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Sweet Idea for Spring (& a giveaway)

Sweet Idea for Spring (& a giveaway)

O k, so on Tuesday I published this giveaway post and the only thing that showed up for you all was the photo! No text, no giveaway details, no nothing — even though I had stayed up late the night before to get it all fancy for you! Nice! So sorry!

If it had happened today, April 1st, you might have thought I was playing an April Fool’s joke on you. But, I guess the joke was one me. Note to self: do NOT do taxes, move and attempt to blog all in the same week. Thanks for your patience with my overly ambitious week.

What I meant to tell you yesterday is how much I adore these little hanging votive vases! Look how sweet they look hanging from the patio umbrella! How wonderful to snip some flowers from the yard and put them in the vases right before dinner outside. Simple and easy loveliness.

One of my sweet blog partners for the month, Paula from Neutral Dwelling, has those hanging votive vases in her home decor shop.

And to celebrate spring, Paula has offered to give a set of three vases to one lucky reader of The Inspired Room! No joke! All you have to do is leave a comment below, and pretty please make Paula’s day by signing up for her newsletter here!

And if you want a set of these little beauties for yourself, you can find them here! I was thinking these little vases would make a great Mother’s Day gift, wedding shower gift or birthday gift! Wouldn’t they also be wonderful at an outdoor wedding reception?

Have a great day! Me? I am headed back to Washington with another massive load of belongings. I’m seriously afraid of not being able to fit it all in my new house. I tried to downsize my belongings, I really did,  but since my new house is already pretty full from my first phase of moving, and now I am heading up with another a full 10 foot trailer and a 26 foot U-haul truck , it isn’t looking like I downsized enough. {nervous laugh}

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the winner of the Emily June /Little Window Shoppe bloggy giveaway… ta da, the winner was Vintage Window! And, she has already had her winning bloggy makeover so go over and see how pretty her blog is now! But don’t forget to enter the hanging votive vase giveaway before you go!


A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

One of the great things about moving to a new area is I have new territory to explore for my drive bys! I love spotting a charming place, I get so excited! But, since I no longer live in familiar territory, it is a bit harder for me to find these special houses — usually I have no idea where I am going and frequently get lost.

This drive by took place in Gig Harbor, Washington. It was a really cold and cloudy day so I stayed in the car to take the photos, which means my photos are crooked and worst of all, means I could not get back far enough to show you the whole house. And, doing my drive by from inside the car meant some close calls. Driving around in these harbor towns means you are sometimes just a few feet from plunging off a road into Puget Sound. Especially when your head is hanging out the window trying to take a photo from a moving vehicle.

Drive bys are risky, you never know what dangers you might face.

Here is a quick glimpse of the harbor area, on a sunny day you can see Mt. Ranier — it is stunning above the water. I’ll have to go back when the sun is out to show you how truly beautiful it is.

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

Ok, now on to the houses. My kids laugh at me because I can spot a charming house a mile away and around a corner. In fact, I should have one of those bumper stickers that says “I break for quaint houses” or something corny like that. Anyway, my girls were in the car with me for this drive by — putting up with my sudden breaking and hanging out the window to get these photos. Fun times!

I only have two drive by houses for you today, but they are good ones!

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

Can anyone tell me what those chains are coming down from the roof?
I saw several houses with those in the area and I had never seen them before.
{Ok, my mom just told me they are there instead of downspouts!! The water runs down the chain!}

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

A Drive by: Gig Harbor Edition

Love the garage doors and stone work.

Now onto house two…a charming farmhouse.

A Drive by: Gig Harbor EditionA Drive by: Gig Harbor EditionOops, taking photos while rounding corners can be a bit scary for all involved. Sorry for the crooked view!

A Drive by: Gig Harbor EditionOooo, what is that little sweet thing peeking up from the roof?

A Drive by: Gig Harbor EditionOk, there is a close up … how cool is that glass roof?
I bet it looks really pretty from the inside too and lets in lots of light.

My girls and I enjoyed our little drive by adventure,
which ended by sitting in a cafe drinking the most tasty vanilla latte
I have had in a long time!
I love spending time with my girls and I love a good latte.

And I love doing drive bys.


How was your weekend? Did you step away from the computer?

(Don’t forget about Kimba’s unplugged from the computer day…
check it out here!)

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