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Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}Country Living

I have always had a “thing” for gallery walls. Gallery Walls are a fancy way to describe a collage or collection of art and or photos used to decorate your walls. I like them all haphazard, I like them neat and tidy. I like them fresh and modern or old and traditional. In my opinion, there is really no “right way” to do a gallery wall. You can use all frames, you can mix in objects, use mirrors or any combination that tickles your fancy.

You can use frames that are the same size, or be eclectic and use a variety of sizes and shapes.

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Pottery Barn

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Traditional Home

Remember the pretty orange gallery wall? I loved that it was fresh and pretty, and instead of framed photos there were framed objects.

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Coastal Living

I like the crispness of a black and white gallery wall, or the prettiness of various colored frames! So many options!

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}
Sawdust & Paper Scraps

There is no rule about how many items to use in a gallery wall (although I check with Sarah from Sarah Bohl Designs while on Twitter and she said 7 would be a good minimum number for a gallery wall). The more items the more gallery-ish, I think!

You can go crazy if you want to! Gallery walls can look modern and fun, old world and quirky, or perfectly sophisticated. That is probably what I love most about them, they give you a chance for your PERSONALITY to shine through!

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Domino Magazine

You can hang frames on the walls, put them on a ledge or hang them from string! Here are some inspiring Gallery Wall ideas from Creative Mama!

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Lonny Magazine

You can use big and little items together, let them be hung all crooked or make them level and straight!

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Domino Magazine

You can hang art without frames mixed with art in frames.

I’ve shared quite a few inspiration pictures, but really, there are infinite ideas for gallery walls! Don’t be limited by what you see in photos, be creative!

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

One of my recent favorite gallery walls was from Young House Love, I shared it on Facebook awhile back. They offer a tutorial for How to Create Your Own Gallery Wall which is really helpful, or you can forgo all the tutorials and instructions and just start hanging!

Want to create your own gallery wall?

Need more inspiration? Or do you have a gallery wall ready to show off? Well one week from today we are going to show off our gallery walls in a Gallery Wall Linky Party! Woot!

Thanks to Tricia from The Inspired Room Facebook page for the idea! You rock!

Everyone can play, no matter what style of Gallery Wall you have. And if you don’t have one, maybe this party will inspire one at your house! You can whip one up just for the occasion if you’d like!

Get ready, cause here it comes! Get your posts ready to link up next Wednesday April 6th. You can create a new post featuring your wall, or it is fine to link up an old post!

Gallery Walls {Inspiration Pictures & A Linky Party!}

Be there!

3 Truths and a Lie

3 Truths and a Lie

This post is part of a series sponsored by Electrolux as part of Homebuzz. I received an Electrolux appliance in exchange for my participation. The opinions stated in this post are my own. My old dishwasher is being donated to a worthy cause.

Let’s play a little game, shall we?

Oh come on.

It is called “Three truths and a lie about life with my new Electrolux dishwasher.”

  1. My new dishwasher is so quiet that we can’t tell if it is washing dishes or not without opening it.
  2. My dishwasher is so shiny we have considered wearing sunglasses in the house to protect our eyes.
  3. You can hang adorable Anthropologie dishtowels from this magical dishwasher handle every day and no one ever wipes their grimy hands on it.
  4. Our dishwasher lures our son to empty the dishes by beckoning him with a mysterious alien blue light on the floor.

3 Truths and a Lie


Why yes. I do have crumbs on my floor. Please avert your eyes from my housekeeping and take note of the blue light. It is the signal that the dishes are clean!

Isn’t my dishwasher beautiful on the outside? I’m going to show you the inside of this beauty soon, and talk about my amazing dishwasher loading and unloading ways.

So did you catch the lie?

Oh, maybe there were two and a half truths.

My dishwasher IS so quiet we can’t tell if it is on without opening the door.
And it IS shiny enough to make us think about pulling out our sunglasses.
And it does shine a blue light on the floor that is intriguing to my son — but I don’t think it has lured him to unload the dishwasher yet.
And in case you are still pondering what the all out lie was, my Anthropologie dishtowel is still hung FAR AWAY from the sink and dishwasher most days. Just in case.