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DIY $30 Custom Designer Curtains!

by | Sep 14, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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DIY $30 Custom Designer Curtains!

I really wanted new curtains in my breakfast nook. But, after searching high and low, I couldn’t find any ready made ones that I loved and could afford. What to do? Call mom. That is what I do.

My mom came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and brought her sewing machine. YAY! So we headed over to the one fabric store that I know of in this area, JoAnn’s, in search of curtain fabric. After scouring the store, we came up empty handed.

But one more desperate twirl around the back of the store and we ended up finding a hidden bargain bin, and lo and behold…{insert angelic choir singing from the heavens} the end of a bolt of lovely (I think it was Waverly?) fabric!

DIY $30 Custom Designer Curtains!

And as luck would have it, it was ALMOST enough for my curtains! Like within INCHES! Story of my life, lol, things are always ALMOST but never just right. If my rod hadn’t already been up, I could have adjusted the height of the rod to suit my fabric. But, I was not about to move the rod down. NO way, I avoid work whenever possible.

So being the resourceful gals we are, we dug around in my stash of fabric and found some burlap for a bottom border trim piece! I’m so happy about the trim because not only do they add a nice little detail, but my curtains by the sliding door tend to get a wee bit dirty on the bottom and I think the burlap will hide a little more dirt and be easy to change if it gets yucky.

DIY $30 Custom Designer Curtains!

Just $30 for these beauties! They are a great color, weight and hang so nice, I just love them!

They are really hard to photograph though because my table is in the way and the light shines in from the door. They are a little deeper blue than shows up here, perhaps.  I love how they have a fun pattern, but it isn’t so loud that it commands too much attention in the room. Soothing, but still pretty and fun.

DIY $30 Custom Designer Curtains!

Thanks Mom, for making these for me! She has always made my curtains, I’m a lucky daughter.

I love putting up curtains, especially in the fall! I put up another set of curtains in my dining room, but I’ll save those to show you during the 31 Days of Autumn Bliss in October!  Gotta have lots to talk about for 31 days straight, right? Right. Since when would I run out of things to say about FALL? No worries, I have endless fascination for this season. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to talk about Fall again until October. Oops!

UPDATE: see the new DIY embellished new sew curtains in the family room!

Have you seen my DIY Pages? Check out Make Your Own $5 Curtain Rods!


    • Beverly

      Love your new curtains, Melissa. Great idea…adding the burlap to the bottom.

  1. simpledaisy

    Ooh..I love them! Just perfect for your space:)

  2. Debbie

    Wow! You did good! They are gorgeous. And I love, love the burlap on the bottom!!

  3. Emily A. Clark

    The trim was the perfect solution! I love the way these look (and the price!).

  4. Dianne

    My mom has always made my curtains too! She owned and operated a custom drapery workroom out of our spare bedroom for 27 years, so I definitely always know who to call :)

  5. Emily

    So pretty Melissa! Hooray for mom!

  6. bridget {bake at 350}

    I love them! And the little burlap edge is *just* perfect!

    Lucky you to have your mom around to make them!!! Can you send her this way?

  7. Becky K.

    Now that is what I am talking about…..perfect choice of fabric! Love it! The bonus of sharing the day with your Mom…all good too!

    Becky K.

  8. Tiffini

    I love them! I thought the color ” soothing” also….30 dollars?? can’t beat that…thanks mom:)

  9. Jess

    Beautiful! And the burlap on the bottom is brilliant! I bet that will help with dirt and dust bunnies!

  10. Sharon

    I love the fabric, so soft and pretty! And the burlap makes them even better. What a lovely space!

  11. Samantha

    I love your curtains! I am actually just beginning my search for some material to make curtains for the dining room. I hadn’t planned on going to JoAnns (ours in Lubbock is way trashier than other cities) but now I think I might just have to stop in!

  12. Arlene

    Beautiful curtains…love that fabric.

