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Live dangerously.
Surround yourself with beauty.

Live dangerously. <br>Surround yourself with beauty.

I have shown you this vision of loveliness before. It is my friend Heather Bullard’s remodeled kitchen. I show it to you again today because it is almost exactly like mine. Except, mine is not white. Or pretty. Not yet anyways.

It is the layout that is similar, and sadly, that is where the similarities end.

Mine is still standard builder style, hers is full of Heather’s personality! But, I have hope for mine. Mine has the stove and microwave in the exact same place, and I am putting glass doors and dishes in the exact same places Heather did.

Yes, even though it is near the stove. Tsk tsk. I live on the edge, don’t I?

I like to live dangerously amidst the grime of cooking. I’ll admit it. I will risk a little grime now and then if it means I can soak in the beauty of my dishes every day. That makes my heart happy.

And isn’t that what living a beautiful life is all about? Living among beautiful things EVEN at risk of what MIGHT happen as you go about the daily process of life?

Live dangerously. <br>Surround yourself with beauty.

What are you waiting for? Live dangerously. I dare you.

Live dangerously. <br>Surround yourself with beauty.g

It is another Beautiful Life Friday!

If you have followed my blog for awhile, time and time again over the past two years you have seen me turn the page to a new chapter in life. Some of it exciting, some of it wearisome.

We lost a job, we went through a long season of no income. Finally, my husband found a new job. We moved to a new state. Our house sale fell through. We started a new church from scratch in this new place where we knew hardly anyone. Last week, we sold our other house. And now, I think this book is FINALLY over and we turned the last page!

This week we closed on the house we are living in! Happy dance!

It now belongs to us. (Well, us and the bank went in on it together, LOL).

This long saga is over. Or is it?

Now, I think the real adventure will begin.

I’m glad you are sharing this journey with me! You all are the best therapy ever.

Where did YOU find beauty this week?

It is beautiful life Friday, where we pause to reflect on the beauty we found!
The beautiful life is usually right in front of us, if we only take the time to notice them.

Photo: Heather Bullard


How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)Coastal Living

If you would like open shelving for everyday dishes or pantry items in your kitchen, but are afraid you’ll spend the better part of everyday fussing with staging your shelves, I have good news for you. You do not need to stage your shelves beyond the first initial set up and they will NOT get messy looking! Scouts honor. You can use your items every day  and they’ll look as good next week as they do today. And you don’t have to spend a fortune for fancy dishes or pantry organizers, either.

How is that possible, you ask? You just have to follow a few basic steps to set things up initially and I promise, staging will be unnecessary from that point forward! Your open cabinets can look magazine photo ready (but in a real life sort of way) without even trying.

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)
Kitchen & Bath Ideas

Here are four basic open shelving tips:

1 Group like things together. I love an eclectic mix of pieces on my shelves, but a safe styling tip is to group like items together. For an organized look, group plates, bowls and cups on own shelf, organize baking supplies in attractive containers on another.

2 Confine the open shelving to featuring things that are attractive to you. Let’s consider the idea of open shelving for dishes. I happen to have all different shades of white dishes that cannot look messy if they tried. They look magazine ready not because I fuss around with them every day, but because they all are all white. I do not worry about perfection in how they are arranged, I like the look of naturally piled dishes. No special stacking techniques are needed. I just group them: dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, bowls, serving dishes and mugs.

This concept will work as long as your dishes coordinate in some way and you like the look of them. It doesn’t matter if they are blue and white, red, yellow, patterned, a rainbow of colors, clear or whatever, just make sure they coordinate with your room and that you like seeing them all together out in the open.

If you have any odd ball pieces that don’t look right or don’t fit, put them in a closed cabinet.

Note: If everything you own is oddball and you hate it all, either buy new pieces you love (over time or all at once, your budget will decide that!) or keep them behind a cabinet door.

My feeling is that life is too short to dislike your dishes. Why eat off of something that makes you gag a little when you look at it? You can love your dishes and not spend a fortune on them.

I love my dishes but they are nothing fancy. I buy white dishes for CHEAP! $2-$3 a piece at HomeGoods or garage sales, and sometimes less. Tops I think I have paid $20 for a large white serving bowl at Target. I look for interesting shapes, and sizes and just add to my collection as I find good deals. Building a collection is half the fun! I might start collecting some other color of dishes someday, but for now (and the last 25 years!) white is what I have. You can build a collection in any color you like.

