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Summer Fun

Summer Fun

I’m taking the day off to splash around with my son!
It was blistering hot here this week!

I hope you are enjoying your week and
finding beauty in those fleeting moments!

Summer Fun

It is Beautiful Life Friday!

Please share the beauty you savored this week
in the comments or via a link!

PS. I have some fun new things to show you
and talk to you about next week!

Be sure to visit Hooked on Fridays,
today I am hooked on FOUNTAINS!

Focal Points & Signature Pieces

Focal Points & Signature Pieces

Do you all have a focal point piece of furniture somewhere in your house? Or what I sometimes think of as a “signature piece?” All that really means is that you have at least one WOW piece in your main rooms. Something stunning because of its color, shape, style, size, element of surprise, detail or otherwise striking presence in your home. It might be just one piece, or a grouping of things put together to give you that WOW moment.

Clearly too many WOW factors will make you dizzy (and the WOW you get from guests will take on a whole new meaning). But one well chosen piece or focal point in a room will give your space the WOW it deserves.

Don’t worry about being safe in your decorating style, let yourself go for the WOW factor every now and then!  Your home will thank you for it.

What would you consider one of your focal or signature pieces?

red hutch via Tradtional Home