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Organized Simplicity Winners Announced!

Organized Simplicity Winners Announced!

And now, the big moment you’ve been waiting for {drumroll……}


The Organized Simplicity book winners:

Michelle of That Mommy Blog

Angie of The Arthur Clan

Martha Brady Gritty Grace

Olivia of Moo Mama

Congratulations to all four of you on winning the book! Woo hoo!

Please contact me this week the inspired room {at} gmail {dot} com with your address and I’ll pass it on to Tsh of Simplemom! Please put ORGANIZED SIMPLICITY WINNER in the subject line!

Decorating a Christmas Mantel

Decorating a Christmas Mantel

Sometimes I have to laugh about the whole “blogging” life — I was looking through for ideas yesterday and in four different places I unexpectedly happened upon pictures of various rooms in my own house from the past few Christmases, featured in their idea books. I did a double take!

Of course, I had given them permission to use the photos and ideas when they asked last summer, but it still catches me off guard to see my OWN house on Hmmm. I am now getting ideas from myself. {I’m a little crazier than I thought.}

Update: this mantel was also featured in Cottages & Bungalow Magazine!

Last year for my mantel, as you can see in the above photo (and in the HGTV idea book), I went with limey green apples and sparkly vines mixed with shiny blue and silver. I wanted my mantel to look fresh and pretty.

I used some of the same decorating principles for my Christmas mantel that I use on ordinary days. Here are some tips:

Mix things up

I love mixing up things that you might not ordinarily think of putting together (in this case, lime green apples, blue shiny Christmas balls on glass candlesticks and sparkly faux greenery in conjunction with the rustic willow wreath, shutters and black lanterns). You might mix styles, objects or themes to come up with something entirely unique for your own for your holiday mantel! You’ll never know what might work until you try it!

Add texture and contrast

For my mantel, I tried to add lots of texture and contrast (such as the shiny blue balls and sparkly greenery to contrast with the rustic twigs in the willow wreath). Texture and contrast added the warmth and timelessness that I love with a bit of sparkle and fun that feels fresh and new.

Be authentic and meaningful

To personalize our stockings, I tucked my grandma’s antique doilies around the cuffs. This detail gave our Pottery Barn white quilted stockings a little more history and a personal touch. Doilies are not expected in the mantel mix, but that just makes it more fun and authentic to me. I’ve had those doilies for years and years so it made me happy to see them on our stockings! I use them most every Christmas in different ways. Tying in meaningful objects from your past makes your style unique and personal.

Have fun being creative

This Christmas, my mantel is really different once again! I’d say it is more of a rustic woodland natural look. I’ll hopefully get photos and a post about it soon, I’m sorry to leave you hanging on last year’s mantel (you already saw a sneak peek of the garland here!).

I always have fun finding new ways to express my own style. I want to be authentic in my style, yet have it look different and interesting from year to year so I don’t get in a rut! Creativity is fun like that, let yourself try something new and unexpected this year!

What unique ideas or items are you using for your mantel this Christmas?

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Decorating a Christmas Mantel

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