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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 1}:
Entering the Season of Autumn

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 1}: <br>Entering the Season of Autumn

Martha Stewart

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 1}: <br>Entering the Season of AutumnCome in! Welcome!

I have to admit something to you all. I completely stressed out trying to figure out what my FIRST 31 Days of Autumn Bliss post should be.

What can one say to properly invite you all into the most wonderful season of all?  What will inspire you to want to relax here, feel comfortable and at home and then come back again for 31 days in a row?

How do I explain why I will I be writing on the topic of Autumn for 31 Days in a row? Oh, the pressure.

We all live in different countries, states and parts of the world. Some of us are sweltering in 100 degree heat, some of us have never fully experienced an Autumn season.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 1}: <br>Entering the Season of Autumn

Pottery Barn

Why do I find Autumn so inspiring?

If you are a reader of this blog, you will hopefully understand what I am about to say.

In my mind, Autumn is not reliant on the temperature of the air outside. It is not dependent on a turning of the leaves. It is definitely not just a precursor to a long cold winter. It isn’t about pumpkins and black cats on a mantel.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 1}: <br>Entering the Season of Autumn

House Beautiful

Autumn is A Season of Contentment

I look at Autumn as a season of embracing the life I always dreamed I would have as a homemaker. Do I  have to have the perfect life or home I dreamed of back in the day in order to be content right now? Of course not. I have a life worth being grateful for every day. But do I embrace it? Do I savor it? Or am I saving that contented life for some other season? (when I buy that new house, when I have more money to decorate, when I don’t have to work or when I have more time to stay home and enjoy my life?)

Autumn is a time for me to create a sense of peace and contentment RIGHT NOW with my home and my life. That feeling of contentment is not something that is always handed to us on life’s silver platter of gifts. It is a feeling we can easily lose sight of in the midst of life’s challenges and disappointments.

Autumn is a time to slow down and embrace the home and life we have.

Do we need the perfect temperature or fall colors on the trees for that? I think not.

Embracing the blissful season of Autumn is a choice.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 1}: <br>Entering the Season of Autumn

Country Living

For the next 30 days, we are going to do more than just dream wistfully about Fall, we are going to get off our rumps and do some nesting!

We’ll consider how to embrace Autumn in each room of our home, find practical ideas to inspire us, and we’ll have fun sharing fall homemaking rituals along the way. I’ll share some of my very own fall favorites around my house!

Oh, and I’ll share Autumn treats and go on some Fall drive by’s too (you can’t fully embrace Autumn without tasty treats and Fall drives, right?) Some posts will be super sort, one image or thought of inspiration, some will be long like this one, but all will be filled with things I love about fall and hopefully will inspire you too!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow I’ll show some more awesome entryways, so stay tuned!

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 1}: <br>Entering the Season of Autumn

Are you with me? 31 Days of Autumn Bliss!*

PS. I got a new FALL BANNER on my blog!! Did you see it? Click over here if you are on a reader or facebook! Made by my friend Jamie @ JYL Creative, he created my original banner and fall-i-fied it for me this week!

Meanwhile, please visit the other wonderful and inspiring ladies who are contributing to this collective 31 Day series, each with their own topics! They are all amazing ladies with great hearts so enjoy each and everyone of them this month! Find the whole list of bloggers right here!

Fall Mantels: I Like ’em Simple

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

I like simple and subtle transitions between seasons.

September is early fall to me.

I like to see the warm fall light pouring in on my books and apples on the mantel.  That was my mantel last September.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

While I love simple, my style isn’t minimalist at all, but it isn’t fussy in a crafty sort of way either. Not that crafty is bad, it just isn’t me.

The fact that I have those shutters and lots of frames on the walls mean I need to be careful to not overdo the mantel.

So, I just stacked some fall looking books on the mantel and called it good. This is my mantel right now, in September, I know you’ve already seen it a couple of times. I might not have pumpkins yet, but books FEEL like fall to me so in my mind, that is enough for September.

Pumpkins and gourds might be set out in October. I love evolving through the seasons and keeping things fresh. Each month is almost like its own special season that way.

I’ve had that wreath up for two Fall seasons now. Maybe I’ll change it in a month or so, but maybe not. It still works.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

Before I painted my shutter green, I had another simple early fall mantel. I forgot to light the candles, but how pretty it would be with the candles flickering! I can easily add a white or colored pumpkin or gourds in October to let the mantel evolve.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

I saw this mantel over at Better Homes & Gardens. It isn’t really a fall mantel, but look how simple it is with just one large painting.  By putting a few twigs in a jar on the floor nearby and a warm fire in the fireplace, you get a sense of the season. Sometimes mantels feel a little overdone, so a few twigs in a jar on the hearth can be refreshing. Fall decor doesn’t have to mean orange pumpkins.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

Or, what about this mantel from Better Homes & Gardens? Again, it is simple. The little bouquets of orange are just enough for this refreshing and subtle style. No pumpkins, no corn, no typical fall decor, but it is fresh and pretty. The logs in the fireplace signal the season in a simple and subtle way as well.

That is all I’ve got for now.

I have to get back to writing my 31 posts…see you October 1 for 31 Days of Autumn Bliss!

Do you put out all your Fall decor in September, or do you evolve a little each month?

There is no right or wrong way to do it!

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