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Make Everyday Things More Beautiful: Wooden Spoons

Make Everyday Things More Beautiful: Wooden Spoons

One of the main principles I’ve always used at home is that I don’t need to decorate as much as I just need to make every day things more beautiful. 

I love paying attention to the small details of my home and daily routine, especially during the fall and winter months where I’m spending more time inside nesting and homemaking.

If my coffee mugs are cute enough to be hung on a rack on the counter, and my hand towels are pretty enough to be stacked in a basket by the sink and the cooking utensils I use are attractive enough to be sitting out on the counter or even hanging on a wall, then decorating is as easy as using what I have! Simplicity is beautiful.

That sums up my favorite style and what I love most  — less fuss, more simple beauty and appreciation of the things I use and enjoy every day. You all know how much time we spend in the kitchen. We might as well LOVE what we have to work with because it makes everyday tasks a bit more enjoyable!

It takes time to collect things we really like, but patience goes along with the joy of creating a home we truly love.

I adore anything that serves as both art and function, especially when it is something organic and naturally beautiful. Textures are my FAVORITE way to add warmth and coziness to my kitchen this time of year!

Make Everyday Things More Beautiful: Wooden Spoons

When the sweet family behind Polder’s Old World Market offered to send me these hand carved one-of-a- kind wooden spoons as a gift, I did a little happy jig. I LOVE wood spoons. And honestly these are absolutely AMAZING. They are so beautiful I am certain they will never be hidden in a drawer! Each one is so unique, they are works of art.

I love the simplicity and the added warmth of wood cutting boards, these beautiful wood spoons and wood bowls against the white in my kitchen. And they are fun to use, too!

These spoons are finished only with pure olive oil, leaving the natural color and grain of the wood. They are 100% all-natural and are meant to be used for generations. They would make a lovely gift for someone you love, or maybe you just want to give one to yourself sometime. You deserve it! They have lots of other beautiful products you will love, too.

Do you enjoy using wooden spoons?

These beautiful wooden spoons can be found at:
Polder’s Old World Market shop
Polder’s Old World Market blog 


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  1. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    I’ve been enjoying this series soooo much. Thanks for the effort to give us some daily inspiration. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. Gilda

    I use wooden spoons when I bake and always slap the opposite palm 3 times before using it—a little OC, I know…your collection is enviable!

    • Sally

      Picturing this in my mind, and every time I think to myself… oooooh, somebody’s gonna get a whoopin’! LOL

  3. Dana @

    At first, I wasn’t sure I was interested in reading about wooden spoons but as I continued with your post, what struck me most was to make everyday things more beautiful. I couldn’t agree more and love the direction you were going on this subject. And… those spoons are really pretty and unique. They must make stirring a bowl of cake batter or whatever, a little bit more fun. Thank you!

  4. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    Norman Stevens, my uncle, has been collecting wooden spoons for decades. He has written a book dedicated to wooden spoons and has, several times, had a public show of his collection. is his paperback.
    Yes, I adore wooden spoons and have a small collection from the USA and Eastern Europe.

  5. Debbie

    I couldn’t agree more about the beauty of wooden spoons! Simple shaped olive wood are my absolute favourite. There is something tremendously satisfying about using them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jill

    Another great post, Melissa. It reminded me that I have a beautiful hand-carved wooden salad set that my friend brought me from Peru. I need to get it out of the cupboard because it is not only useful, but beautiful.

  7. Lisa

    I like to decorate my kitchen with items that are useful, too. Great idea! Those are lovely spoons…

  8. Sally

    You had me at your first sentence. Amen sister. Preach it. Who has room for “stuff” that never gets used? I know I don’t. More and more I lean towards buying beautiful things for everyday, and getting rid of things that are just taking up space — or else learning to put them to use differently!

  9. Brooke

    Melissa, where did you get the white pitcher that holds the spoons in your photo? It’s the PERFECT shape!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks! It’s from TJ Maxx! I’ve collected white pieces from there (and Homegoods) for years! :-)

  10. LostRoses

    Love those wooden spoons! I own two that were used in my grandmother’s kitchen in the early 1900s. Yours are lovely! I don’t think a kitchen is complete without them.

  11. Carolyn

    I love the wooden spoons! Beautiful. They do make a lovely display. I’m not using any in my decorating yet, but you have inspired me to do so, thanks :)

  12. Laurie

    Those are beautiful. I am inspired to buy pretty new wooden spoons. Mine sit on the counter too and they need to be upgraded!

  13. Melinda @ love melinda

    I love wooden spoons too. There is something beautiful about them but so basic at the same time. I love how you share how to make everyday things beautiful!

  14. Rachel @ Personality Crafts

    Gosh, I love what you say about making the everyday items in your home more beautiful rather than “decorating.” A wooden bowl filled with our latest CSA squash is more beautiful than anything else I could go out and buy to fill the space just for the sake of filling the space. Once I let go of “decorating,” I found that I paid more attention to the things we already had in our home and spent less money outside! A win-win.

    Your house is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these reminders with us.

  15. Susan

    I don’t know what it is but I love the way wood contrasts with white. It makes me very happy! I’m a new blogger and you truly inspire me, I hope I’m just like you when I grow up lol ;) Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  16. Leah: )

    This post completely reflects my feelings about decorating with what you have – there is beauty in the everyday items we use, if displayed creatively!!!
    Seriously, Melissa, we were separated at birth – love your blog!
    Leah: )

  17. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    I love the idea of making the everyday things beautiful. That’s the perfect kind of decorating!

  18. Robyn

    Melissa, have you ever had a problem with the olive oil going rancid? I love your spoons! I have my fair share from Earlywood that I just love!


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