5 Stylish Gifts for A Modern Baby Nursery {Online Baby Registry}

5 Stylish Gifts for A Modern Baby Nursery {Online Baby Registry}


Modern Baby Nursery {Online Gift Registry}

I have shopped for countless newborns and baby gifts over the years. Have you?  I love giving baby gifts, but I can say that finding stylish unique baby items has often been a challenge for me.

I especially love that first year, from newborn to one, when mamas are so excited about their babies, furnishing their nurseries, dressing their cherubs in cute little outfits and looking forward to planning the first birthday party! So fun! You just want everything to be perfect, and rightfully so, it is a special time in life. And for those of you grandmas out there, you must be in HEAVEN getting to shop for those little grandbabies! Oh my, I can only imagine!

We are starting a MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers group) at our church this fall and I can’t wait to be surrounded by sweet babies and their mamas! Lucky me!

If you are a new mama yourself or know some new moms who are just setting up a nursery or planning a first birthday, I thought you might be interested to hear about  this neat online gift finder and registry I just recently found out about called Giggle.

I love this concept because they’ve already sifted through all the junk and so-so to bring together only the best items for babies. I have had so much fun shopping through their site, window shopping and dreaming about babies. Giggle has seriously cute things (I think I might have to put together a few more collages of my faves because it was impossible to narrow it down). It is so easy to find and give what you want without all the hassle. From nursery gear to clothes to carseats to toys, they have it all.

You can set up and share your own baby registry, update it online or on your phone, send gift cards or find the perfect gift for baby, all from this one stop shopping site for parents and grandmas, too! Sound fun? I think so!

Are you a new mama or new grandma or know ladies that are?

Check out Giggle.com and let me know what you think, would you?

5 Stylish Gifts for A Modern Baby Nursery {Online Baby Registry}5 Stylish Gifts for A Modern Baby Nursery {Online Baby Registry}

Let’s talk about BABIES and BABY NURSERIES! What’s your favorite baby item?

Discount code for readers: $15 off a purchase of $75 giggle’s Better Basics Layette collection with a special discount code, LINQ12 through September 15, 2012.

This post is sponsored by Giggle.com but my love of babies and stylish baby items comes straight from my heart.

A Beautiful Old World Modern Farmhouse Kitchen {With Natural Wood Cabinets}

A Beautiful Old World Modern Farmhouse Kitchen {With Natural Wood Cabinets}

House Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen

I have always loved beautiful natural wood furniture and cabinetry. Yes, that is probably not the most popular statement in a day when most people are “lightening up.” But I like wood when it is beautiful.

My love of dark wood started back when I was little and dreamed of living in a big old English Castle behind gates.

Yes, I know, usually I talk more about white kitchens and white cabinets. It is about time I give natural wood cabinets their fair share of love!

A Beautiful Old World Modern Farmhouse Kitchen {With Natural Wood Cabinets}

My wood cabinet from my last kitchen

In my previous kitchen (photo above), I mixed up our mostly white Shaker style cabinetry with this mahogany wood cabinet trimmed with bamboo and added the soapstone counter on this cabinet to contrast with the subway tile and then the Brazilian cherry wood counters in the rest of the room. You can find the story of that house here.

I love the contrasts and mix of materials, so white with dark always looks beautiful to me!

If I was going to design a kitchen around primarily wood cabinets, I’d balance out the potential darkness and heaviness with white subway tile, a white farmhouse sink, and beautiful soft blues, greens and metals. Just like in this kitchen! Put all those elements together and you have a warm family farmhouse style kitchen. In certain houses, this darker kitchen would work much better than white cabinets would.  It is all about what is appropriate for your home and lifestyle.

A Beautiful Old World Modern Farmhouse Kitchen {With Natural Wood Cabinets}

Wow, that wall of tile is AH-MAZING. The color combo of the tile is so beautiful behind that dark bar cabinet.

This kitchen has so many different elements and materials all in one room, which some people might not like (or be afraid to try), but it really gives it that “pulled together over time look” that still looks current in an old world way. :-)

The various materials give the room a lot of visual interest. Notice the different styles of lights, different metals, different tiles, stone counters and brick flooring. I love the mix of textures!

Sometimes I think we play it too safe with our decorating, it is kind of fun to be a little more daring and mix things up a bit. I like to see something unexpected, something complex and more interesting to look at.

A Beautiful Old World Modern Farmhouse Kitchen {With Natural Wood Cabinets}

See more of this kitchen at House Beautiful!

In other news and the whole reason I started to surf the internet and stumbled upon these images today (because I’m easily distracted), I have about 20 projects going on around my house right now —  I work on more than one room at once because I am insane, have decorating ADD and cannot just complete one room at a time. Maybe that is why I like rooms that “evolve over time” because it is the only way I know how to work. I’m weird.