Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways

Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways

Hi friends! IT IS OFFICIALLY TIME for THE FALL NESTING SERIES, 2019 EDITION!!!!! You guys, I literally can’t believe we still get to DO THIS FALL NESTING THING TOGETHER! It’s been my favorite for over a decade!

This year I have a few new twists and surprises up my sleeve, too, so you definitely won’t want to miss out.


I often think about how blessed I’ve been to find my kindred spirits through this fall home series I accidentally began in 2008 with a little post called 20 Little Things to Love about Autumn!

Boy oh boy did that post start something amazing, the official Fall Nesting series was born and we’ve been here sharing it together every year since.

If you’re new here or mostly on Instagram these days, it might feel like the whole world is talking about fall, but the humble beginnings of what became our fall nesting-home-loving community right here on The Inspired Room blog all those years ago is still so very special to me!

YOU are what makes this community so special, so thank you for being here!

Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways


Sure, it’s all things cozy, but it begins with a mindset. As I have often said over the years in describing this series, it’s not about how many pumpkins we can squeeze onto the porch, although that can be a fun experience, too…. to me the most meaningful part of this season is the feeling we nurture within ourselves and in our home.

I believe this season can be experienced more fully through our senses. Fall is about restoring gentle and meaningful rhythms to our day and intentionally finding joy in all of the simple ways we make our house a more cozy and comfortable home.

During this series, I’ll be sharing my own fall home and projects with you as well as tips and inspiration you can use in your home.

Plus, we’ll have a couple of very fun NEW additions to Fall Nesting this year, so stay tuned.

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Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways
Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways


To celebrate fall and thank y’all for being such an amazing community, this fall I’m going to host TWO fun monthly giveaways just for my loyal The Inspired Room followers!

Your chances of winning will be pretty high if you enter!

Winners will be chosen from comments on blog posts each month to receive a fun surprise gift box of goodies from ME in their mailbox! Not in your email inbox, but a REAL GIFT BOX in your REAL POSTAL MAIL BOX!

One giveaway will be hosted for loyal followers who visit the blog every day and comment on the post.

How to enter the giveaways: Simply leave a friendly comment* on each of the daily blog posts throughout the month (just like we did in the old days!) and you’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway for the month!

**NOTE: No need to comment about the giveaway or mention that you are entering, any friendly comment regarding the day’s content will automatically enter you!**

The second giveaway will be for loyal friends who also follow and support The Inspired Room on Instagram.

Just tap the heart and leave a friendly comment on my daily Instagram feed posts throughout the month and you’ll be entered into a monthly giveaway for a surprise gift box from me! Easy peasy!

If you leave a comment on BOTH my Instagram posts and the blog posts every day and you’ll not only be my BFF but you’ll be entered into BOTH giveaways.

Click here or below to follow me on Instagram (if you aren’t on Instagram and don’t really want to be, you can still set up an account just to follow along, and so you can watch my stories and enter the giveaways there! You can even keep your account private and not follow anyone else!).

Stay tuned for more surprises and all things FALL NESTING!

Tell me this in the comments below, what do you look forward to the most about fall nesting in your home?

Courtney’s Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

Hello! It’s Courtney here today (Melissa’s daughter)! If you don’t know me yet, it’s nice to meet ya! I studied interior design in college and have worked full time for The Inspired Room as a creative director for the last several years! I’m always here behind the scenes assisting with the blog and our other projects. Dream job? Yes. :)

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

I currently live in Seattle in my very first apartment of my own. It’s an “open one bedroom” (basically a studio but with a partial wall separating my bedroom). I’ve lived here for a little over two years now and have absolutely loved having my own space.

Autumn is my very favorite season! Tomorrow on The Inspired Room we will officially be kicking off the annual Fall Nesting series!

Just like it has for hundreds of thousands of others over the past twelve years, my mom’s Fall Nesting series inspires me to prepare my home for enjoying the coziest season of all!

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

With this season in mind, today I wanted to share a quick tour of my studio apartment bedroom along with how I’ve recently cozied it up with my new linen bedding!

My bedroom is open to the rest of my apartment and one of the first things you see when you come inside, so I keep the decor simple and streamlined. A neutral palette is the perfect calming sight as I walk through the apartment, and is a versatile backdrop for adding layers or seasonal accents throughout the year.

The linen duvet with pom-pom trim was on my wish list ever since I moved into my apartment! When the family-owned company, Magic Linen, reached out to my mom to try their bedding, she surprised me by letting me pick out the linen bedding of my dreams for my birthday!

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

I spent a wonderful afternoon on Magic Linen’s site, so inspired by the beautiful photos as I considered every color option! I had admired Magic Linen’s beautiful bedding for years, so shopping for my own linen bedding really was a dream come true.

They have tons of beautiful colors that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. I loved the Woodrose color (a dusty pink). They even sell fabric samples if you want to try them out in your home!

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

It was so hard to make a decision as they are all so pretty, but I finally narrowed it down to the light grey duvet cover and Euro shams with white pom-pom trim, and the optical white sheets.

Happy birthday to me! I couldn’t wait to bring it home and set it all up after it arrived a few weeks ago.

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

I’m super happy with the colors I chose and how it all looks with the iron bed (this bed was my parents’, given to me when I moved into my apartment). It’s all as cozy and dreamy as I imagined it would be!

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

I also got two of the linen bolster pillows with pom-pom trim. I originally wanted these to put on either side of the daybed in my living room, but I love how this one looks in the center of my bed.

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

Magic Linen’s bedding is handmade from high-quality European linen. It’s super soft, breathable and moisture-wicking. It has the prettiest texture and details and is clearly made with care. I know I’ll have my set for a very long time.

One thing I really appreciated is that the duvet cover had ties in the corner to keep the duvet attached! Little things, you know?

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

I also realized once I made up the bed that since my iron bed frame is open, it allows me to see the pom-pom detail on the edge of the duvet! A happy accident. :)

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

My very favorite thing about my bedroom is how it gets flooded with natural light from the floor to ceiling windows in the connected living room. It’s a very cheery and peaceful space!

Now that my bed is made with such beautiful linens, I know I’ll be extra cozy in this room all season long.

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding
Diffuser Details
Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

Fun fact…when I was almost finished taking photos for this post, I tripped on my tripod, stubbed my pinky toe, and knocked over the mug on this cutting board…lol! It was quite a scene. Thankfully no bedding was harmed in the process. ;) But I was definitely limping around for two days afterward. All is well now, but I keep laughing that of all ways I could have gotten injured…it was tripping on a tripod while taking blog/Instagram photos! Ha!

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

If you’re looking for new bedding for your home, you’ll love Magic Linen!

Thank you Magic Linen for so kindly providing the bedding for this post!

They even have beautiful linen curtains, tea towels, aprons, table linens and more. It comes in the most beautiful packaging so it makes a lovely gift!

And thank YOU for visiting my apartment!

  • You can take a tour of the rest of my apartment here
  • And follow me on Instagram for daily apartment, life updates, and behind the scenes from the blog in my stories!

See you here tomorrow for FALL NESTING!

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

Follow me on Instagram and watch my stories for daily apartment and life updates!

Courtney's Studio Apartment Bedroom Tour + Linen Bedding

Click here to take a tour of the rest of my apartment!