  13. Tara

    love your panels, Melissa!
    Yay for moms who visit and make panels for us.

  14. Samantha

    Those curtains are beautiful and I love the burlap on the bottom! Wish my mom could sew ;-)

  15. Deborah

    Beautiful fabric! I love the subtle color and the border just makes them look custom. Your mom did a wonderful job. Aren’t mom’s great!

  16. Melissa

    Those are really beautiful. I love a subtle print. And who doesn’t love burlap :) Mom’s and their sewing machines are really the best, aren’t they! They make projects seem so much more do-able!

  17. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    So pretty! I think the toughest thing about home decor is having the good luck (and energy) to find the right fabric. It’s an incredible bonus if it’s affordable!

  18. Kari

    LOVE LOVE them…in the process of finding material to make my own curtains too!! Have any tips on a pattern to follow?? Were those difficult to make with the curtain rings (sewed on or clips?) Thanks!!! :) They look FABULOUS, love the material!!!!

  19. Sandy

    I am that Mom too! ;-) I make my daughter’s curtains, all 3 daughters.
    I love!!! the fabric you found. So linen-ish, they almost have a gauze look to them. Just Lovely!

  20. Gayle

    Lovely. I like the way you improvised. I also have found really nice but bargain priced fabric at Joanns. I love a bargain.

  21. lisa

    I love contrasts, so I think the texture of the burlap is a great little twist…and I heart that they were a bargain to boot :)

  22. Anita

    I love that fabric! I love that it’s a print but still soft looking. And the trim looks like you planned it. Great job Mom!

  23. Michelle

    Oh I love these!! Great job to you and your mom! :) I made the curtains that hang in our master bedroom (actually from JoAnn’s fabric too- loooove that store!) and I wished I had sewn a strip of some slightly more durable fabric down at the bottom to help with the natural wear and tear of moving the curtains. So, needless to say, your “blunder” was actually a good thing! I love when things fall into place like that :) Great job!

    xo- M

  24. Erin

    They are gorgeous!! And I really like the burlap addition. Great solution!

    Just another reason I wish I could sew. ;)

  25. ::cottage instincts::

    Those are dreamy. LOVE the burlap trim. Is there anything that humble piece of woven goodness can’t do?!

  26. Shelia

    Hi Melissa! Oh, I’m so proud for you – your curtains look beautiful and the little addition of the band on the bottom make them look so designery!! Lovely fabric too. Your mom did a great job!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  27. teresa

    Oh Happy Day…..and the burlap is pure genus!
    Have a great day

  28. Imperfect

    Those are beautiful, and they seem perfect for the room!

  29. Rachael

    I love them, way to go! I love the burlap around the bottom, its very pottery barn (not to mention they hide dirt) win – win!

  30. Shanna

    Your new curtains are gorgeous – bless your mom for being such a terrific mom to you!!!

  31. Christine Trebendis

    So pretty…you and your mom did an amazing job.

  32. Cindy S

    Gorgeous WT’s, how nice for you that your mom sews and loves you so much she is willing to make them for you. Hugs, Cindy

  33. Imani

    Perfect! I love the trim.

  34. Kristin

    Yay for mom’s who sew and are always ready to whip something up for us!! They’re beautifull. :) ~K

  35. Curtains In My Tree

    Love your curtains. You did a wonderful jod and that burlap one the ends is perfect.
    I was just talking about fabric we all have around home to use.
    I found you over on raised In cotton


  36. clarice

    Beautiful curtians and see how you came up wiht something even better then when you started. God is so good. Enjoy this very fall day, I am off to the island xoxox Clarice

  37. Carmen

    It’s okay if you talk about fall. I am getting ready to get out my fall decor today. :) Anyway, I *love* the curtains. I love the pattern so much. I have been toying with the idea of getting patterned curtains in my living room or dining room and was afraid it’d be too much. But if I use something like this, it’d be perfect.

