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How to Get Blog Traffic {And Grow Your Blog}

How to Get Blog Traffic {And Grow Your Blog}

If you are a blogger who wants to get more blog traffic to grow your blog, today’s video post is for YOU! I haven’t done a post on blogging in a LONG time. What’s up with that? I don’t know. FAIL. I’ve neglected my blog mentoring duties, so forgive me. I guess I don’t feel like I have all the answers and am just figuring this out myself, but I do know some smart people that I learn from all the time, so today I will direct you to them!

Seems like everyone is giving blogging advice these days, claiming to be an expert in their niche — so who can you trust to give you good solid advice? Well, I can tell you these ladies in the video I’m featuring today are for sure worth listening to! There is a lot to know, but it helps to be listening to the right people and getting good solid advice.

How to Get Blog Traffic {And Grow Your Blog}

I watched this Better Blogging Google hangout last night on growing your blog and getting blog traffic, featuring a couple of my blog friends (Beckie from Infarrantly Creative) and Brooke from All Things Thrifty) (and Brooke’s brother!). It has great information and tips that I thought were well worth hearing, so I wanted to share the video with you (below)! It features information on some things like SEO and keywords, but also a lot of good practical advice for any blogger regardless of how technical they want to be in their approach.

I know there are SO MANY new and aspiring bloggers out there now, especially in the home & DIY niche. I can imagine you feel overwhelmed at times and lost in the sea of bloggers (me too!). This video was designed for new bloggers wanting to grow their blogs, but I’ll admit I learned a TON!

While I’ve been around since the darker ages of blogging in 2007, I didn’t know any of this stuff when I started (and don’t even know most of it now) so we are really fortunate to have such amazing mentors and brilliant bloggers now to show us the light and help us to learn and grow our own blogs and businesses.

When I first started, the key piece of advice successful bloggers gave for growing your blog was always “leave lots of comments and stay true to yourself.” That is what I did. I think that is still good advice and a great place to start, but certainly there is a lot more to it these days with all the blogs out there all trying to find readers.

Before you watch the video, I want to thank you all for hanging out here at The Inspired Room. Whether you’ve been here the entire five years or are a newer reader, I appreciate each and every one of you. I LOVE blogging and I love sharing ideas with kindred spirits.

Speaking of YOU, if you are curious, there were over 400,000 unique visitors here this month (um, HELLO!) and over 1.1 million page views. EEK! I usually just blank the numbers part of blogging out of my mind so I don’t have a panic attack when I hit PUBLISH every day. I can’t quite picture 400,000 people in any room (let alone in The Inspired ROOM), but I know that is a crazy big number of lovely people. So thank you for being one of them! I’m glad we all get to hang out here because it makes this world so much smaller to be among friends.

I’d love it if you would introduce yourself (de-lurk!) in the comments today, it would be fun to hear from you and get to know you a little bit better! Maybe tell us if you have a blog (what you blog about and how long you’ve blogged) or if you are a just a great blog reader (you are so awesome if you read and comment for no other reason than to just encourage bloggers!! That means a ton to those of us who put ourselves out there blogging every day to a blank screen and wonder if anyone is really out there!).

For more blogging ideas and tips for growing a lasting business through blogging, check out this recent post: The Secret Success of Bloggers.

Enjoy the video and happy blogging! If you cannot see the video via email, you might have to click over to The Inspired Room to watch it.

Holiday Home Tour Date {& Christmas Linky Parties}

Holiday Home Tour Date {& Christmas Linky Parties}

In case you missed the mention of this the other day, I announced the date of the Holiday Home Tours on The Inspired Room! This year I’m doing things a bit differently in that I’ve joined up with the lovely ladies you see above!

Each of us is hosting a different fresh holiday theme for you to enjoy and link up with. I love the topics, and know we’ll be inspired.  I enjoy partnering with other bloggers and introducing you to some you may not know yet so I’m honored to be a part of this group! You can find out more on the rest of the parties and links to the hosts as they go live by going to Cottage Magpie!

Holiday Home Tour Date {& Christmas Linky Parties}
So the Holiday Home Tour will start on December 15th, right here at The Inspired Room. You will come to The Inspired Room to link up and visit the other holiday homes! If this is your first linky party and you aren’t sure what to do, don’t worry. I can help you figure this out when the time comes! The 15th is really not too far away so we need to get ourselves READY to open our doors and invite people over for a tour of our home all decorated for Christmas! HA! No pressure.

Have I mentioned I haven’t really decorated for Christmas yet, other than my Woodland Tree and Nativity scene? And there is a small glitch with my schedule in that I will be out of town for about four days between now and then, so my time will be kinda tied up with flying across the country and back? Eek! So there’s that. But, Christmas WILL happen here. It must. I will get it together and invite you all in one way or another.

Thanks for sharing about the parties and planning on linking up and visiting!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How does Christmas sneak up on us so fast?

Even when I get started early like I did on my tree (and everyone is wondering why I started so early) next thing I know I’m feeling behind. Maybe I take a little break after I start and then I lose track of time. Maybe I’m slow. Maybe I get distracted. Maybe no one offered to go under the house for me to bring out our decorations.

Guess I should stop talking about it, get off the computer now, put on the Christmas tunes, and get festive! {Inviting people over works like a charm for motivating me to clean too!}. I’ve got a few fun ideas in my head. so I’m pretty excited to get my holiday groove on again. Off I go!