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The Best Way to Clean Your House Today + Giveaway

The Best Way to Clean Your House Today + Giveaway

Hi friends! Hope you’ve been having a great week! The sun is out here and it’s almost the weekend, so that combination is making me very happy. :)

I will say though that the sun is ALSO telling me that it is time to do some serious spring, or, well, more like pre-summer cleaning. Funny how that beautiful sunshine streaming through house makes you happy, but also reveals all the yucky DUST you need to deal with, ya know? Sigh.

Speaking of summer and cleaning, my girls and I are hosting fun and informative Happy Healthy Summer stories and a diffuser giveaway TODAY on our Dwell Well Collective Instagram account!

Follow our Dwell Well Collective Instagram and be sure to watch the stories!

If you’re new around here, Dwell Well Collective is our toxin-free home, essential oils and wellness lifestyle Instagram account. It’s where we post our tips, daily motivation, DIY videos and recipes (watch the video stories!) on all the most natural ways we can take the very best care of our home + body. (Of course, I still post video and photos on The Inspired Room Instagram feed and stories as well!)

If you need to deal with dust bunnies this weekend, too, check this out:

There was a recent study from George Washington University that discovered that 45 toxic chemicals are commonly found in house dust. 

Well, if that’s not a good reason to dust this weekend, I don’t know what is.

But it should be an even bigger motivator to be more aware of what we bring into our home!

If that many toxic chemicals end up in our house dust, imagine how many end up in our body (and what they must be doing to our health!).

The Best Way to Clean Your House Today + Giveaway


1. get rid of toxic products (you don’t want them in your body!)
2. be more aware of what you bring into your home
3. watch our Dwell Well Collective Instagram stories for happy healthy summer tips, recipes and DIYs (and enter today’s diffuser giveaway!)

In the Dwell Well Collective stories today we’ll be posting some of our favorite Happy Healthy Summer tips and recipes, such as:

  • 5 Life Hacks for a Non-Toxic Clean Home
  • 3 Favorite Beauty Hacks like a DIY Glow Face Serum — for young + mature skin
  • The One Home Improvement Decision I Made That Changed Everything
  • 3 Ways to Have Happier Emotions (and less anxiety and stress)
  • 5 Favorite Clean Summer Diffuser Blends for the home
  • DIY Soft Scrub recipe
  • Lash Serum
  • Carpet Refresh Recipe
  • DIY Non-Toxic Bath + Shower Cleaner
  • My Everyday Thyroid Roller Recipe
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Our Spring + Summer allergy relief recipe
  • Jack the Goldendoodle’s daily anxiety blend
  • 3 Favorite Smoothie Recipes our Family Loves

    And so much more!
  • Plus, while you’re on our Dwell Well Collective Instagram, enter to win an adorable lantern diffuser giveaway (today only).
  • Pssssttt….The Inspired Room readers can also enter a secret giveaway, scroll down to find out more!
The Best Way to Clean Your House Today + Giveaway

It’s totally FREE to watch our stories and learn from our classes Instagram and enter our giveaway (no purchase necessary), so just come to learn today and ENJOY!

We will pick the lantern diffuser winner TONIGHT (Friday) at 11PM PST, so make sure you enter here today!


Inspired Room Readers:

Because you guys are my very favorite, follow us on the Dwell Well Collective to enter the Lantern Diffuser giveaway on the Dwell Well Collective Instagram and comment “I’m a reader of The Inspired Room blog!” I will ALSO enter you into an extra secret blog reader giveaway for a signed copy of any of my books (you choose which one!). :)

Thanks for being the most encouraging and kind readers I could have ever asked for! I sure enjoy visiting with so many of you here each week.

The Best Way to Clean Your House Today + Giveaway

Have a great weekend!

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Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care + Patio FAQ

Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care + Patio FAQ

Hey friends! Thank you so much for all the kind comments on my refreshed side patio. It has been a long process for the past 3 1/2 years or so to get it to this point with our outdoor spaces!!! If anyone else feels like their home progress has been sloooowwww….you know I can totally relate, hahaha.

I can’t wait to take a look back and show you all the phases it went through. Remembering how crazy some of the situations were actually makes me laugh now! But at the time….I wasn’t that amused :). Stay tuned for that post in the near future, along with an update on where we’re at now with our gates and next outdoor projects.

But first….I’ve had so many questions about our outdoor cushions, rugs, furniture and spaces that I thought it would be good to answer a couple of FAQ!

Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care + Patio FAQ


What do you do with all of your cushions and rugs when it rains?

We have our cushions and outdoor rugs out from about Mid-May through early November (or late October, depending on the weather). That’s about six months of the year!

We live in Seattle so obviously you might assume we have a lot of rain. So what do we do then? Honestly the weather has been pretty nice during those six months over the past few years, so it’s not been a big deal to have cushions out most of the time.

But, it does rain now and then, so here’s what I do when it does.

If it is just a brief rain, I don’t worry about it. All of the cushions and rugs we have are outdoor-friendly. They dry very well and have had no damage from a little rain.

But if we hear there is going to be a downpour for a day or a week :), we pile up the cushions on two outdoor “sofas” and put a tarp over each, tied down with a bungee cord so they don’t blow off in any gust of wind.

It doesn’t look beautiful but it does the trick. We used to bring them all inside but that’s a big pain, so tarps it is!

We do not worry about covering our outdoor rugs. We’ve had a few rugs in the past that didn’t do as well in a lot of rain, so we would roll them up and bring them in. But for the most part the rugs we have are fine in rain! And they clean up really well, too.

Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care + Patio FAQ

How do you get/keep your white outdoor cushions clean?

Believe it or not, we’ve had the same outdoor WHITE cushions for about FIVE YEARS! Yes, five years. And they look practically like new!

But what about …

DOGS jumping on them with dirty feet?

I’ve been asked about every possible scenario, so here’s my answer.

Yes, our dogs jump on our cushions. They get muddy or dusty footprints on them. Yes, people spill on them. Dirt ends up on them.

But when that happens, I simply use the same cleaner I use for my indoor white slipcovers (and basically every thing else in our house) and spot clean them as needed. It works so well!

I shared a quick video on Instagram the other day of my husband cleaning them, click HERE if you want to see!

Get the Thieves concentrate cleaner here. Trust. I promise you’ll love it all, it’s such good stuff for YOU and your HOME (and safe for your pets, too!).

Where do you store your furniture all winter?

We actually keep our furniture outside all year round. We do not have enough room anywhere else to store it, so almost all of it stays out in the elements! It has held up so well.

However, in the winter I do put the outdoor rugs and cushions in our little storage shed. No cute little “she shed” for me to work or lounge in. It’s jam packed with seasonal stuff.

Where did you buy your outdoor furniture, rugs, umbrellas and accessories?

A lot of it came from World Market. I love their price points and quality. We have this sectional in a different color. You can also order Replacement cushions …. although you may never need them since they seem to last forever! But since their furniture seems to last forever too, I recently ordered a couple of replacement cushions to have on hand, just in case.

Other FAQ on my outdoor spaces:

Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care + Patio FAQ

Do you still like your Trex deck?

YES!! We couldn’t be happier with it.

Find all the details on our Trex deck, the railing and the whole install process through Lowe’s along with the deck sources here.

Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care + Patio FAQ

How did you paint your concrete?

Find the answers here! >> How to paint your concrete steps or patio

Any other questions I could answer about taking care of our outdoor spaces or cleaning our outdoor cushions or rugs?