How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-Style

How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-StyleAnne Chessin Designs

When it’s chilly outside, there’s no cozier place than inside. Am I right? Yes, I miss the sunshine as much as anyone. But I don’t seem to mind the weather as long as I can stay home. :).

You may have already made this observation about me, but I’m always quite into the whole Hygge experience this time of year (seeking coziness at home, comfort and gratitude for simple pleasures). Perhaps you crave it, too?

I had to smile at a newly released study by Sterling’s Best Places. The top three most Hygge cities in the U.S. are:

1. Seattle
2. Portland
3. Minneapolis

Ahh, of course Seattle is Home Sweet Home for Hygge. That’s where I live. I’ve actually lived in all three top cities (and I’ve only lived in those states!). Embracing an attitude of coziness and comfort at home is what I enjoy best about this time of year.

Here are five ways to have a happier winter home…hygge-style!

How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-Style

Add Creature Comforts

Lay a fluffy blanket over the end of your bed. Shop for ingredients to prepare your favorite winter meals, perhaps a hearty stew or soup. Pile a stack of winter books and magazines to inspire you right by your most inviting chair or sofa. Gather firewood for your fireplace. Add cozy shades or curtain panels to warm up cold windows (my woven shades can be found here and you can shop my home and curtains here).

Simple Gatherings Book Video

Make Memories

Feeling the chill of winter doldrums inside and out? A warm ‘winter beverage’ gathering for friends and family can be just what the doctor ordered. Even if you set up a coffee or tea station just for you, it’s very Hygge to make the preparation of a hot beverage an enjoyable winter ritual. Savor the warmth of the mug in your hands! For more hostessing tips, gathering ideas and inspiration to welcome guests into your home, you can find my latest book Simple Gatherings here.

How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-StyleStudio McGee

Pretty Puttering

Winter is a delightful season for a little puttering around the house. I like to start with a cleaning frenzy. Once the house is generally clean, it’s fun to move on to beautifying. Fluff or rearrange the pillows, move things from room to room, change up your shelf displays, switch out throw blankets. Add a pretty bouquet on the table or some plants on your shelves.

How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-StyleNew England Home

Beat the Blues with Some Tunes

Music can energize the mood of a cold winter’s day. My kids got me an Amazon Echo Show for Christmas and I just love it! We set it up on our kitchen counter so we can turn on the tunes while we clean or cook, but you could also use a phone or stereo. Set up a winter playlist that will inspire you.

How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-Style

Design a Scent-sational Home

We home lovers often think about how our home looks or feels, but how our home smells can bring us comfort, too. Of course, I love candles, but I don’t want to inadvertently add toxins to the air so I prefer using essential oils in my diffuser (you can find the essential oils and diffusers I use here).

I love lemon and peppermint essential oil in the mornings to help wake me up even when I want to stay curled up in my bed. Joy and orange create a positive mood. Lime and bergamot inspire the feeling of many of my winter afternoons. Cedarwood and lavender in the evenings help me wind down and prepare for a good night sleep.

How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-StyleAtlanta Homes

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Softly layered lighting will change the atmosphere of a room. Turn off your overhead (center) lights and use twinkly lights, fireplaces and ambient lighting instead.

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Hygge and A Cozy Winter House

7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter Home

7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter Home

House Beautiful

Just because the Christmas decor is put away and the festive mood of the holidays is over doesn’t mean we have to stop creating a snug and cozy home. It’s a good time to embrace winter Hygge! If you aren’t familiar with Hygge, it’s a Danish word for feeling content and cozy.

Here are seven ways to bring more cozy Hygge style comfort to your home, even during the dreariest winter month of the year!

7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter HomeLonny

Layered lights

Even if you feel like you’re lacking in the cozy department, simply addressing your lighting will make a huge difference. Layers of lighting make every room feel more welcoming. In the daytime, natural light is ideal. But for evenings, it’s nice to add a cozy glow. A good rule of thumb is to try to have a least three light sources in every room. Use a mix of table lamps, floor lamps, task lamps, and overhead lighting. Consider using warmer lightbulbs for the coziest ambience.

One of my favorite winter evening rituals is going around the whole house turning on all the lamps, lighting up the dark corners, and turning down the dimmers. It really sets the tone for a cozy evening!

Comforting moments

Your home will offer a sense of comfort when you incorporate some favorite photos of loved ones, treasured hand-me-downs, antiques or flea-market finds, eye-catching conversation starters, art that inspires you, special mementos, or simply things that make you smile.

7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter Home

An inviting aroma

What aroma feels ‘cozy’ to you? Set the tone for your home by filling it up with winter scents that inspire you.

7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter HomeHouse and Home

Touchable textures

The coziest homes contain a variety different textures that delight the eye. Incorporate different touch-worthy materials through pillows, drapery, throw blankets, rugs, lamps, and furniture. The fabric possibilities are endless: velvet, woven, knit, embroidered, grain sack, faux fur, tweed, etc. You can also consider creating contrast with varying materials like metal, wood, glass, rattan, mirrored, painted, and more.

7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter HomeHouse Beautiful

A place to curl up

Make yourself a special cozy place to relax. A reading chair will be extra cozy with some good books nearby in a basket, a lamp, a footstool, a side table to set a cup of tea, and a soft blanket you can curl up in.

A bit of warmth

Every home can benefit from warmth. No matter what your color scheme, you can add warmth through natural tones like wood, leather, jute, warm metals, etc.

7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter Home

Something living

A room comes to life when an organic element is incorporated into the decor. Every room can benefit from having at least one plant, bouquet of flowers, or even a sprig of greenery like eucalyptus to remind us that spring is on its way.
7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter Home
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7 Essentials for the Coziest Winter Home

What are some other ways you like to make your home cozy in the winter?