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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 6}: Curtains

Bringing on MORE Autumn Bliss!

We are on day 6 of the 31 Days of Autumn Bliss series!

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One of my favorite parts of autumn is warming up the decor, and that includes using curtains! If you have a beautiful room, stunning woodwork and a great view, curtains are not always necessary. But for the rest of us, curtains have their advantages. Not only can they provide privacy and cover up less than amazing windows or woodwork, they definitely help a room feel  more cozy.

I had these curtains from my old house and I really wanted to reuse them to be thrifty, but I was worried they’d close the dining room in too much. But as soon as Fall hit, I was READY for more cozy. And instead of closing in the room like I feared, they added something the room needed, more fabric! Fabric makes a room feel softer and warmer…which to me means COZIER.

Hanging them was EASY PEASY, by the way. I was able to use a simple tension rod from the window molding to the wall to hang a panel on each side. I did not need them to function for privacy or warmth, so stationary panels on either side was all I needed. When the winter season is over, I can easily take them down!

The stained glass pieces are real antique church windows. They mean something to my family since we started a church ourselves a year ago. It is great to having things in my home that are authentic and personal. I know no one else will have them! I am kind of a rebel so I like having a unique style all my own. I also like that these stained glass windows fit perfectly in over our regular windows and help conceal a less than perfect view (they are stuck to the window frame with Command Hooks! Three cheers for those velcro like hooks, I use them EVERYWHERE!) I love solving problems in simple, creative and meaningful ways!

Autumn is a time when we should feel warm in our nests, so I’m really enjoying finally having curtains in two of my rooms now! Baby steps!

Do you add or change curtains in the fall?

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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 6}: Curtains

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  1. Debbie

    I love your unique style Melissa! And I enjoy reading about how you change things up in your home. I’m enjoying these 31 day posts but I’m a bit behind in visiting all of them. But I think I’ll get there eventually.

    I always enjoy my visits to your blog.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Carin

    I wish I could! Our living (family) room curtains are heavy swags and tails we inherited from the previous owners and are up all the time, as curtains usually are in the UK. I can wait till the day I can change them for something a bit simpler (in my colours) that I can change with the seasons. I’m afraid I’ll wreck the ceiling if I try to take these down!

  3. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    I need some curtains during the cold months; they work wonders keeping the cold air out of our living room!

  4. Christin

    My dh actually bought me curtains (to replace vertical blinds) for my bday (I’m so practical, LOL), back in March. They are very fallish, as they are a deep maroon. I LOVE them!! They really go well in here and doesn’t close the room in at all.

  5. Melanie

    I keep the same curtains year round. As a matter of fact, I keep the same pillows, comforters, etc. all year round. I like my house to look ‘normal’ or what I consider normal:) Call it a personality trait! LOL!

  6. tammy

    First of all, I just adore your stained glass pieces. How clever you are for using the hooks to attach it to the window. Also, the idea of stationary curtains is wonderful. I guess I never would have thought of that but it is a great idea.

  7. Kelsey

    I am having such a great time reading your posts! As always, they are informative, inspirational, and a true joy to read. If I could visit just one blog everyday it would be this one! Keep up the great work – we really enjoy it and thank you! Have a wonderful day full of autumn bliss!

  8. Sharon

    I’ve been living in our current house for 10 months now and I still have not hung the first curtain. I need to get on that. I detest seeing nothing but mini-blinds. and we have absolutely nothing hanging in our kitchen. This is the first place I have lived where I had no desire to decorate or anything. I’m just kind of existing in it. Hoping to change that as the winter weather hopefully will keep us home more to work on projects and drag out the old sewing machine.
    These posts are helping encouraging me to get that desire back a bit. I’m enjoying them!

  9. Jenny

    Your stained glass is lovely. I like how it adds both light and color to the room. When we bought our house, we were just lucky to find matching curtains we could afford at Tuesday Morning and one or two other discount places. They look okay. Picking out curtains is hard for me. I can never quite figure out what would look best. Maybe someday we will change them.

  10. beth

    Yes, I do change out my curtains during the Fall. During the Spring and Summer, I have white sailcloth curtains up, and during the Fall and Winter I switch them out for some deep blue-green curtains that my husband made for me. I love how cozy and “fall-y” they make the living room feel. And on the other hand, I love how light and summery my white curtains feel. It’s such a simple thing, but it does get me in the mood for the Season. :)

  11. Vee

    I have curtains everywhere except in my main living area. It’s pretty dark down here in the holler so I’ve opted for all the light I can. I love your solution to hang curtains on the wall instead of on the window. I’ll have to remember that one!

    You don’t like the larger button? I could switch to this smaller one of yours, but my blog is on the minima stretch template and I like the larger one. Still, I’ll defer to you! :D

  12. Samantha

    I change out my family room curtains in the fall to a red buffalo check. In the summer I have lighter curtains. The red makes it feel more cozy.

  13. Jeanna

    I love the curtains and what a unique way to hang them. I need to add curtains to my home and have been struggling because of the expense…we can swing it, I just think it’s a big decision…seeing this may help me bite the bullet and start small so that I can get back into the swing of having that extra layer of texture in all my rooms. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. heidi

    I can see first hand the difference curtains make in a room! I wish we could have them everywhere in our rental as each and every window has mini blinds (not my personal fav). One window at a time, one month at a time as our small decorating budget allows I’ll get ’em done!

