Month: September 2012

The journey toward a beautiful and functional home ….

The journey toward a beautiful and functional home ….

I'm on a mission towards an organized, functional and beautiful home. My home will never be perfect and that is not the goal. Creating a home is really about the journey, not about the destination. Let's chit chat in the comments over at The Inspired Room about that happy collision of beauty and function within a home. Which side of your home needs the most attention? The functional or the beauty part?

Blessed {Giveaway}

Blessed {Giveaway}

One of the reasons I love doing my Fall series is because it is so important to me to slow down and remember to count blessings. It's easy to lose sight of what we have right in front of us because we are so busy looking towards the next big thing we want or the next big project on our to do list. {See a tip for how I keep my priorities in order every day and enter to win two awesome prizes for your home!}

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