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What’s on My Baker’s Rack

by | Feb 17, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

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What's on My Baker's Rack

Some people do posts about what they wore today. Me, I am more into talking about what is on my shelves. That may or may not mean I’m still in my pajamas.

I’m finally putting my dining room back together again after the switch from the dresser to the baker’s rack. So far it is working out great! It is nice to have a few more surfaces for decor in the dining room, but I have a bit of an aversion to too many things sitting out so I’m trying to find a balance between pretty and breathing space.

What's on My Baker's Rack

EDITED TO ADD: Here is the lower shelf I had forgotten to show earlier!

Things won’t stay the same on these shelves for long! I do like to move things around on a regular basis. This is just how it is today. I could add plants, framed prints or photographs, or pretty much anything that strikes my fancy. I can’t wait to play around with it!

I do love adding color! I have all white dishes in my kitchen, but in the dining room right now, I’m bringing out my more springy stuff!

I’m saying goodbye to winter. Because I’m done with it.

What's on My Baker's Rack

Have I mentioned how much I love tulips? My hubby got me these gorgeous tulips on Valentine’s Day.

I love that spring is on the way. I’m soo ready!!  Are you?

Inquiring minds:

The top shelf plate is Anthropologie. Swoon.
The silverware caddy is from DaySpring.
The chalkboard I made myself out of an oil painting.
The apples are not real, I bought them at Pier One. Our real ones are in the kitchen!
The white bowls are from Pier One.
The last shelf plate could have been Anthropologie or a garage sale. Can’t remember which.
The dome & cake pedestal are DaySpring.


  1. Dianne

    I agree with you..taking a picture of what I wear everyday would be stressful..but things are always changing around the house…I love the bakers rack in your diningroom.

  2. Estela

    Love the bakers rack! Looks great!

    I couldn’t be more excited about Spring!! I think everyone’s craving it right now :)

  3. Tara G.

    Underground in the metro stations here there are little booths set up that sell everything. One that I was in today has a lot of flowers and they all had beautiful tulips! {It’s such a contrast between the dingy disgusting Soviet metro and the gorgeous flowers!} When we lived here the first time, we took a trip to Holland to see the tulips (we’re both Dutch)- so pretty if you ever have the chance!!

    • Melissa

      I would love to go to Holland! I bet it is beautiful!

  4. FairfieldHouse


    I especially like the chalk board you made and am going to check out that link. It’s different than all the others I see in blog land.

    I love infusing color by using flowers. Nothing adds more life to a room! Your red tulips are beautiful.

    Your Friend,

  5. Lisa

    Melissa, first of all, I love your baker’s rack. There are just so many wonderful ways you can use it in the dining room too – to stack plates, hold desserts, etc.

    Also, I have often thought how funny it would be to join the stylish ladies for What I Wore Wednesday. I usually feature paint-splattered sweatpants from 1996, an old sweatshirt of my husband’s that I intentionally got paint on so he couldn’t wear it in public anymore, and my hair pulled back with all manner of my daughter’s hair clips. So pretty! :) Have a happy day, Lisa

  6. Dawn Camp

    The baker’s rack is great, and so is the chalkboard. I have a baker’s rack in my entryway that’s always had plants on it. The plants are sentimental (from funerals), but I’d love some change. It’s been so long since I’ve moved things around.

  7. Karen

    Love the bakers rack and what fun to have a surface that you can change seasonally with decorative items that will bring you and your family so much joy! Very nice.

    I love tulips too! And I am so ready for spring (which is an odd comment from a SoCal gal, but it’s been an unusually cool and wet winter.

  8. Jen

    I’m so beyond ready for spring. New house, new garden. Baby farm animals on the way!

  9. kelly

    Looking good! Isn’t it great when something works in a new location? Love the red tulips – my hubby also got me red ones for heart day…spring is on the way hallelujah!
    wondering where you are going to put your gorgeous mirror….
    kelly in georgia

    • Melissa

      I’m wondering that too (where I’m going to put that mirror)…I feel like I have so few walls where it could work. Hmmmm. I love it though so I’m going to find a place!

  10. Tammy

    Love the bakers rack! Did you get your white dishes from IKEA? I want to get all white dishes next so I have been looking around:) Your tulips are beautiful!!

    • Melissa

      Oh, I forgot to mention that…they are actually from Pier One!

