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Favorites from 2016

Favorites from 2016

Happy New Year, friends! I am so grateful to you all for being a part of my home in 2016. I pulled together some of my favorite posts from The Inspired Room this past year. It’s not easy to sum up twelve months when you write as much as I do, ha, but it’s always fun to look back and wrap up the year.

While clearly 2016 was a year of dreaming up possibilities and starting our house projects, 2017 will be about actually seeing those dreams, ideas and projects become reality (or at least enjoying the progress we’ve made!).


A few favorite organizing posts from The Inspired Room in 2016:

How to Set Daily Routines that will Transform Your Life

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers {Inspiration}

How to Make Room for What You Love When Too Much Sparks Joy

Favorites from 2016

Favorite home improvement projects & plans from 2016:

Before & after farmhouse-style hall makeover

Transforming our dated/mauve stone fireplace with chalk paint

Shiplap Wall: What to Use and FAQ

Small guest bedroom makeover

Painting my bedroom dark plum

Nightstand before & after

Painting our brick house white (and continuing on with our never-ending side yard project). I gave you a sneak peek of the progress of both in this post!

Creating our home office space (I’ll have a big progress post soon on our lower level!)

From demo day of our small galley kitchen to our kitchen design board and the plan for the mood of our kitchen and our plan for a window flush to the counter, we now have a nearly completed kitchen to share with you soon :)

Signature Style: My Dutch Door Plans — we now have TWO Dutch doors to show you :)

My daughters’ townhouse entry and hallway makeover

Favorites from 2016

A few favorite decorating posts from The Inspired Room in 2016:

10 Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Home for Free

Kitchen Design Ideas: 8 Showstopping Elements

Decorating on a Whim

5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen (without a major remodel)

Farmhouse Style Hous Tour – The Street of Dreams

My Shop (Shop My House & Latest Decor Finds)

Favorites from 2016

A few favorite family memories from 2016:

That Time We Almost Bought an Alpaca Farm

Creating a Life We Love (the story of why we moved to Seattle)

Our family vacation in Port Townsend

Meeting Leo, my daughter Kylee’s labradoodle puppy

Snow Day & Fairytales

Doodles at Home (Instagram account for all our pups)

Favorites from 2016

A few favorite “Gather” posts from The Inspired Room in 2016:

Blue Patterned Statement Rugs

Cozy Tassel Throw Blankets

12 Affordable Nightstands

Parsons Dining Chairs

Rattan and Bamboo Accent Furniture

Swedish Style Dressers

Easy DIY Art and “Wallpaper” for Your Home

Favorites from 2016

A few favorite posts from The Inspired Room in 2016:

Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to Be Yourself

Seize the Moment, Change Your Life

The Most Important Thing You Need Before Remodeling

The Traps: Inspiration for Contentment

A Little Known Secret of Success {10 Things I Know}

Favorites from 2016

My 2016 House Tours:

Fall House Tour

Christmas House Tour

Favorites from 2016

My new book releases in 2016:

Make Room for What You Love (Decluttering and Simplifying)

The Inspired Room Coloring Book (a home decor coloring book!)

Stay tuned for two more books I’ve been working on this year to be released in 2017! :)

Favorites from 2016

Favorite healthy recipes & DIY scents featured in 2016:

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola

Kale Salad with Roasted Delicata Squash & Maple Vinaigrette

DIY Fall Nesting Scent Recipe

Natural Home Scents and Favorite DIY Recipes

Favorite posts I contributed elsewhere:

Best Decorating Tips

How to Keep a Clean Enough House

Fall in Love With Homemaking

Making Room for the Life We Want to Live

Whether you were here with me for the whole year or if you’ve just joined in, I am so grateful that you are a part of my life. I can’t wait for all that’s in store for 2017 and especially can’t wait to share our kitchen remodel and the other projects we’ve been working on. It should be a very exciting year!

Favorites from 2016

We’ll kick off the first week in January with Hygge. I’m excited to talk about simplifying, organizing and being more mindful of our well-being as we nestle in to a cozy winter house < learn more about hygge in that post. See you in January!

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Hygge & A Cozy Winter House

Hygge & A Cozy Winter House

Long before I even heard of the concept of Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah, Hygge is the Danish practice of creating a cozy home, enjoying simple pleasures with a focus on well-being), I was obsessed with those very things. I could hardly believe it when I heard about Hygge, it sounds just like me! I love creating ambience through cozy homes and daily rituals. I think I would feel right at home in Denmark.

My yearly home goals always focus on the desire for greater well-being and comfort in our home. It’s hard to put into words how relieved I am to be nearing the end of this remodeling year. Remodeling is fun, but it’s not the coziest time. While I will still have a list a mile long of projects I want to get to (don’t we all?), I’m so looking forward to a new season of home-bodyness (is that a word?).

I can’t help but just be very excited about how close we are to fully enjoying and sharing the comforts we’ve been creating here.

Hygge & A Cozy Winter House

The thing is, though, I find that if you aren’t intentional about embracing coziness and comfort in the winter as a gift of the season, it’s often easy to just not put it into practice. As I wrote in my book Make Room for What You Love, you have to be intentional about creating the kind of home you want.

It’s tempting to just feel a little depressed that Christmas is over and spring feels like such a long time away. Or perhaps we start to feel frustrated with the discomfort of the colder weather (depending on where we live!) instead of just focusing on the blessings of creating a cozy winter house. Maybe we mindlessly scroll Facebook in the evening rather than mindfully curling up with a good book and a furry throw blanket.

Blast! We can so easily miss opportunities for coziness. Rather than the added ambience of a crackling fire or candles or twinkling lights that we might have really enjoyed at Christmas time, we sit in a dark dreary space lit only by a television set or computer screen.

We’ll talk more about the art and rituals of creating a cozy winter home in January (see my first 2017 Hygge post here!)

For now, keep turning on the Christmas lights. Curl up by the fire. Set down your phone, get in your coziest jammies and nestle in closer together with your family.

See my first 2017 Hygge post here!

You’ll find lots of cozy home tips and ideas for embracing the seasons in my books here.