A Hygge Home by the Sea

A Hygge Home by the Sea
New England Home

Hygge (pronouced “hooga”) is a word the Danish use to describe the sense of coziness they create for themselves, friends and family in their home.

Cozy blankets, candlelight, natural elements, the warmth of the fire and a mug of steaming hot soup in hand. Welcome, fall. That whole situation inspires me in every way!

Experiencing Hygge isn’t just about staying inside by a fire, though. It’s also about getting outside and letting our natural surroundings and the benefits of nature lift our spirits. That might involve taking a walk in a park, visiting a forest or even heading to the coast for a walk on the beach!

I find the coast to be a very Hygge destination. Now, keep in mind that a visit to the ocean where I live in the northwest may not be quite the same experience as you might have in other parts of the country (like Florida or San Diego, for example!).

The coast here is often quite chilly. Unless its an exceptionally warm summer day, most people don’t run around in a bathing suit on our beaches! We’re more often bundled up in jeans and windbreakers.

When we go to stay at a beach overnight, we love to find a beach house or hotel where we can curl up by the fire in the evenings. If a storm is brewing, all the better for a Hygge evening!

A Hygge Home by the Sea
New England Home

Cozy inside, stormy outside. What could be more Hygge?

As I am puttering around my house in the fall, I am daydreaming that I live in a cozy cottage by the sea. The storms might be brewing outside, the winds could be howling, the waves all splashing, but I’m safe and warm inside, happy and cozy as can be.

Yes, I’m a daydreamer and a putterer.

Are you?

At our home here in Seattle we get our share of gray days and fall and winter rain (gratefully mixed with sunshine, though, too….), so Hygge really appeals to me.

Even though we live in a big city, we are also surrounded by nature. Through the windows to our backyard we can see a beautiful forest and the snow-capped Olympic mountains towering over the salty waters of the Puget Sound.

The natural surroundings of where I live have definitely impacted how I feel about my home, how we decorate for the seasons and even our everyday experiences. I’m sure the same is true for you and where you live.

Years ago I wrote on the blog about how your surroundings might influence your home design choices in this post about our family’s northwest beach house.

You might live on the east coast, or in the south, or in another country! You could live in a mountain home or a city apartment or a beach house. No matter where you live, you can make your home cozier in your own way!

That’s the beauty in trusting your own creativity. You can draw upon our unique surroundings, our own memories, and so many other personal influences as you are creating a home. You don’t need to decorate like anyone else, or follow someone else’s idea of what a home should be like.

Just can just be YOU! You can make your home authentically your own in every season.

I’d love to hear more about YOU and YOUR HOME in the comments!

Tell us where you live and how it impacts how you feel about your home and decorating in fall?

A Hygge Home by the Sea
New England Home

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I rounded up some of my favorites here as well as in the graphic below.

A Hygge Home by the Sea

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Cozy Beach House: Get the Look

Cozy Beach House: Get the Look

Country Living

I know it’s summer right now, but I love beach houses all year round. Do you? I love spending time at beach houses in storms, warm weather, mid-week, holidays and vacation days.

That’s one of the reasons I love to incorporate subtle beach house elements in my own home. It’s the atmosphere I love to be in every day!

I don’t even think of “beach house” as a “style” as much as a way to inspire a cozy relaxed vacation mood, you know what I mean? That’s probably because vacationing near water is my favorite!

Cozy Beach House: Get the Look


  1. York Slipcovered Sofa
  2. Round Mirror with Rope Hanger
  3. Blue Lamp
  4. Row of Hooks
  5. Shutter Lantern
  6. Sail Boat Collection Wall Art
  7. Driftwood Tray
  8. Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Tree
  9. Soft Cotton Diamond Weave Throw Blanket
  10. Inspired Stripe Rug (One of my own rug designs! Thanks to YOU all for voting for it in the Annie Selke / Dash & Albert rug design competition!)
  11. Rope Knot Door Stop
  12. Accent Wing Chair

My girls and I just returned late last night from our trip to Utah. We weren’t near the coast all week, so I really missed that sea air! And I guess that is why I came home all inspired to do some beach house posts. :)

We had a great time (I’ll share more about our trip soon and you may have seen some behind the scenes on our Instagram) but it’s always so nice to be home.

Also, I missed YOU while we were gone! Are you still here?

I didn’t have a moment to blog while I was away, so I’m excited to get back to it. Even with all the social media options available these days, this blog community is hands down ALWAYS my favorite place to hang out and chat about our mutual love of home.

Has anyone visited any charming beach houses this summer? What are your favorite coastal towns?