that impact how our own space interprets color, from the part of the country we live in, to the natural light in our home, to the wood floors, the tile, or color of carpet or tone of the cabinetry, to what colors are in the adjoining room, and more. I find it all impacts color. Even white can take on a different look in different rooms or different houses, so white isn’t always a foolproof choice.

You might see a photo of a house with all white walls and love how it looks in a picture, but worry that in your house it would feel cold and lifeless. You might fear gray or brown toned walls would look dreary in your house or believe that you would dislike colored walls when in fact that might be the right choice for your home. I might say I don’t prefer a particular shade of paint at my house, but it might be perfect in yours!

Each and every option can be absolutely beautiful when put in the right space.

{Inspired By} A Color Scheme for Your Home

When I say my walls are swine-y and that color sucks the life out of my house, that’s only how it impacts me and the things that are in my house. Remember, I live in the Pacific NW so the same colors I choose may or may not suit someone in the South, or in the Southwest, or the NE. And even if the color itself works, you’ll have to look at your own floors, your wood tones and the lighting in you home to see what exact shade makes YOUR home come to life!

A week or so ago, I visited Epcot® at Walt Disney World Resort® for a whirlwind trip to the grand opening of a wonderful new exhibit called Colortopia, sponsored by Glidden at the Innoventions Pavillion at Epcot®. I had a lot of fun, the exhibit really made the concept of color fun for kids and adults alike. My favorite part was a virtual painting booth where you got to use a magic paint brush made of fiber optics and “paint” a mural! It was pretty cool, I’d recommend you stop in next time you are at Epcot! You can see a short video of me having fun “painting” at the Colortopia exhibit, below.



I am still not an expert on the science of it all, but in my own home I definitely have learned to recognize when a wall color works or doesn’t work. Many bloggers may be influenced by what they believe photographs well, but I always make my choices based upon what color is right in REAL life, not just photos. Since we have to live here and all :).

Even though you have to play with color in your own home in order to make the right choice, you certainly can incorporate a color scheme you love and make it work! You should love the colors in your home. I love to be inspired by places I’ve been, whether it is a country I love, a vacation destination or a fun shop I enjoy visiting locally or even someone’s else’s home.

I recently wrote a post over on Glidden about how color can be inspired by a country you love, you can check it out here.

{Inspired By} A Color Scheme for Your Home

Places you love or rooms that inspire you can definitely inspire a color scheme. You might even find a color for your walls from a fabric you love. The secret to a successful color scheme will likely be in the color tones or shades you choose and the mix of color that is right for your own house. Whether you use a color you love on the walls or use it in another way, you will likely will just have to play around with your color scheme in a room to get it right for your house.

I’m heading back to Florida this week to see the 2016 HGTV Dream Home. I AM SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it. I’ll be Instagramming pics as I go through the house Thursday, so I hope you’ll follow along (find me here)! I’ll follow up here on the blog with a post too!


Take a moment to visit the My Colortopia blog to decide which country’s featured color scheme inspires you the most, then leave a comment below to be entered into a GIVEAWAY! This giveaway is sponsored by Glidden. The winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to The Home Depot so you can have fun with your own color scheme! Winner will be selected at random on December 5.

As a MyColortopia Team member, this post is sponsored by Glidden. All reviews and opinions are my own.


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The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}

So in September, I showed you our entry hall. If you missed it, you can find the post here. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that the entry hall is connected to another hall, but I don’t think I’ve actually showed that part yet so I thought today I’d give you a little peek (although all I have is our before photos and a few cell phone pictures of the painting progress since we were enjoying Thanksgiving and I didn’t think to get out my camera until it was too late!). The entry hallway flows right into this hallway below where you can find the bedrooms, office and bathroom. Ultimately it leads to the kitchen and the stairway to the basement.

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}

On the plus side, the hallway has nice gray slate floors. And the fact that we have a hallway like this at all is great! It’s going to be so fun to add hooks and art and just make this a charming part of the house. I love hallways. :)

The color of the walls when we moved in a couple of months ago was unfortunately very swine-esque, or as my daughter called it, perhaps a bit more like “hog.” That color sucks the light and joy right out of living (for me) so I’ve been DYING to change it. While our big goal is to cover the hall in white planking, a good first step was a fresh coat of paint.

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}progress

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}progress while painting

That day finally came last week when we got the first coat of paint up! I am slow, I know, but I feel like we are finally getting on a roll with our ideas and have the time now to start making some progress. We chose the color Swan White by Glidden, the same color as Kylee and Courtney’s townhouse entry.

Once the hallway was painted white, it instantly felt so much better! I kept telling my husband I could hardly believe the improvement even just with the paint. My pictures don’t do it justice with the lighting and poor quality, but it feels so much brighter, cleaner, and much more like home to me. I love the contrast between the slate and the white walls.

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}before

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}

Even though we still have a second coat to paint and some touch-ups, I tried moving our “entertaining” cabinet (which was previously set in the living room of this house) to the wall directly opposite the front door just to see what the hall will look like with furniture. I loved it right away. The wood brings in warmth as well as is a perfect tie in to the flooring change into the dining room.

This hallway has a couple of built-ins, which is great. Our vision for the hall for now is just fresh paint, the white planking as a next step, and then a bigger project such as eventually removing the cabinets to allow more space in the entry (if the slate floors go under the built-ins) or upgrading them to better quality built ins or bookcases, or possibly even altering this whole area in order to fit in a new hall powder room and opening up the basement staircase :). I love this little hallway, below, and it gives me a vision for something similar for ours.

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}before

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}
Logan’s Hammer

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}before

We also are considering painting our bedroom doors darker in the hallway similar to what we did in our old house with our front door (inspiration photo below), but we are for sure getting new hardware, perhaps in a finish like black iron.

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}
unknown source

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}before

The master bedroom is at the end of the hallway opposite the kitchen, which we are also starting to paint, I’ll update as soon as we get the paint on the wall! My husband has been prepping it so he can start painting today!

As I mentioned in our master bedroom post, our intention is to figure out how to add a new door (likely a sliding type door) to the master, between the entry and the bedroom, to create more of a master suite with a bathroom connected to it.

No matter what we end up doing, the new paint will help us to feel more at home here in the meantime and give us a nice clean “slate” to work with.

Next in this space we will be changing the ceiling light fixtures to give the hallway a little more style and personality and adding hooks to make it all a more functional space. We’ve missed the hooks from our former entry so much, I am more excited about hooks than almost any of the other changes right now. Ha!

Thanks for following along, I’m pretty excited about making progress in my house this winter!

. . . . . . . .

PS. There’s an awesome sale (below) on a really great gift my family is getting this year. I think EVERY family should get one this Christmas. I’ve been searching for something like it for our home for awhile and I LOVE the features this one offers! I’m really excited about it. This device and app allows you to control the internet for your family and manage how your internet and connected devices are used through filters and time limits. Very cool, right?

The Entry & Hallway {Inspiration and Progress}

Every family needs this in their home.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video clip and you’ll be sold too.

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