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Our House Mood Board

Our House Mood Board

Creating a mood board can be a very helpful way to figure out what mood or look you want to create in your home. We made our mood board (above) on the computer with Photoshop, but you can create something inspiring for your home with a bulletin board, too.

A mood board can help you start to visualize how old pieces will work in a new space, or how new furniture or lighting could be mixed in with pieces you already have to create a whole new look.

It’s fun to get creative with a color palette, or remind yourself of colors and patterns you’ve already committed to. You can even play around with color tones and intensities of color to change the mood of a space!

I find it’s helpful sometimes to get away from the room itself and instead play with the elements and color family on paper (or the computer) until you find a combination that inspires you.

Do you ever make mood boards for your home?

PS. Yesterday we kicked off The Love Your Home Challenge! See the list of week one’s challenges here!

Mood Board Sources: 1 (Carson Wall Sconce) // 2 // 3 // 4 (sold out) // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 //14 // 15

The Love Your Home Challenge – Spring 2016

The Love Your Home Challenge - Spring 2016

Welcome to The Love Your Home Challenge, Spring 2016! I’m SO excited that you will join me for the next 31 days! I for one cannot wait to get started, so let’s count today as day one! This is going to be fun. Every home has its shortcomings, but these simple and sweet bite-sized challenges are designed to help you transform small spaces within your home, focus on living with gratitude for what you already have, and rekindle your love for where you live.

Every Sunday on the blog I’ll share a list of challenges, one for every day of the week. And if you follow me on Instagram (@theinspiredroom), I’ll be posting the challenge there each day so you can see and share as we go. If you share, be sure to use the hashtag #loveyourhomechallenge so I can find you! If you’re not on Instagram, you may also upload a post to my community blog site, Home Love Stories (it’s free to join and you don’t have to have a blog to share your stories!), or even just leave me a comment here to let me know how things are going!

I hope you’ll follow along! I find that making a commitment to simple daily progress around the home is what most effortlessly transforms it and improves how I feel about my surroundings. And if we are all doing these same daily projects together, we can feel more inspired!

Below are our first seven days of challenges!

The Love Your Home Challenge - Spring 2016

Day 1 – Home Gratitude: Today, start a special gratitude journal for The Love Your Home Challenge. Set it out where you’ll see it! Make it a habit to add at least one new note of gratitude for your home every day.

Day 2 – Declutter: Pick one drawer to declutter and organize from start to finish. Dump everything out, only put back what you need. Stand back and admire your accomplishment!

Day 3 – Less Is More: What surface is your worst clutter magnet? Today, reclaim that space. Clear the surface completely. Clean and polish it. Inspire us with a before and after photo!

Day 4 – Make It Pretty: Give the kitchen sink area some extra love. Clear dishes and polish up the sink, faucet, and soap dispensers until they are clean and shiny. Wipe off the counters and set a new (or even just clean!) dish towel over the edge of the sink. So pretty!

Day 5 – Delight Your Senses: Make your home smell fresh and clean! Throw open a window, toss sheets and towels in the wash, take out the garbage, vacuum the rug and dust your end tables! Light a candle or bake something delicious as the grand finale!

Day 6 – Embrace Memories: Go on a treasure hunt to collect photos, ticket stubs, special letters and postcards that have been tucked away. Find a creative way to display or corral things that spark good memories. Make your home a happy place!

Day 7 – Your Sanctuary: Give your bedroom a spring refresh! Make the bed, clear the nightstands. Treat yourself to a little something new, or shop your own house for a fresh and creative way to brighten up your room.

Have fun and let me know how your week is going!

These challenges are adapted from my book, Love the Home You Have.