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Best of 2009

Best of 2009

O k, blogland friends, I’m going to go ahead and wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR right now and invite any of you who would like to share their best posts, year in review or favorite projects from 2009 to link away!

I shared my year in review and projects earlier this week, if you missed it.

Hope you all have a lovely holiday! Here is to 2010! {blows her noise makers and throws confetti in the air}

photo and party favor idea from Martha Stewart

Best of 2009

DIY: Glittering New Year’s Centerpiece

DIY: Glittering New Year's Centerpiece

If you are looking for a fun, glittery unforgettable centerpiece for your New Year’s Party (or any winter event!), look no further! This was a guest post on my blog back in December 2007. If you don’t spend much time perusing the archives, you’ll enjoy a look in the way way back machine to this fabulous idea from the amazing Sandra Evertson!

All the instructions for the centerpiece and more photos are here!

photo: Sandra Evertson