  38. Amanda Eck-TheEckLife

    Melissa! those are beautiful!!! What a find. And I think the burlap gives it a more tailored look- love love!!! What a blessing to have a mommy that sews!

  39. Karen

    I love the curtains. The fabric is wonderful—you are a lucky gal to have such a talented mom. I also love the burlap hem—to me that takes the curtains from “off the rack/shelf” to custom made!


  40. Jessica

    I love the print and the nice touch there at the bottom.

  41. Jena

    Beautiful job! I love the fabric and it looks great in your room

  42. beth

    The curtains are lovely! You and your mom did a great job on them!! :)

  43. Laurie

    The curtains are just beautiful! They remind me of a pair in Pottery Barn that I have been eyeing but are too expensive, especially since I want them for our guest room. I really like the burlap on the bottom edge; perfect for by the door!

  44. Kathy

    Very resourceful to use the burlap on the bottom, Melissa! I love the look and it gives it a custom touch. Don’t you love drapes on rings? It makes it so much easier to have them hang right and I have some that I open and close, which I find is easier to do with the clip rings.

    • Melissa

      Yes, I love the rings too. So easy to open and close!

      I love that you can hide the rings by where you hang the fabric or you can show the rings depending on the situation! I let my rings show because I think they are cute and I like some breathing room at the top of the rod!

  45. BJ

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m a mom who has sewn curtains for my daughter-in-law several times. You’ve got a really nice look goin’ there!

  46. Jeanine Byers Hoag

    Those curtains are absolutely lovely!! And that border at the bottom adds a very nice touch.

    I have been redecorating for fall, too, though hardly anything will be transitional so most things don’t look autumn-like.

    One thing I am not sure about is how to find a skirt for my round dining room table. I think most round tablecloths are designed for smaller round tables, like bedside or end tables. I would like for mine to touch the floor. Any suggestions?

    Looking forward to the 31 Days of Autumn Bliss extravaganza!


  47. Regina Williams

    Oh I love these. Would someone please fix my sewing machine cause I could make these it is so simple. I need to take more sewing lessons. How talented you are!!!

  48. Vee

    They look great! They look even better with the burlap trim…what a good idea for keeping the finer fabric off the floor… You really are a blessed daughter. Your mom does fabulous work!

  49. Centsational Girl

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ! I adore that fabric ~ you’ll love it for years I’m sure. And the burlap trim? Genius!

  50. Marla

    Absolutely lovely Melissa, and, Great job Mom!
    Aren’t moms the greatest?!
    …just think Melissa, you will be doing something equally as wonderful for your daughters one day!;)

  51. Holly

    Very pretty! I love that the burlap trim solves a problem and looks so good doing it!

  52. Deanna

    I love when it works out like that! They are lovely and the burlap on the bottom makes them casual!

    Great job, Mom!

    You are very blessed Melissa!

  53. stacy

    that does it! i need to learn how to sew!

    these are gorgeous and the burlap is the perfect touch!!

  54. Jocelyn Stott

    Looks SOOOO great. I mean, really really great. I love the burlap! You have got to love Moms!

  55. Fiona's Mosaic

    Isn’t that the way it is, what initially starts as a mistake ends up working out even better! LOVE the fabric! And the trim is great!

    Moms are pretty awesome too!

  56. Darcy from The I.Design Box

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration! I’ve been thinking of making my own curtains for our dining room. We have 10 foot ceilings and I can’t fathom what a designer curtain would cost… you have inspired me to try making my own curtains.

    Love your fabric choice! Beautiful.

  57. Kristin Y

    I love how they turned out. The fabric and burlap look wonderful together.

  58. Laurie

    You are blessed to have a talented and helpful mom. What a gift. The curtains are beautiful . Well done. I admire your ingenuity.

  59. joni webb

    Oh Melissa – those are soooo cute!!!! I love that table filled with ironstone too. Congratulations – I know what a thrill it is so get something new in a home!!! Can I borrow your mom for a day? I need curtains in my family room.


