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5 Little Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, my house, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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5 Little Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

Fall is a great season to fall in love with your home.

But how?

1. Dream.

Do you ever dream about your home? As in, think about things you’d love to do if time or money were no object? I do. But honestly, sometimes I get so busy that I often forget that essential element of being in love. Take a few moments to wander around your home and dream about one room. What could it look like with a little time or money? And then go one productive step further and think about how you could make that dream come true sooner with a little creativity.

2. Be grateful.

Showing gratitude for the home you have is such an important part of loving what you have. It’s easy to be frustrated with things about it, especially when you look around at everything everyone ELSE seems to have or be doing. But a roof over our head is a GIFT, so count all the ways your home is a blessing to your family just as it is. Look around and count the things you already love about your home!

5 Little Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

3. Find joy in routine.

Routine can be so boring. So predictable. But routine can also be SO wonderful and important when it comes to feeling in control of our day and how we take care of our home. Think of one routine homemaking activity you dread. Is it dishes? Laundry? Making the beds? Cleaning the bathroom? Organizing? Think of ways to bring a little more joy to that activity. Combine it with music you love, light a candle that makes you happy, or get yourself something new that will make the task or the room you are in just a little more cheery. New pillows on the bed? Pretty towels to hang up in the bathroom? Pretty baskets for organizing?

5 Little Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

4. Be in love with one corner.

So your whole home isn’t perfect or tidy or just the way you envision it? Welcome to how most of us live! But instead of feeling frustrated about that, how about working on just one corner?  Be creative and make it your favorite place in the whole house!

5. Treat yourself.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget to do things I love. I get bogged down in things I have to do. Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed, I have to remind myself to STOP and go do something I love to do around the house. Usually that involves things like puttering, decorating with a few seasonal touches or making myself a cup of coffee in my favorite mug.

Do you love Fall at home as much as I do?

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5 Little Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home
5 Little Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

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5 Little Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

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  1. Linda@Creekside

    A great big YES to gratitude! It’s too easy {and not at all helpful} to start comparing what we have with what others are enjoying … especially in this day of Pinterest, blogging, Facebook. Truth be told, we don’t have to look too far to see that each one of us has way more than we need … and yet we’re still dissatisfied …

  2. Kristen @ Joyfullythriving

    Great list, and all so true! I’ll be following along for some great encouragement from you. Looking forward to it!

  3. Cheryl

    Kindred spirits indeed!

  4. Karen

    I dream about my house all the time! ALL the time. It generally involves construction and I don’t own the place so I can’t do much about it. But in my mind, my little two-bedroom apartment it the most perfect place in the world. :-)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, that’s where the creative part comes in, right? With no construction you’ll have to dream in creative alternatives :-).

  5. Crystal

    I absolutely love fall the most out of all the seasons!! In fact, here is a little secret. Since it gets dark earlier, I take walks with my son in the late afternoon and go around our own house a couple times peeking through the windows when our lights and lamps are on, just to see how our house looks inside looking from outside, if that makes sense. Just tonight I realized while peeking in, that maybe we need those bookshelf lights from Ikea to highlight our Ikea bookcases–to create a warmer ambiance from the inside out. Of course, I also peek through other houses’ windows…just hoping that people don’t mistake me as a stalker or a burglar :)

  6. Jeni

    Your words ring true. We recently moved into our new house that due to an unscrupulous contractor took two years to complete and left us financially and emotionally drained. Despite this experience (or maybe because of it) I wake up every morning feeling tremendously grateful that I get to live in such a beautiful home. I try to take pleasure daily in the routine chores and occasionally “treat” myself by taking some time out to do a little decorating or just sitting on my back porch enjoying the last of the balmy days.

  7. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    I love Fall and I love my home. We have recently bought a house after renting for 2 years and living in a hotel for 2 months and I so appreciate my home. I am having so much fun painting, remodeling and decorating. Great list.


