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Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

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Patio design and opinions are my own.

You guys, I can hardly contain my excitement. We have a new patio pond and bamboo pouring fountain ON OUR SIDE PATIO (and don’t miss the giveaway for an Aquascape Patio Pond, below)!

Oh wait. Do you even remember our side patio? It’s the area just outside our kitchen, beyond the Dutch door. I’ll eventually do a follow up post with before and after images in one place, but just for frame of reference as you look at the rest of this post, go see where we started. I can hardly recognize this space!

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A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

This guy right here? He’s a fighter. I’ve actually never had a fiddle leaf fig survive in my care. Isn’t that dreadful? I shared one of my sad fiddle leaf sagas (a different fiddle leaf) a few years ago and unfortunately, that one didn’t make it. Of the four fiddle leaf figs I’ve had over the years, none are still with me.

Except…THIS GUY.

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

He had a bit of a rough transition to our new house (I left him unattended for several weeks outside while we were moving in the heat of the summer and many of his leaves turned brown and crunchy). But after a few months of getting him settled into a new home, he was looking pretty good.

But my, how he’s grown. In fact, that’s why I’m sharing about him today. I need more fiddle leaf advice! This time not because my fiddle leaf is withering, but because I have a GROWING FIDDLE LEAF and I have no idea what to do next!

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

He’s growing so much that his arms (?) trunks? are bending over from the weight of his ginormous leaves. Some of the new leaves are over 16 inches across, they are BEAUTIFUL! But the size of his leaves and the span of his arms (he has four) have me wondering if there’s something I should be doing for him that I’m not (besides moving my lamp and furniture to give him more room, ha).

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Because I’ve always been afraid of upsetting him, I’ve never pruned him or repotted. I water him once a week and he likes that. Well, he hasn’t said anything to me out loud (bless) but he is alive, green and lovely so I’m assuming that he must be content with whatever situation he’s got going on here, at least for the moment.

Maybe it’s expected that his arms will continue to get super long like that? He’s not really very tall, just growing wider in all directions :).

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

He isn’t in a very big pot and I can see roots (they’ve always looked like that, I think). I could repot or put him in a slightly bigger pot with more soil? Or, do you think I shouldn’t risk it and as long as he’s happy just leave him be?

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Should I take this opportunity with his robust health and growth to repot and prune? What would happen if I prune? Wouldn’t his arms grow just as long again?

The new leaves are so pretty I hate to cut it all back to the older not as pretty leaves only to (hopefully) start over again. What if he goes into shock? What if he gets mad or…dare I say it, what if I kill him?


If anyone knows what to do with a growing fiddle leaf, I’d be grateful for the advice. :)

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