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Simple Fall Centerpiece {Use What You Have}

I picked up some beautiful organic pears at a local market this week. I love looking through the produce aisle at a really nice market. I don’t really like to grocery shop, but somehow looking at all the fruit and vegetables is fun for me! Not only are they good for you, they are so pretty!

But before we eat these delectable pears, I thought I’d play around with a simple Fall centerpiece.

I love making centerpieces in wreaths (see the simple Fall wreath I made last year) but this time I thought maybe it would be fun to set up a centerpiece on this beautiful wood cutting board (via Boxwood Furnishings). I love to use what I have!

Simple Fall Centerpiece {Use What You Have}

Nothing fancy or fussy, just pretty. And this kind of centerpiece is not too tall for conversation at the table!

Simple Fall Centerpiece {Use What You Have}

Best of all, when we get hungry for a little snack, we just reach over, grab a pear and take a bite.

Go ahead and say it. It’s brilliant. Heh heh heh.

What’s on your dining room table right now?

Simple Fall Centerpiece {Use What You Have}

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  1. Barbara (WA)

    On my dining table? A quilted runner I made a couple of years ago, flowers from the garden, little pumpkins fresh from the grocery store and candles. I especially love the flowers from the garden, my favorite natural decoration for a table. They are winding down now but I still manage to cut a bouquet every few days. That’s why I garden!

  2. Anne

    On my dining table right now are apples and candles :-)

  3. Lisa

    I love the simplicity of it! It is lovely and makes me hungry all at the same time.

  4. Linda@Creekside

    Bowl ol’ vintage bowl filled with dried pods, baby corn, grasses, etc.


  5. Daisy

    Love this!!! So simple and cute!!!!

  6. Tamela

    Melissa, and I thought that I was the only woman who did not like to grocery shop…LOL! My hubby does all the grocery shopping in my home…and the cooking too. Well, I adore your centerpiece setting. I would have to use faux fruit because my family would eat all the fruit within minutes of me setting up the centerpiece. Thanks for sharing….be blessed!

  7. Tanya

    I just have a few candles on my table right now. I love the simlpicity of this.

  8. Ann

    Where is the cutting board from? Beautiful!

  9. Catherine

    I have some branches from our flowering crabapple tree – they have the tiny fruit on them in shades of yellow and orange. Perfect in a simple glass vase.

  10. Amy @ The Happy Tulip

    I love reading posts about ideas on how to use what you already have on hand to make something beautiful. Well done. If I had a table, I would run out to grab some pears myself. For now I’ll just pin it for the future. :)

  11. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    Pretty centerpiece. I’m with you about grocery shopping. I do like to go to Whole Foods though ;)


  12. susan maclean

    Lovely, but oooops! I have already eaten 2 of the pears!!! Seriously though – those little embossed dishes – where did you find them (and I’ll bet it is a shop that we don’t have in the UK); so pretty. Has no-one else spotted them?

  13. Melinda

    I just used pears on my table last night! Great minds think alike. :) (plus, we’re getting MORE pears in our CSA today haha)


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