  8. Tanya Burgo

    This was just so lovely to read and so inspiring! Thank you ;)

  9. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    Beautiful and practical advice, Melissa. There’s so much to be grateful for! I am LOVING Fall, over here and in our own home!


  10. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    This is a wonderful list. Sometimes chaos runs rampant; that’s when dreaming of the possibilities can calm the soul. Thanks for reminding us to love what we have and the possibilities. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  11. Faith

    Simple as it is, I love my home. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for it. (:

  12. Stephanie

    Great points! Looking forward to following other inspirational posts!

  13. Lynn

    I adore my house and all of your points really hit home for me. I bought my ’60s Cape a year ago and have loved it from the first day. It needs some work, but I’m taking my time with projects and truly enjoy dreaming about everything I can do to each room. When I take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood or I’m puttering around the yard, I’ll often pause and just look at my house (especially now that I have pumpkins, Indian corn, and my fall welcome slates out – I ADORE fall!). When the lights are on and it’s getting dark outside, it looks so cozy and I am just so grateful and thankful that it is mine.

    Although all of my warm and fuzzy feelings toward my house likely won’t make me feel better about changing the bed (re: your third point)! :)

    Thank you for such a wonderful post!

  14. Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}

    Great tips, Melissa! It’s so easy to dream about what I want my home to be and then totally forget to be thankful for it. I also love the idea of falling in love with a corner — a corner! So true…just loving one part is often enough. Thanks for the reminders. :)

  15. Kerry@homecrush

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Everything you said is just how I’m feeling right now — last night I lit the candles on my mantel, poured a glass of wine — and folded my laundry. It was lovely!

  16. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    I love this! I find I can get so busy with the bigger projects that I need to remember to take the time to slow down and enjoy our home in the little ways too. Thanks so much for the reminders.

  17. Leah: )

    I wish we lived closer together so we could “dream up” a few projects for each other’s houses!!! You and I are definitely kindred spirits – great post!!!
    Leah: )

  18. Tanya

    I loved reading this! Yes I love my home in the Fall too :)

  19. Teresa (Sadie Grace)

    Love these! I especially love #4 and I do #1 quite often. Look forward to reading all your posts

  20. Glenda Childers

    I love fall. My favorite thing I did this year was set a pumpkin in a flower pot. It is so cute.


  21. Michele

    Great advise! I love my home, but sometimes it overwhelms me. Those suggestions have truly done wonders for me personally. Can’t wait to see what else I can glean from your insights!

  22. SandyC

    What a lovely post. I’ve been doing everything you mentioned since I totally unexpectedly bought my home in December 2012. I wake up every morning thinking how much I love my house and the trip down the hallway, opening every drape and blind along the way (to a beautiful though-not-forever-more greenbelt in the Arizona desert) on my way to the kitchen for that morning cup of coffee. The only thing I miss is not having my late husband or any neighbor or girlfriend to share that cup of coffee with, but possibly reading more gentle blogs such as yours and getting to know you and your readers will eventually substitute. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  23. Brittany

    I love this! We are currently renting, but since we are planning to be in this home for a few years I still have dreams for it. Little by little, I am excited to make this house our home!

  24. Leslie

    Did you write this post just for me? It took me more than 10 years to start loving my house. Partly it was because I was so busy with a demanding job and little kids that I didn’t do any big improvements, but also because I didn’t know where to start. Fast forward a decade, and finally we have the money for the big improvements, and many small ones behind us. I used to mutter “I hate this house” almost every day (my husband selected and purchased without my seeing it). I lobbied for us selling the house and moving, but eventually made peace, found gratitude, and decided to administer some love. At least once a week I now search the internet for inspiration, and I have to say a big “thank you” to all you bloggers. My house might even, some day, be cool!

  25. Nedine

    I would absolutely love creating a house, where money is no option; and I can buy everything I like for my home, BUT I love to dream; and blogs like these keeps giving me new ideas.

  26. Cindy

    what was the name of the stone you used on the fireplace? I LOVE it android it would be perfect in my home!!!


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