Bathroom Vanities

 Bathroom Vanities
White Vanity

Hey, there, friend! Remember my indecision over what to do with my mint and pink bathroom? I know a few of you have asked me if we plan to work on our bathroom this year. I really realllly hope to! Funds are probably my biggest limitation with that project (grrr) but there are lots of other functional and design considerations I need to solve, too. I’m hopeful, though!

Sometimes not having the funds or the answers to every question is a blessing in disguise as it slows your roll a bit. Maybe slowing your roll sounds like a bummer, but it really isn’t.  It is, but it isn’t :).

A limited budget gives you an opportunity to think creatively about what already you have, but also stirs you to consider what is possible within limits. As frustrating as it can be to not have a simple solution to a design dilemma (I love when solutions are easy!), it’s creatively more interesting to have to stretch your mind in new ways.

So all that to say, I’m not in any hurry to make mistakes with this room so taking my time on it is probably a good thing :). But I do LOVE to consider my options! One thing that helps me in the process is to start to picture what I want the space to feel like and how the design will fit into the overall direction of my home. From there I can start piecing it all together.

I have not had the fun of totally redesigning a bathroom in YEARS, so I’m ready to start dreaming!

Today I am sharing a round up of vanities I love!

Anyone else thinking of a bathroom remodel this year?

Bathroom VanitiesWood Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesReclaimed Wood Vanities

Bathroom VanitiesWhite Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesWhite Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesWood Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesGray Vanity

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

5 Navy & White Bathrooms

5 Navy & White BathroomsNew England Home

5 Navy & White BathroomsThe House Diaries

5 Navy & White BathroomsSaw Nail and Paint

5 Navy & White BathroomsDomino

5 Navy & White BathroomsKristina Crestin Design

Hello! It’s Courtney here today filling in for my mom while she’s in Georgia for the Haven Conference as a blogging mentor.

I love a classic blue and white color scheme in pretty much any room, but I was particularly inspired by all of these pretty navy and white bathrooms today and I thought you might enjoy them too! I think the wood accents in many of these add a nice warmth to contrast with the cooler tones.

What do you think, would you do a blue and white bathroom in your own house? I definitely would!

I also want to mention that today is the very LAST day that you can vote for our rug designs in the Annie Selke Rug Design Competition!

***UPDATE! THANK YOU for all of your help, our rugs will be in production in Fall 2018!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

If you haven’t heard yet, we have the absolutely incredible opportunity to have our rug designs made into ACTUAL RUGS for Dash & Albert in 2018! Only 10 designs will be chosen, and it’s a super close race…eeek! If you’d like to help us out by voting for our designs, we would appreciate it so much! It’s SO easy to vote with a simple ‘like’ or heart on our rugs on the Annie Selke (@annieselke) Instagram page. The direct links to each rug are below for your convenience (you can vote from your desktop or phone) >>

>> VOTE for our stripe rug with cross border HERE!

>> VOTE for our starburst rug HERE!

(by the way, you are allowed to ‘like’ both rugs!)

***UPDATE! THANK YOU for all of your help, our rugs will be in production in Fall 2018!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

5 Navy & White Bathrooms

The challenge ends at 9 PM EST tonight.

Thank you all for your excitement with us as we’ve shared this process (and also thank you for your patience if you’ve been hearing us mention the rugs all over the place for the last couple weeks). :) It’s such an unreal opportunity so we really appreciate you allowing us to share and giving us the chance to win! It would be such an honor so we’re thankful for your support.

We had fun this week creating a few little Photoshop mockups to envision our rug designs in our house (new and old house). We think these rugs would go with so many styles…they’re classics with a twist! Check out the mockups below.

5 Navy & White BathroomsStarburst Rug / Striped Rug with Cross Border

5 Navy & White BathroomsStarburst Rug

5 Navy & White BathroomsStriped Rug with Cross Border

5 Navy & White Bathrooms

>> Vote for our stripe + cross rug HERE!
>>> Vote for our starburst rug HERE!

UPDATE! THANK YOU for all of your help, our rugs will be in production in Fall 2018!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!