Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

If you struggle to find enough storage in a small space like I do, today I have some small space tips and tricks for you!

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This question comes up every year when we start talking about decorating for the seasons:

Where do you keep those decorative items that are fun to have for each season, but that you don’t want to keep out all the time?

And, how do you keep limited storage areas and closets from being overwhelmed by clutter?

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

More style with more storage is my motto when it comes to furnishing rooms in my home. The minute I saw this coastal style cabinet at World Market, I LOVED IT and wanted to bring it home with me.

It’s not only got a look I love, but the size and style is flexible enough to be tucked in anywhere in my home. Plus, I knew it would serve a couple of purposes! That made it a no brainer purchase.

By the way, World Market is having a furniture sale between now and September 3, so be sure to take a peek! You’ll find so many fun things on sale (click here to shop and be sure to use coupon code FURNDEAL30 for 30% off regular priced furniture for your living room, dining room and office!).

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage
Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

Some people decide to go more minimal or simplify their style because they just don’t have enough room for extras and no tolerance for clutter!

I get it! I like keep things simple, too. But I also like to make room for what I love (see what I did there? I talk a lot about the process and mindsets for simplifying and decluttering in my book Make Room for What You Love!).

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

I don’t store or even use a lot of seasonal specific items, but I do find it therapeutic and enjoyable to change up the decor as the seasons evolve.

My problem is that if I put that kind of stuff far away (as in, I bury them in the garage or shed or attic or stuffed in a closet) I will never use them. My garage is usually a scary place where you’d never ever want to go to find your festive cloth napkins right before a dinner party.

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

That’s the main trouble with hanging on to too many things you like. Where do you put them? Why bother to keep pretty accessories if will be too hard to find or difficult or stressful to get them when you need them. Right? They just turn to clutter and no one wants that.

So my small space solution for organizing seasonal and decorative accessories is to utilize baskets, small cabinets, dressers, and nightstands in every room.

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

In order to have a cabinet taking up space in any room, I think it must serve at least two purposes. One, the cabinet must add style and possibly add a useful surface to the room. It can hold a lamp or be used as an end table, for example.

Then I also give each cabinet a designated storage purpose. Cabinets also become clutter catchalls if they don’t have a defined purpose. Once you know what the purpose of the cabinet is, you make that purpose a rule you won’t break.

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

I love to have fun setting dining tables all year round, so of course I end up with lots of table accessories I want to hang on to. That means I have to find convenient places to store various cloth napkins, placements, dishes and other items for the table or I’ll never use them!

My new cabinet is primarily being used right now as my cloth napkin cabinet. I would love to get even more napkins, now that I have this convenient cabinet to store them in! And, maybe I’ll even have more dinner parties.

My dream is to have stacks and stacks of pressed cloth napkins ready at all times. I may need to hire a housekeeper just for that purpose since I never iron anything, LOL! A girl can dream.

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

For awhile I kept my napkins in a different dresser, but when we moved that dresser from the living room to our guest room, it no longer felt right to keep napkins in there. Mostly I didn’t like having to ask guests if I could come in their room so I could set the table! That was inconvenient for everyone. Now that dresser holds guest sheets and towels, so it makes sense.

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

I’ve used all of my cabinets in different ways in different homes. That’s another reason I love to use them for small spaces, you can move them around and tuck them into different rooms to suit your current needs. You can mix and match styles, so don’t worry about that. And if you move to a new home? Your stylish storage pieces can come with you!

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

Where do you store your fun seasonal items?

Small Space Tips from World Market
Shop by Room: Small Spaces at World Market

Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage
Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

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Small Space Tips + Stylish Seasonal Storage

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11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

Choosing a sofa for your home can be a daunting process. They are an investment that can make or break a space, so it pays to do some research before you make a final decision.

I know when I was shopping for my white slipcovered sofa last year, I went back and forth about a million times. Seriously. So many options, details, decisions, and so much pressure! I’m glad we took the time to weigh all the options though–I really love what we ended up with.

Here are 11 designer tips and helpful considerations for selecting the perfect sofa!

11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

Burnham Design

Select the right size – When shopping for a new sofa, make sure you select a size that makes sense for your space.

Use a template in your own space (try painter’s tape on the floor, or even boxes set up to simulate) to determine what size and shape of sofa will offer the most function without overwhelming your room.

Consider the depth of your sofa – What is the purpose of your room? A deeper sofa will be versatile enough for you to curl up on or to add pillows in the back for casual conversation. Shallow sofas might be fine if you will be sitting up straight or in a more formal space, but they aren’t always as comfortable for relaxing.

Do you have a chair or sofa already that is super comfortable for you? Take a measurement of the cushion (measure from the back of the seat cushion to front) so you can find a similar seat depth in a new sofa.

Solid sofas are versatile – While you might be drawn to a patterned sofa, in the long run a pattern can hold you back as styles change or if you want to change your decor style.

For the most bang for your buck and the most versatility in design, save fun patterns for throw pillows and buy a neutral sofa. But if you’re feeling daring and can afford to get a new sofa later, go for the pattern if that is what you love most.

11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

Ellen Brill Set Design

Know your comfort level – Down filling in loose back cushions will eventually be less full and need regular fluffing to look their best. Down tends to look more casual, but it can be very comfortable! If you want a more tidy, streamlined look and less fluffing, look for a tighter back sofa or one without back pillows. Consider a sofa with removable back cushions, or a deeper sofa, if you will be using it for sleeping or napping!

Consider the upkeep of a sofa style or fabric choice- Do you want a slipcover that you can pull off and throw in the washer? A fabric that will more easily hide dirt? Keep in mind that some fabric is delicate and not easily cleaned. Indoor/outdoor fabric or performance fabric has come a long way, so if you want a low-maintenance fabric, there are plenty of options that are attractive, soft and easy to clean.

Visit a showroom- Even if you are ordering online, visit any sofa showroom. Try sitting on sofas just like you would at home, curling up, getting up and down, etc. Rearrange pillows on the sofa the way you would want to at home. Look at various sizes, shapes and design features. This will give you a better idea of what you really want!

11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

Muskoka Living

Look at the height of the sofa back- When you are shopping, notice that some sofas are extra low backed while others have high backs. If you have a larger space or a room with high ceilings, consider a higher back for more presence. High backed sofas can make a room feel cut up if the sofa will not be placed against a wall.

Consider the shape- Tufted backs or rolled arms will feel more formal. Straighter lines will feel more modern. Rounded shapes can feel traditional or even cottage/country. A streamlined style with a straighter back, narrow and straighter arms will make the most of a small room. An overly bulky sofa can take up too much space.

11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

Studio McGee

Legs or no legs? This is a personal style preference! Some sofas have slipcovers or skirts that hide the legs. Others have choices for leg style or finishes. If you have a lot of furniture pieces with legs, you may decide to have a sofa with a skirted bottom to soften the look.

Look through inspiration photos to find rooms you like. Take note of whether or not the furniture and sofas you like show legs or not.

Design the whole floor plan. As you consider the size and layout for your sofa, make sure you leave room for your side tables, coffee tables, console tables etc. A sofa that is too big for the space will make other furniture pieces difficult to place.

Order samples. Order upholstery samples online or ask for them in the store. Take it home with you so you can see the fabric in your own room and in various lighting conditions. Carrying a sample with you can help you select other furnishings, throw pillows, rugs and paint colors.

Shop my favorite sofas:

My Favorite Sofas

11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

Have you bought a sofa recently?

What are your best tips (or mistakes to avoid?) in shopping?

11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

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11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)
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