  15. Jody

    I recently changed my kitchen/dining valances to something more fall-like. I have gold tones in these rooms and so the valances reflect green, rusty-oranges and soft yellow. I like them.


  16. Sandy

    Oh, Melissa, if you could only see my curtains. I have none! And lots of windows. Again, a great post today! xo

  17. Janell Beals

    I love drapes in virtually any room! Still need to get the new ones made for the bedroom, but no, I don’t change things like this seasonally! Perhaps when I am finally done with all the areas of my house and need more projects I’ll return and do a second set of drapes for the seasons…but then I’d need more storage wouldn’t I?! Janell

  18. Marie

    I also love curtains!! They make me feel “at home” because I move regularly (like 3 times in 3 years).

  19. Brandy E.

    I do have curtains but they are fairly neutral and stay up all year. My son’s are the only curtains with a real color to them and they still don’t get switched out. They are tie-dyed (I know I know) and he wouldn’t think of having anything else up. I do love my curtains though, they are microfiber and make my living room feel cozy all year. :)

  20. Elen

    I have lust in my heart for that stained glass, Melissa. Yes. I admit it! What are Command Hooks?

    I have had on my list for awhile winter curtains to keep out the cold and make it feel cozy. Some deep jewel tone, I think. I just haven’t gotten there yet.

    I’m so enjoying this series!

  21. Tiffany

    I hadn’t been to your site in a while, money has been tight, and I have a lot of messy young (under 6) kids. So the idea of a perfect looking home was dawnting.

    But man have you hooked me in again! I love fall too, and we are adapting these tips to fit our family! I’m so excited to get my home tidy and cozy!

    Thankyou, Tiffany (from the QC Illinois)

  22. Kate {The Parchment Girl}

    That is the most gorgeous stained glass window! I love the ambiance it gives to the room. (At least the part of it I can see in the photo!)

  23. Mary Joy

    I am working on curtains in our house every month. with just having moved in 6 months ago…and we have LOTS of windows…we are budgeting to do one room at a time…it helps the budget. I love when they go up. Its so much cozier!

  24. Courtney

    I love the idea of adding or changing curtains in the fall. But most of the time, I actually prefer NO curtains! I live in an old home with lots of beautiful windows, and I hate to cover up their moldings and architecture. Plus, I’m just so in love with natural light that I just can’t bear to cover them up. I LOVE curtains in other people’s homes, though, and I like the idea of adding more texture and more textiles in general for fall.

  25. Sarah

    We don’t have curtains at all – plain white black-out blinds upstairs, nothing at all downstairs. We’re getting a new sofa next week, which will be under our somewhat draughty front window though, so we might have to reassess it a bit, but I suspect that we will remain curtainless and just add some window insulation film and be done with it.

    However, in our BRAND SPANKING NEW GARDEN ROOM (YAY!) we *have* succumbed to curtains, simply because it will also be used as a guest room and it is quite unnerving to sleep without curtains at garden level! Economy was the order of the day, however, so they are very simple butter-coloured thermal curtains. Photos of the room to appear on the blog sooner or later!

  26. Angie

    Great post! We’ve been in our house since Feb. 1st and still have not hung any curtains, with the exception of “blackout” curtains in our little ones’ room. Here’s my question: Should the curtains in your living room match the curtains in your dining room/family room and the curtains in your breakfast nook, which can be easily seen from both of the other rooms? I hope that makes sense. My husband thinks that all of the curtains in these rooms should match…like be the exact same curtain. But I’m not so sure. I like the idea of “breaking the rooms up” a little. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

    • Melissa

      No, they don’t have to match! It is nice if they coordinate in some way at least visually so they aren’t jarring together but NO MATCHING necessary!!

  27. kathy

    I never changed it up before until this past spring. I replaced heavy dark roman shades with lighter curtains. It’s time to switch again, which I’ll be doing tonight.

  28. Darcy

    Those stained glass windows are stunning, Melissa.

    And clever little trick with the curtains. You have beautiful architecture in your home.

  29. Sarah

    I once visited a bed and breakfast where the owner had hung very neutral curtains, and then in the winter, she would clip (using the clip rings) a heavy toile drape (which I think was actually a comforter) OVER the neutral drape. It looked AMAZING and made the room so cozy. Seriously, I could have stayed there forever. It’s in Hermann, Missouri if anyone’s interested (wine country).

  30. Karen

    I don’t currently have curtains—our home is what they call on a “zero lot line” so it’s pretty private, our neighbors don’t have windows on the side that faces our yard—you’d have to see it, but I love the look of panels and even the bamboo shades that are so pretty behind panels. I like your dining room with curtains. The stained glass window is amazing.

  31. Fiona's Mosaic

    Those look pretty Melissa!! And I LOOOOVE the stained glass!

  32. Terri

    What are “command hooks”? Where can I buy them? I have a stained glass church window sitting in the corner because I can’t figure out how to put it up. HELP!

  33. Shannon

    Curtains sure can cozy up a space for fall. You can also try adding some wide ribbon to your curtains in a fall color and pull one side back a bit. I like to leave long tails on the ribbon as it adds a touch of whimsical.

  34. Kasey

    Oddly enough I changed our living room ones out last week. Granted they are still white [im a sucker for white curtains]… the ones we had up over the Summer were shear curtains and overall made the room feel Summery and Crisp. The ones I put up I made out of King Sized bed sheets and are long and flowy and are solid in color so they make the room feel more ‘cozy’, a lot less Summery and yet still feel ‘Crisp’. :)



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