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)
Country Living

3 Only stage your shelves once. I attach a few strictly decorative (but inexpensive) plates to the back wall of some of the shelves with sticky tack (or a plate stand) and then in front of the plates I pile up our every day dishes (and they go in and out every day, no staging required). With the “decorative” plates stuck to the back of the cabinet,  if the every day dishes are all in the dishwasher, there are a few decorative pieces that remain in the cabinet all the time. Yep, magazine photo ready always with NO EFFORT.

For food products in the open pantry concept, use a few baskets or canisters instead of showing packaging that may or may not be attractive. The baskets are always there looking all fancy (and less than $10 a piece if you bargain shop), and it doesn’t matter what the stuff looks like inside of it! If you don’t like to see something, hide it in a basket or find a closed storage option for it. Again, magazine cover ready at all times without the daily foofing.

One day of staging for many years of beauty? I’d say that is worth it. It really is that EASY to have attractive shelves. I’ve done open cabinets or shelves in every house I’ve lived in, big or small. Would I do something complicated or impossible? Would I spend a few hours a day arranging my cabinets to look all fancy to impress everyone? Um, no. I’m too busy for that. You can come over and surprise me any day of the week and my open cabinets will look just fine. Always. The rest of my house? Not so much.

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)
Updated photo, from my new pantry!

4For food or baking pantry items, use open shelves for things that can’t look messy like baking pans or things that can be confined to baskets or canisters. I use attractive jars on shelves for flour, sugar, dried beans and grains, and baskets to contain small items. I also use my open kitchen island shelves for metal or glass baking tins, jars and baskets that always appear tidy even with that “working kitchen” look.

The key to using this system effectively is to fill the baskets or jars with items that are used at similar times, like a snack basket for easy to grab snacks or a baking basket with vanilla, baking powder, and chocolate chips or perhaps cookie cutters and frosting bags and tips, so that you could grab an entire basket in order to bake. You don’t have to rifle through all the baskets every time because items are grouped according to use. You could label the basket with a hanging tag if you wanted to. When I bake, I take the appropriate basket down, set it on the kitchen table and take what I need. When I am done, everything is tossed back in the basket and up on the shelf it goes. Easy peasy. 

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)

This Old House

Of course, I have a closed cabinets for all the messy and non-attractive kitchen essentials…not everything is worth displaying!

Do you have a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, put things you do not need every day in the basement, garage, under a bed or in an extra closet. I’ve often had my extra items on basement shelves before, just so I could keep pretty things I used every day in my kitchen. You don’t have to keep things handy if you only use them occasionally–write down where you put your bread machine (or juicer or whatever) and tape it inside a cabinet door. Then you won’t lose track of it!  Save your cabinet space for things you use every day and make them pretty!

If you pick even a small cabinet or shelf and fill it with attractive things you use every day, you too can have open shelving without all the fuss! Open storage offers a decorative purpose to every day items. And if you still don’t like open shelving, there is NOTHING wrong with all closed storage. Do what makes YOU happy!

Reader question: So how do you hide the holes left from the hardware if you remove a cabinet door? Answer: If your cabinets are painted, you just fill with spackle, prime and paint again. If you have natural wood, fill with wood fill in the right shade or tone. Or if you are like me, you leave the holes because you are probably the only one who will ever notice them. I’ll fill mine when I get around to painting the cabinets. If they bother you or are too obvious to leave, filling them will be worth the effort.
Reader question: So how do you deal with the dust and grime if you remove a cabinet door? Answer: I ONLY use open cabinets for things I use frequently. I know this is the opposite approach to the “china cabinet” idea where you put all the fancy stuff out for show and it just sits and collects dust. My stuff gets used so it is washed ALL THE TIME. If it gets a little dusty on the upper shelves where things aren’t used as much, I dust or rinse things off prior to use (l will often run the upper shelf items through the dishwasher before a party so they are ready for use. I would do that even if I had cupboard doors on.) If you don’t use many dishes, I’d suggest having just one small open cabinet for your everyday dishes so they get used more often and keep clean. Adding glass doors can cut down on some of the dust as well.
Reader question: Do you have to balance everything? Answer: If you enjoy puttering and making things look pretty (like I do) it will not feel like a chore, however it is completely unnecessary. I actually do not balance my dishes very often because the minute I get them in the cupboard, someone takes one out to use it. No use in trying to be perfect. It is a losing battle.

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)

How to have open shelving in your kitchen (without daily staging)

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