Decorating in January

Decorating in January

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I received a few messages this week about how to decorate in January, through this “in-between” time after Christmas and before spring! A house can feel a little empty or barren once the tree and ornaments are put away.

If your house feels too chilly or empty in January, it’s a good time to rearrange a few spaces until you feel more nestled in. Spring is coming, but it’s still a ways off so we might as well make the most of it and get comfortable!

On Monday I’ll share a few little January updates I’ve made in my own house. I don’t totally redecorate for every season, as you know. My changes are often fairly subtle season to season, but somehow even simple changes make my house feel different to me! I sometimes enjoy adding a few new decorative things after Christmas to warm things up. Or I will simply rearrange what I have to give my spirits a boost and make my rooms feel cozy again.

Either way, I continue to bring in those cozy organic layers in soft colors. I start adding layers in the fall and then just keep on going! I do the same with my clothes, ha! I’m always adding another layer with a cozier sweater and warmer socks. (Now I get why my grandma would ask if I wanted a sweater when I was younger. I’m always cold!).

I’m still a fan of neutrals and textures, they just feel softest and coziest to me (for this house in particular, every house can be different of course!). I don’t feel as comfortable with a color palette that is too brooding or moody, or one that is too airy this time of year. I personally don’t pay much attention to color trends unless they speak to me.

I definitely understand why people like to add more color, though, since it can seem so barren outside. I also tend to be drawn to a little more color in January. I think a few deep green (or teal) accents can bring a little more oomph to a neutral room. Navy is also a color that seems to feel right in my home all year round, but in the winter it feels best to me when it’s paired with those extra cozy layers and neutrals.

Play around with options in your home and just see what feels right to you!

I think this collage represents a mood I’d feel quite at home with in January!

Come back Monday to see what’s new at our house! 

Shop the items from the collage above, plus more of my latest finds below!

Decorating in January

Decorating in January

How do you like to decorate in January?

Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags + Winter Calendar

Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags + Winter Calendar

Hi friends! First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for all your kind words and messages about my new book Dwelling! I’m really excited for this special book to be out in the world and am so grateful to everyone who has already preordered! (If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to preorder Dwelling and get in on that $5 off coupon code, see the code here!)

My daughter Courtney made these free printable gift tags and a December and January calendar recently and we thought it would be fun to share them with you! They are our gift to you, for personal use only. (We found the pretty foliage clip art here!).

We’re actually using the calendars today to plot out our schedule for the holidays and family coming into town as well as to give us a good look ahead for January!

Print out the gift tags on heavy cardstock (ideally!), cut them out and use a hole punch to tie them onto gifts!

You’ll find our files to download in the Dropbox folder linked here or below.


Click here to download the free printable tags and calendars!

Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags + Winter Calendar

Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags + Winter Calendar

Click here to download the free printable tags and calendars!

Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags + Winter Calendar

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