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Project Procrastinators Party:
The BEFORE Photos

Project Procrastinators Party: <br>The BEFORE Photos


Tell me I am not the only one who procrastinated on making a decision on WHICH project to do for our Procrastinator Party? I had so much trouble deciding.

If I decide to paint something, I want to make sure I am picking the right color. Just because painting something black (let’s say) might be all the rage, it doesn’t mean I will choose black (even though I love it)! I’m a rebel.

I have to consider all the options first. I walk from room to room imagining what I want to see when I come to that piece. And because I am just moving in, there are a lot of new things to consider and projects still to do. Oh, THE OPTIONS!!!

I was on sensory overload trying to design my entire house in time for this party. No wonder I was procrastinating!

Finally,  I have decided to makeover my dining room chairs.

I’d love to start on the walls or the cupboards, but until I officially sign my papers in two weeks to buy this house, I am not changing anything other than furniture — yet.

Being that I am still trying to get organized in my new place, I may not even finish the chairs in two weeks, but I’m taking baby steps. First step, I am removing those woven seats. What color did I choose? You’ll have to wait and see!

Stay tuned…in two weeks I’ll reveal how far I get.

Project Procrastinators Party: <br>The BEFORE Photos
My first baby step. Oh, I am so proud.

Now, it is your turn.
What are YOU going to work on?

Share your project (big or small, it doesn’t matter!) in the comments or via a Mr. Linky link to your BEFORE photo, LET’S GET BUSY, PEOPLE! Don’t leave me hanging out here alone.

Let’s use the comments on this post for some chit-chat along the way, shall we?

Pop in now and then to tell us how you are doing! Come back to this post to chat about the projects or ask questions (or to cry), so we can all know where to find each other! If you aren’t working on something, for goodness sake at least bring over some cookies to keep us energized.

This is procrastinator party central for two weeks so get your grubbies on and let’s get to it!

The after photos can be shared via Mr. Linky on Thursday May 14th.

My Kitchen: The Top 10 Things I Learned While Remodeling on a Budget

My Kitchen: The Top 10 Things I Learned While Remodeling on a Budget

Yesterday I said good-bye to my beloved kitchen. Let’s all have a moment of silence, shall we? We packed up our final U-Haul and made the trip back up to Washington.

It has been a long exhausting move, so I am thrilled to finally be done transporting my stuff across the state! But, it was sad to say good-bye to the room I loved the most —  my kitchen.

My Kitchen: The Top 10 Things I Learned While Remodeling on a Budget

So, in honor of closing the door for what I expect was the last time (praying our closing happens in the next couple of weeks!), I took some time to reflect back on the top ten lessons I learned by remodeling my kitchen on a budget.

And who better to share my tips with than the master remodeler himself, Remodeling Guy! I am lucky enough to get to be his guest today, so pop on over to read the tips and say hi (do you ever feel like I Dream of Jeannie when you can just blink your eyes and pop on over to visit people? I always wanted to be able to do that, and now I can! I love blogs.).

Tim (Remodeling Guy) is hosting a Spring Round Up of our home improvement projects! If you want to get in on the fun and share your projects later this week, check out some sneak previews while you are there!