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5 Ways to Plan for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

5 Ways to Plan for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Believe it or not (don’t hate me) but if you’re in the US, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. And you know what happens after that, ta da! Christmas. But the best way to ensure that you have an enjoyable, relaxing, and meaningful holiday season is to put your thinking cap on early and start your preparation. It’s time to declutter, organize, and plan! I’m excited to start thinking about our holiday plans this year.

Today I have 5 ways to plan for a stress-free season over on The Decluttered Home. Come on over!

Turkish Towels {Day 7: Loving Fall}

Turkish Towels {Day 7: Loving Fall}

Every fall one of my most favorite things to do as the air turns crisp is adding layers to my decor. I love finding ways to cozy things up and add visual interest. You might have spotted a few of these additional layers in some of my rooms, the Turkish towels on the backs of sofas or laying across my dining table. Turkish towels are traditionally hand-woven on looms for use in Turkish baths. I didn’t get mine in Turkey and I don’t use mine for the bath!

Turkish Towels {Day 7: Loving Fall}

I love Turkish towels for adding layers to just about anything from sofas and chairs, footstools to tables. The towels are very thin and flat, but durable. Perfect for anywhere you want a splash of softness, color or pattern! I found my turkish towels at a local flea market, the same place I got my new rattan bookshelf.

Turkish Towels {Day 7: Loving Fall}

I also have a towel in my kitchen that resembles the look of a Turkish towel. You can find this one here!

Here are some other fun ideas for layering or displaying turkish towels (besides using them as towels, of course):

-at the end of a bed

-as a lightweight picnic blanket

-laying over the edge of a bathtub

-hanging on a wall

-draped over a stair railing

A round-up of some pretty turkish towels from around the web:

Turkish Towels {Day 7: Loving Fall}

Top row left to right: 1 // 2 // 3   Bottom row left to right: 4 // 5 // 6

Turkish Towels {Day 7: Loving Fall}

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