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{Love Language} Create a Happy Home

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Authentic Living, Decorating Inspiration, my house, My Kitchen

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{Love Language} Create a Happy Home

My house isn’t always clean. I get one project done while four others fall apart and twenty more are on the to do list. My life is busy and full. Things are sometimes stressful or crazy. Sometimes I’m frazzled or distracted. But there are always so many blessings in front of us, no matter what else we are facing.

It’s a choice to create and express happiness with what we have and savor it in every way we can.

Everything may not be perfect, in fact, it WON’T BE PERFECT no matter how hard we try.

But our home is what we make of it.

A happy home is worth passionately pursuing and guarding, both in our attitude and our actions.

While safe, calm, peaceful or relaxing are all great words to inspire our home environment, I think a desire to create a happy home just might be one of my favorite goals as a homemaker.

It’s my love language.

What’s your love language at home?

mug rack: World Market
mugs: Anthropologie

{Love Language} Create a Happy Home

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  1. Jill @ Still Keeping On The Narrow Way

    I think my home love language is making special memories for my family at home, whether that be through the things I cook, the way I decorate, or the things we do together.

    I love seeing this spot in your kitchen, Melissa. It always looks so cheerful with all your colorful Anthro mugs. I wish my counters always looked that clean and uncluttered.

  2. Casey @ The Maine Mrs.

    My home love language is comfortable. I never want my kids to feel like it isn’t their home too. I try not to worry about beat-up baseboards, broken items or anything else. This is their home and I am so blessed to have them here.

  3. Lisa

    Ooo, that’s my love language, too, I think. I’m a homebody and creating an refuge from the world is my goal as a homemaker.

  4. Brindusa

    I love spending time with my family and making our home a cozy, warm place for us… with meaningful little things and touches of beauty around us. This means very much to me!

  5. Michelle

    I love this. I think my goal is to create a home that’s warm. No matter the size or if it’s decorated to perfection or not, I want it to be a place people come and don’t want to leave.

  6. teresa

    Nothing greater than a Happy Home. =)

  7. Emily

    You said it perfectly. Your house should always be “home”.

  8. Cassie

    Our home is casual, fun, playful and loved. Love your blog! Please share where you picked up your beautiful coffee cups.

  9. Danna

    I’m giggling because I feel exactly the same way…”one project done while four fall apart”! It seems as though to change/create one room, you mess up two or more. I’m trying to make my home a warm open house. We have a daughter in high school & a son in middle school. I want them and their friends to feel like they can come over & feel welcomed.
    Enjoyed your post so much!

    • melissa @ the inspired room

      Good mama, that is the best when your home is comfortable, warm and open for your kids’ friends. That should be a goal of all moms of teens, for sure!!!

  10. Teresa

    I so enjoy your posts! I do have a question: When is Jack going to post over on his blog? The last I see is November. And is there a way to sign up to automatically receive his posts? I couldn’t see a way to subscribe. My teenage daughter is on Instagram and we love him. ❤️

  11. Teresa

    Sorry, had a typo in my email address. This is correct.

  12. Peggy

    A happy home…when my three boys were little I had three ideas..happy boys–dinner on the table–a clean house! I managed all three, but never on the same day! If the house was clean, the boys were unhappy because instead of playing..we were putting all of their toys away! If the boys were happy–usually stuff everywhere! So we usually picked up at the end of the day to start again in the am.

  13. K

    a “nest” for us…a “refuge” for anyone needing it.

  14. Joanne

    Hi, I love your blog and your home ! I know you got your pretty cups at anthropologie , but where did you buy the mug holder ? Thanks !!

  15. Loraena

    Where do you get your green/blue jars?

  16. janita

    Melissa, I can so relate to this post…. focus on one thing and four other things fall apart. I love to create happy :) It is a choice I make that expresses creating something out of nothing…. However I am finding that ” Happy” can’t be hurried. It takes time to put love in a home. If my house were totally clean and perfect – everyday….. surely I would be at home in heaven. It is not going to happen here on this earth. So the motivation … my love language… is creating home where people I love want to linger and stay longer. I never apologize for a space that is having a bad day. We live in this house EVERYDAY so …. My motto is Work to Welcome not Crazy for Clean. Keeping it real :) Janita

  17. Rachel

    Love your blog. I’m totally in love with your tea cup holder, I’ve been looking for something to display my cup collection, would you mind sharing where you got it?

  18. Andrea

    Our house is peaceful, and usually quiet with just the two of us. But, like you, I am praying about how to cultivate happiness and even creativity (not necessarily in styling the house) in our home, for each other and all who enter.

    I love your mugs, did you get those at Pier 1?



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