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Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

One of my most favorite things about Fall, besides wearing boots and sweaters, is drinking a cup of coffee in the morning by the fire.

It’s my Fall Nesting morning ritual.

But to really make the whole experience more special, I have a hot drink station set up in my kitchen with my favorite mugs and tasty coffees, teas and fun syrups for flavoring.

I love my coffee maker, but you don’t have to have a fancy machine. Just fancy cups!

Making coffee in the morning is a little treat I give myself.

I especially look forward to it on those chilly mornings so I can wrap my cold hands around the mug and warm up inside!

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

What is it about pretty mugs that make drinks so much more delicious?

But the best part about coffee in a pretty mug?

It makes it challenging to rush around in the morning.

You want to hold on to a pretty mug carefully.

Sip more slowly. Linger.

Pretty mugs change everything about the day.

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

I got most of these mugs at Anthropologie, but I’ve seen some real cute ones at World Market too. I got the cup drying rack at World Market, and also the blue lidded jars. The little espresso cups came from JC Penney. You could use a basket to gather items in your station, or set things up on a shelf. Whatever you can find to make it cute!

Not only is having a pretty hot drink station an invitation for lingering on cozy Fall mornings by the fire, but it is fun when you have girlfriends over.

The first thing friends will want to do is pick out a pretty mug for their own coffee!

Now you’ve spread the Fall nesting love through your coffee station, and everyone is happy.

Yep. Pretty mugs and coffee stations are a Fall Nesting must-have.

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

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  1. tara

    you are totally hitting my target doing this series.
    not only is fall my favorite, but an amazing coffee bar takes it over the edge for me.

    love everything about this space!

  2. Sally

    Love this Melissa! I am ALL ABOUT the pretty mugs too — but I start my day w/ a slow cup of tea. I have the bottle drying rack from World Market as well! I love it because (with all the pretty mugs on it) it’s like an ever-changing piece of artwork on my counter. Your photos are beautiful. Happy morning!

  3. Genny

    I so agree with you! I love having my coffee in a pretty cup in the morning and really, any time of day! It really does start the day off well!

  4. {darlene weir} @

    Well now. This just makes matters worse. I really wanted to sit in your kitchen and sip slowly a large cup of coffee BEFORE. And now??? I might just book the flight!

  5. Beverly

    I will be right over to sip coffee from one of those pretty cups.

  6. Wendy-cozycleanandsimple

    I love the coffee ritual as well. Today is cold enough for the fire in New England! Wish I had a fancy coffee maker like yours though! :-))

  7. eLLEN

    Love the coffee station. Keep seeing rather bland ones on pinterest, but yours
    is original and precious. Gotta save up for the fancy machine..but I can
    do the cups now!:)

  8. Jennifer

    I’ve been working on my coffee bar and I’ve been eyeing those Anthro mugs. Love them! I love your coffee maker too, but I’m not sure I’d be able to figure it out, lol.

  9. Susan

    I love your coffee station. I’ve never thought of doing this! But, I have a spot and the motivation on this rainy day. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Sandra

    Love this post! I couldn’t agree more.

  11. Anne

    You are SO right about the pretty mugs ! – and it works for tea, too :-) (not to mention hot chocolate. ..)

  12. Christine

    I read through the post again to see if you mentioned where you got those pretty cups. I love how they are decorated on the inside, too. They are very cheery. In the midst of craziness in my life, I find looking at pretty things very calming….like your website. :-D

  13. Christine

    Ah, I found where you mention where you got the cups. I don’t know how I missed it! Must have been too mesmerized by your coffee station. LOL

  14. Gayla

    Ahhhh…..I really like this!!!!
    What kind of coffee maker is that and all does it do?

  15. Anne

    Beautiful kitchen. Can you tell me the brand and model of those rectangular bin pulls. I love them. Thanks!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks! They are from Restoration hardware. I’m on my phone or I would give you the link, but you can search my blog for kitchen sources and there is a post with all the details :-)

  16. Elise

    I love it! I just bought Pumpkin spice sauce from Starbucks online for home. What brand is your coffee maker?

  17. Sarah

    Can you tell us more about your Jura? I’ve been dreaming of one for a long time now, how has yours held up? Worth the money? Which model is that? Where did you get it? Love love love a cup of coffee in the morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, afternoon…that’s how we do in the northwest!

  18. Jaylyn

    What kind of coffee maker is that? I love your coffee bar! It’s so inviting!!

  19. Theresa

    Your space! Ahhh! A peace that draws you in! Lovely! Can you tell me where to find the backsplash tiles? They’re just right for a small space!

  20. paige

    saw that first image & actually uttered the words ” have mercy” out loud..

  21. Jill

    I love things that are functional and still look so pretty. Your kitchen speaks that in volumes, Melissa. Such a great idea!

  22. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista

    I dream of this! We do not have a tone of counter space…but one day…ONE DAY…I will have a coffee station. Perfection Melissa. Will have to tuck this one away to save for later.

  23. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    I love your coffee station! Perfect for a cool day. I think I need to pick up some more pretty mugs – they are so much fun.

  24. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    I agree, pretty cups make everything taste better! I’m SO looking forward to our cozy mornings over here.

  25. Christina

    I have a coffee station too. I was feeling pretty good about it until I saw yours! Thanks a lot! lol

  26. Elaine

    I couldn’t agree more. Pretty mugs, good coffee, a fire. I have a caffeination station too. I love it and so do my guests.

  27. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    The coffee station is a great idea, if I’m ever near a World Market -a 2+ hour drive- I’m getting one of those cute little cup/mug holders. One of my morning joys is selecting the “right” cup for that particular morning.


    I am so with you on a good cup of coffee! I have a Nespresso machine and it is my new best friend and this winter will be no exception, to coffee by the fire!
    Happy Weekend,

  29. Tamela

    I too am a coffee lover! I find myself drinking more coffee during the fall/winter months than any other months of the year….I wonder could it be because of the cold weather….LOL! I love how you have set up your coffee station. Whenever I am hosting an event at my home, I always set up a “coffee bar” so that I am not spending all my time keeping my guests coffee cups filled which enables me to spend more time enjoying their great company. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Rhonda

    I’m with everyone else. I would love information about your coffee maker. What kind is it? Is it automatic or manual? Where did you get it? Is it expensive (I guess we all want to know how much it cost, but that may be too personal and none of our business) and is it worth the money. Does it make coffee, as well as lattes, cappuccinos, expresso? Did you research other brands before you purchased this one?

    I also have a coffee station with a small Keurig and Nespresso, but would love to have a beautiful machine like yours.

    By the way, I love your entire house. I may be a little green with envy (I know – I am not supposed to covet).

  31. Sherry@The Impatient Remodelers

    I have been looking around for the info on where you got the white shelf. I can’t seem to find anything :(
    Any idea where I could buy that shelf??

  32. Trudie

    Can I ask what the countertops are? just beautiful, and simple.!

  33. Natalie

    Hi! Beautiful kitchen! I was wondering what you have your coffee maker set on? Is it a cutting board? Thanks!

  34. Jen

    Love those mugs! I have almost all of them, lol. The closest Anthropologie to me was 3 hours away at a big shopping destination. It became my ritual that whenever my family or my girls and I took a trip down there, I’d buy a cup from Anthropologie! I’m going to have to find that cup rack!


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