    • Melissa

      Thanks Joni! xo

  60. Pam

    LOVE the curtains!! What a great print and price!! I am wondering where the curtain rod came from?? I have been searching for a nice, plain white rod..(we just moved into our 1st home and need curtains!! The neighbours can see all that we do!! ;) )

    • Melissa

      Oh yeah the rod was from Lowe’s, I believe. Could have been Home Depot but pretty sure it was Lowes!

  61. kristin

    I really love the burlap trim on the bottom. they look so custom and less fussy; more modern. I think a burlap runner on your table would tie it all together. enjoy!


    You are so lucky to have found that fabric.. It’s perfect and I love the trim at the bottom… You’re right, it will hide dirt and looks fancier too!!

  63. Vanessa

    Those are gorgeous! I cannot tell you how many things I have made for my own house out of fabric found in a remnant basket. It is like treasure hunting! Great job!

  64. Sherry

    Hi Melissa, I love the fabric you chose and the curtains look wonderful. Does Mom make house calls?
    xo, Sherry

  65. Marisa

    GREAT fabric! Makes me want to go dig through JoAnn’s clearance table. Good call on the burlap too!

  66. Megan Monique

    Beautiful! Love the colors. Neutral, simple, beautiful.

  67. Sandy

    Brilliant and beautiful. I need dining curtains really bad. Will your mom come and visit me? ;)

  68. Kelly

    Those are really pretty, Melissa. And what a deal!

  69. Ange

    I love your curtains Melissa. That fabric is just gorgeous. I have to be honest though…I am more than a little distracted from your curtains by that wooden pineapple. I have the EXACT same pineapple. I got it at an auction and have been trying for years to discover the source as it has no label or brand anywhere. Do you remember where yours came from? I would be really interested to know. I have been tempted so often to paint it white but there’s just something about it that stops me in my tracks.

  70. Stephanie

    Wow that was a score and a half! Love the way you still got the fabric even though it wasn’t enough and made it work. I like the detail of the burlap on the bottom, it was meant to be!

  71. Traci

    Those are gorgeous! I just love the pattern and the burlap on the bottom is the perfect touch! Give your mom a hug from me. :) Well done!

  72. Amy Kinser

    Love your curtains. Isn’t it great to have moms who will sew for us. I just did a post yesterday on a beautiful white ruffled runner that my mom made for my DR table. One day, I will learn how to use the sewing machine I have. If you have a minute, check out my runner my sweet mama made…


  73. laura

    so clever and SO beautiful!

  74. Kim

    I love, love, love them. Fabulous job!

  75. Harriet

    Wow those curtains are really good! Well done! I love how creative you got with the trim, it would never come into my mind to do something like that!

  76. Colleen

    Gotta love Mom!!

  77. Londen

    The burlap on the bottom is my favorite part! Great job to your momma. Beautiful!

  78. Michelle

    You have inspired me once again! I’m in the same boat I have ALMOST enough fabric for new dining room curtains, now with your fabulous burlap trim idea I can start sewing.

  79. A-M

    Oh they are soooo lovely! A-M xx

  80. Lauren

    How about a guest post from your mom with tips on how she made the curtains? Did she reinforce up at the top where she sewed the rings in? They have a nice weight, did she line them? I’ll bet she’s got lots of good notes for the rest of us with sewing machines. I’d love to read them!

  81. Kathleen

    I am ready to put curtains up too in my long back windows of my living room. I love the simplicity of how you attached the curtain to the rings with clips. I dreaded making pleats and this will save a lot of time. I had a question about the curtain itself. Did you line it? I am not wanting to spend a lot of money on fabric and thought I might get lucky with sheet fabric at a Homegoods store and thought I would not line curatin. Window faces back of house.

  82. Marie

    What a wonderful & talented mother you have! These are just lovely, Melissa. The burlap accent at the bottom is perfect and the curtains look like you spent $300 not $30!

    Well done…hope you are enjoying your week.



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