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Cozy “Homespun” Decorating Details

Cozy "Homespun" Decorating Details

DIY decorating ideas to make your house cozier!

N ow is the time to gather up your soft blankets, wool scarves and felt to re-purpose them around the house! I’m not that skilled with a lot of the domestic arts, but I love ideas that make me feel like I had some “hands on” experience in creating special things for my home. So, grab your glue gun or glue sticks and get ready for some EASY “homespun” ideas! Fall is in the details.

  • How about creating your own monogram with felt & glue? Trace and cut a monogram out of felt. Adhere it on a pretty piece of fabric and tack around an ordinary pillow. Instant personality!
  • Add a strip of wool and some fringe to ready made curtains or sheets with a trusty glue gun and even I can be a seamstress!
  • I loved those cute little “balls of yarn” in a bowl. These are simply strips of wool wrapped around craft Styrofoam. Such a cute fall accessory for a coffee table or entry table!
  • Bundle up your summer pillows, shams and bedding with layers of coziness! Wrap existing shams with scarves, old blankets, flannel sheets, or a sweater. Tie and or tack in place for instant fall warmth.
  • Make a seasonal dust ruffle with a blanket or flannel sheets. Tie loose edges with ribbon for a special detail.
  • Create sweet little silhouettes of your favorite pooch to fill up an empty wall! Spray paint mismatched frames in autumn colors. Trace whatever shape you want onto black felt. Cover the frame’s cardboard insert with a flannel sheet (how cute to use hounds tooth with a hound silhouette!). Glue the felt shape on to the sheet and reassemble frame.
  • Warm up a cold doorway with a no sew blanket curtain! Fold over a rod or hang from hooks. For a custom look, fold over top to create a “valance.” Looks great and can save energy if you use a warm blanket around a drafty door or window. This is something I do every year because we have old windows!
  • Use plaid or autumn colored wool scarves to dress up a table or chair!

Find monogram templates here (you will probably have to shrink them down to size if you want to use them on a pillow) as well as other templates for decorating pumpkins!

Photos and ideas found at Better Homes & Gardens!
Click here for lots more ideas on BH&G “100 Days of Holidays” feature!

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Simplifying A Room Makeover: A Before & After

Simplifying A Room Makeover: A Before & After

Simplifying A Room Makeover: A Before & After


Ilove using SIMPLE SOLUTIONS in decorating. When it comes time to repaint a room, it is quite possible to spend forever trying to decide what paint colors to choose for woodwork and walls, how to fix less than perfect features, and then another eternity painting straight lines between woodwork and walls (not my favorite task). Sometimes I want a QUICK FIX and an easy answer so I can have a new color in a day (or so!).

I’ll admit it, I’m an impatient decorator. And, honestly, I am too busy to fuss over each and every decision and project in life. In order to get on with enjoying life, yet still have a beautiful home, I have to simplify.

In this space, the simple solution to giving this room a lively new look was Sherwin Williams Westminster Gold #200. Everywhere.

The secret to making this one color paint technique work is to vary the sheen…put a glossier paint on the woodwork to contrast with a satin or flat paint on the walls. That contrast will give just enough variation for interest.

The overall look is cozy, fresh, hides imperfections and lets the furniture and accessories take center stage. The background becomes an effective backdrop to a beautiful room.

And it wasn’t complicated! I like that.

PHOTO:Country Living: Keith Scott Morton