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Living Room | Game + Dining Table

Living Room | Game + Dining Table

Awhile back I posted about the idea of putting a small round table in the corner of our living room. Today I wanted to show you that I made progress on giving this a try!

My thought was that we had room in this little corner for *something* so why not make it a usable destination that serves a purpose?

As I mentioned in this post my original idea for this spot was built in book cases and maybe even enclosing a closet for the master. I still love that idea, but I have to pace myself on bigger projects. So that idea has to wait until we’re ready to commit and get it done!

But, a round game table seemed doable right away! I love those ideas, the ones you can do on a whim because they are affordable, flexible and far less messy than construction on a new closet or built ins.

Living Room | Game + Dining Table

I tried our dining table here first (by taking the leaves out) but it just felt too big for what I was imagining. I’ve used this particular table as an end table and LOVE IT. It’s a nice size, perfect for lamps next to a sofa or between a sofa and a chair. Courtney uses this same table as her dining table in her studio apartment! Plus, it has drop leaf sides so it’s really a flexible piece that can be used however and wherever it’s needed.

Living Room | Game + Dining Table

To set up this game table corner I pulled together a few other pieces I had to see if would work (a bench from outside, our rattan shelf from the dining room, a rug from here, the flea market art from our dining room).

Living Room | Game + Dining Table

This whole corner can (and knowing me, will) evolve in time. But that actually made it more fun to try it, since I knew I didn’t have to commit to anything permanent!

I do that often around my house (as you’ve probably noticed hahahaha) as it’s nice to sometimes just try something in a new spot or in a different configuration and see how you feel about it.

Living Room | Game + Dining Table

You may eventually land on exactly what you want where, or you might always be a shuffler. It’s your room, do what you want. There’s not only one right way to go about it.

Often you simply need to give yourself permission to try things. Work with what you have (or don’t have!), taking into account your taste, timeline, current needs and your budget.

Don’t be afraid to make a “mistake.” If you don’t like it, you can switch it all up again. You can take things away, streamline or decide you want to add something new based on how you felt.

I find shuffling even helps me to visualize more permanent changes to a room before I make them. Less expensive mistakes are made when you aren’t rushing into permanent changes.

I already have a few more updates coming to this room in the next few weeks, so it’s all still in “transition.”

Living Room | Game + Dining Table

For now, I can say this set up feels like a useful and cozy update to our living area. We could definitely use it as a “book nook” and I’ve already sat here to work!

Our plan is to at least use it at Thanksgiving as an additional table for the meal, too. And of course, it will be a great surface to play a game, do a puzzle or even to set up a candlelight breakfast or dinner for two empty nesters. :)

Living Room | Game + Dining Table
Living Room | Game + Dining Table

This J.R.R. Tolkien quote about the perfect home was in my book The Inspired Room (hand-lettered by my daughter Courtney!) and it still rings true for me. You can download it as free printable artwork here…and more free quote artwork from my book Dwelling right here!

What could be more perfect than a home that inspires you to live the life you want to live?

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Get Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Baking Dishes

Get Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Baking Dishes
Rifle Paper Co Measuring Cups

Every year around this time it somehow sneaks up on me. Christmas is just ten or so weeks away!

Anyone else suddenly realizing that they aren’t ready?

(Or are you the type who gets ready months in advance?)

Of course, even before that it will be Thanksgiving. I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house! Once it sunk in how fast the holidays were coming up and how little time I have left to prepare, I immediately started shopping online for a few items I know I’ll need for our home and table.

That’s when I discovered these adorable quirky animal holiday baking supplies (measuring cups, measuring spoons, and pie plate). Aren’t they the sweetest? WHY SO CUTE? I love them. I’ve always been a sucker for quirky animal stuff, and I love having fun dishes and baking pieces in my kitchen (even though I rarely bake!). I also saw these fun holiday spatulas. So adorable!

*Update* Wow…so many more I hadn’t noticed until now! Rifle Paper Co tea towels, mugs, monogram mugs, an oven mitt, apron, juice glasses, serving platter, a creamer, sugar pot, tea set, cookie jar…I’m obsessed.

Get Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Baking Dishes
Rifle Paper Co Measuring Spoons
Get Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Baking Dishes
Get Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Baking Dishes
Rifle Paper Co Pie Plate

Suddenly I’m extra excited for Christmas!!

Speaking of how fast the holidays are coming up, our annual Christmas shop will be going live here on The Inspired Room shortly, so stay tuned! Yay! I think you’re going to love the ideas and inspiration as much as we do.

And if you’re like me and want to get a few things crossed off your list right away, below you’ll find a list of some of the best sales I found as I was shopping this weekend.

Some of these deals for furnishing and decorating your home may only last through today, so definitely check out the links below if you’re in the mood to finish up a few home projects or to do a quick home refresh like I am!

The links below will take you right to the sales and deals I love, or to the recent blog posts I shared recently with my favorite items from these shops. Be sure to use add any bonus code at checkout.

  • Anthropologie 20% off furniture decor bedding and more plus an extra 40% off sale
  • Pottery Barn up to 40% off everything and free shipping
  • World Market Friends & Family – save an extra 30% off on almost everything (my fave picks here)
  • If you love quality coastal home decor like I do, find 20% off on so many things I love and my fave picks here.
  • Rejuvenation – 20% off plus free shipping. My kitchen hardware handles and knobs (1, 2, and 3) are from Rejuvenation, as well as my brass kitchen sconces which have multiple shade color options.

Happy holiday prep time!

Are you hosting any holiday festivities in your home this year?