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Tips for Fall Nesting: Mixing A Cozy Eclectic Style

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Tips for Fall Nesting: Mixing A Cozy Eclectic Style

Tips for Fall Nesting: Mixing A Cozy Eclectic Style

{Fall Nesting: Day 4}

I think we all want a home that feels welcoming and inviting with a personal style that reflects who we are. That is something we think about in the process of fall nesting — we need our homes to be comfortable and pretty because we are going to be hanging out in them all winter long! Right? But it isn’t always easy to get the style or look we imagine in our mind.

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Sometimes when we try to mix furniture styles or use what we have it ends up looking like a yard sale exploded in our living room. Sadness. What’s a girl to do? Style mixing can be a challenging art form, but staying safe with that matchy-matchy look for simplicity’s sake isn’t the only option.

How can we create a unique look that feels cozy and comfortable without it being frumpy, dated or cluttered?

Here are some tips for Fall Nesting with style:

* Make a commitment. Decide on one basic look you are going for, whether that be one era or style or basic color scheme. Have most of your furnishings fit into that formula. Then, throw in a twist with a piece that doesn’t fit the rule so it can stand out as fresh and unique!

* Neutral can simplify. Try neutral backdrops so furniture can be the showoff. If you have an eclectic style, a neutral backdrop works well because it allows furniture to be the focus. But while white walls often work great in pictures, in your home they may not be the one-color-fits-all solution for a cozy space. Always consider your own home’s style, your lighting, your own taste and other elements before selecting wall colors.

* Color has impact. A vibrant color can be used on one focal piece to bring a pop of personality to a space (like the yellow chair in my office!). In addition, a fresh color can bring a more cohesive feeling to a room if you repeat it. When you have a random mix of furniture often you can find one color that can tie it all together. In a room that needs cohesion, one color can be repeated at least three times or more in a room (throw pillows, blankets, painted furniture, accessories and wall colors) so one color will feel dominant enough throughout the space to bring a cohesive look to eclectic furniture.

* Less is more. When mixing and matching different styles or furniture, it is best to cut down on excess clutter. Clutter tries to steal the show while adding confusion to the mix. Take excess stuff off your mantel, side and console tables. Take a deep breath — your furniture will probably look much better now.

* Freshen up the old. Antiques bring history and character to a room. When they are beautiful, they don’t need us to add personality. But if you have a piece that is more frumpy than stylish or seems to feel out of place in your home, you can resuscitate it! Try recovering an old piece with a more modern fabric or new snazzy paint color to breathe new life into frumpy pieces.


  1. teresa

    Awesome tips…I’m always trying to use and re use what I have in different rooms…homes…etc.

  2. Claire

    Great tips and really cute furniture! I love mixing new and old pieces in my house but sometimes it’s hard to find good antique things in the area I live in…so I’m thinking I might find some good options over at Chairish! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Kelly

    Oh thank you so much for the tips, very helpful! And I’m thrilled about the furniture store online too, I love consignment!


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