  11. Lynne

    Melissa…you are so cute…just to let you know…you are one of the people that inspired me to start my blog…it began with my daughter’s visit to PW’s book signing at Lake Forest Park (last year)…so i visited PW’s blog…she introduced me to you…through you, i found Emily at jones design co…and then came Jami at freckled laundry…i count you in my blessings! *Lynne*

    • Melissa

      Aw, thank you so much! That was so sweet. I’m so glad you found me from PW, well, I’m just glad you found me at all in this big blog world!! Welcome to blogging!!

  12. Jo

    Your shelves look great! I love that silverware caddy.

  13. Debbie

    I don’t want pics of myself…let alone what I’m wearing!! Love your baker rack! Looks great!


  14. Laura

    I thought we had spring the last two days. I was getting excited about planning my garden, and then, last night, it started snowing. This morning we woke up to a foot of heavy, wet snow. I guess it just shows we’re not the ones in charge, as much as we might like to be!

  15. Rose

    Man that looks really nice! Great job!

  16. Jane

    I love that –
    Good bye to winter – because I’m done with it!!!!
    Everything looks cute!

  17. Tekesia

    It is actually going to hit above 60 degrees here on the east coast today and I am SO excited that spring is on the way! The bakers rack is so cute! I love that plate on the bottom left and those tulips are just perfect. Flowers are such a great way to infuse color into a space. Plus, they smell great :)

    btw, I just noticed the little tiny smiley face over in the bottom corner. It made me smile :) lol

  18. Missy June

    Okay, completely random question…I received new dishes for Christmas, they are great and I love them. But I’m afraid of mixing the neutral-toned new ones with anything from my previous, more pastel and white past. Can I do this? Is it shocking? I love both!

    • Melissa

      If you love both then you have permission to do whatever you want! If it looks pretty to you, that is all that matters! I love to mix things. While I love the look of all neutrals or simple stacks of white dishes like I have in my kitchen, I happen to love life and real life is full of patterns, colors and textures.

      If you go into an Anthropologie store, you’ll see lots of color, textures, neutrals, and pretty things all together in one place! It is inspiring to see we don’t have to follow exactly what everyone else does, we can do what WE love! GO FOR IT ;-) I’m sure it will be lovely.

  19. Paula

    TULIPS, bucket list – return visit to Holland when tulips are bloomung. Why does that flower charm us so? And the colors it comes in, oh the pinks and yellows, warms my winter heart! Like the changes to the dining room.

  20. Kimberly Moore

    I totally hear ya on that whole PJ thing. I spend so much more time spiffing up my bedding, shelves, and table settings in the mornings than I do myself! I love the balance that you’ve created on your shelves! Not too much but enough detail to be engaging. Switching up even a small space like that can give a fresh new feeling to a room. I love it!

  21. Gina

    I’m totally with you-I am so ready for color. and flowers. and flip flops. :) maybe then I’d even be excited about the clothes I wear, right now there are just too many layers. warm and cozy have won out over cute and trendy!

  22. Deana

    Totally love it…my goal is to add lots of pops of color with bulb plants over the next couple of weeks too! Bye bye winter.

  23. Marilyn Holeman

    I really like your baker’s rack–but you’re right, inquiring minds want to know. Can you post a picture of the bottom shelf?? I’d like to see the covered baskets and books! :-)


    • Melissa

      OK, I added it! ;-)

  24. Glenda Childers

    I was just in Seattle last week . . . thinking of primroses and tulips and now am back to Chicago, where happily, the snow is almost melted.

    Happy Spring, Melissa.


  25. Loribeth

    Your baker’s shelf looks wonderful! I like moving things around too, or at least I did when I had a larger house. Now, things kind of find a home and that’s where they stay.

  26. Theresa

    I have those very same tulips on my dining room table. LOVE tulips! I feel Spring and I everything feels a little cleaner with tulips around.

  27. Jasmine

    I love how you have white dishes, I do too! It is so easy to incorporate the colors of the season when your basic items have color and design flexibility. I have white dishes with a finely detailed blue edging. I love keep them on my bakers rack with my china on the top shelf, and I will add splashes of color depending on the season. Love the pics!

  28. Maegan

    I have to be biased and say that my favorite item is the anthro plate on the top shelf. I have the same plate hanging in my kitchen. I LOVE it. And your tulips are gorgeous. They are one of my favorite flowers; I loved visiting my grandmother in the spring -we would drive up to see her tulips blooming around her tree.

  29. Seema

    lovely tulips ! Make you smile all day when you look at them. I love those…

  30. courtney

    The baker’s rack looks fabulous. And I absolutely love tulips. Mine just died. Time to get some more :)

  31. Vaneda Stonack

    Where do I buy the wooden baker’s rack?


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