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A “Progress Report” Style Collage {A Very Useful Tool for Decorating Your Home!}

A "Progress Report" Style Collage {A Very Useful Tool for Decorating Your Home!}You know how confusing it is sometimes when you are evolving a bit in your decorating style, trying to work with what you have collected over time and yet still adding in the new?

If you like to use what you have or decorate over a longer period of time, you might know what I’m talking about. Especially those of you like me who love so many different things and head off on a whim in all directions.

I’ve been kind of in that place lately, wondering how I was going to bring it all together as I work my way around the house, decorating bit by bit. Wondering what should stay, what should go, what might work, what might not. Wondering what is missing, what I might want to bring in.

And wondering exactly where I’m headed and if that is even where I want to go!

Lots of wondering.

But then, I had an idea I thought might help me. What if I made a virtual style collage? Not an inspiration board, like I made below. But something to show me where I already am?

A "Progress Report" Style Collage {A Very Useful Tool for Decorating Your Home!}I made an inspiration board for my office (above, using Polyvore) because I wanted to see how I might put that room together using old and new accessories and furnishings. But for my progress report style collage, I wanted to use photos of the parts of the house I’ve already done, to see if I’m on my way to a look I like or if I need to make some adjustments.

So, that is what I did. I created a “Progress Report” Style Collage! Maybe there is a better name for it, but it is late and my mind is mush.

To get started on it, I went through photos of my home and looked for some areas of the house that I like or already have worked on. Then I started putting them together on a Pages document (I have a Mac and it has a program called Pages). Then once it was laid out, I started looking at the collage, thinking about what I liked about the style as a whole, what I didn’t like so much, and things I think I need to add to round things out. It was kind of fun and it really helped to see things as they actually are and things I wanted to change.

I haven’t come up with all my answers to my design dilemmas yet, but it is fun playing around with it. I even might add photos to the board as I think of new options I might like for pillows, new fabrics and furnishings, things I plan to use in other rooms. I hope to use my style collage as a spring board to get the whole house vibe just right.

Besides using Pages as I did, you could do a style collage even if you don’t have photos of your home by using Polyvore like I did for my home office inspiration board.

To create a Polyvore, you just look around Polyvore for photos they have of furniture and accessories similar to what you already have and add them to your board. It is super fun.

How to Make Online Inspiration Boards and Collages

Here are a couple of other ways to make some great looking online collages with your photos: 

How to make a collage in Pixlr via Blogging with Amy

How to make photo collages with Picasa via Skip to My Lou

Anyway, the photo collage I made is bigger on my computer, but I had to shrink it down kinda tiny for you to see in a blog post. It is much easier to study when it is a bit larger!

I hope you make your own style collage! In fact, I just thought of this,  I could do a style collage linky sometime and we could link up to see each other’s boards? Thoughts?

Are there other easy ways of making virtual collages that you know about?

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Four Inspiring Rooms

Four Inspiring Rooms

Yellow extendable island via BHG

You all know I have always loved looking at magazines. {And now, Pinterest.} I have a disease you know. Magazine cover-itis? Yep. You’ve heard me mention that a time or two. It may now be known as Pinterest-itis.

Pretty rooms are like magnets to metal, they LEAP out at me. They beg me to admire them. But it is OK. That is how I am wired. I must be a visual learner because I soak in the details and imagine how the ideas could be applied in different ways to my own home. Pouring over images is like reading a book that has no words. I enjoy photos like a good book.

So today, because I’m gearing up for some more decorating projects, I’m needing to SOAK IN some inspiration to get my wheels turning. Let’s look at the four rooms that caught my eye at Better Homes & Gardens recently, shall we?

1. Could this yellow island (top image) be any more awesome? Extendable? Yellow? I seriously stopped dead in my tracks and drooled a little bit out of my mouth when I saw it. It will be mine. Someday.

Four Inspiring Rooms Red wide striped curtains via BHG

2. And those red striped curtains? Fun. Whimsical. Statement. Yes. I’m always a sucker for stripes. Always have been, always will. I’m always a sucker for statement drapes. Why? I don’t know. I just like ’em. They are daring. Bold. Fun. A splash of color and pattern like wallpaper without the fuss.

Four Inspiring Rooms

Citrus colors and built in bookshelves in a charming cottage via BHG

3. My heart stopped beating for a moment when I imagined what it might be like to live in this citrus colored cottage. The lights! The colors! The stairs! The bookcases! This room convinced me that I cannot have a house that is too serious or glamorous. This house radiates life and happiness. Love it. And it reinforced my desire for built-ins.

Four Inspiring Rooms

Laundry room with open shelves and copper laundry tub via BHG

4. And, last but not least, my jaw hit the table with one glance at this laundry room. Of course, I imagine it filled with cabinets on the other side of the room to hide junk. But this side of the room is charming charming charming. Can you imagine having that glorious copper laundry tub? I would do laundry several times a day, just to walk in this space and admire it.

I’m having a blast being a pinner for Better Homes & Gardens. So many inspiring ideas to see and enjoy! You can find all of these ideas and more on the BH&G website via the links provided under each photo.

Which featured room do you like the most?
Are you a visual design-absorber and learner like me?

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Four Inspiring Rooms