Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

I‘ve been puttering again! It’s like creative therapy, it relaxes me. I like to mix things up around the house, rearranging the accessories, pairing old and new and texture and gloss for a tablescape. I got a new coffee table a few weeks ago (from World Market) and I love the rustic touch it brings to my family room. It’s nice to have furniture we can put our feet on, dress up with accessories and spill on without worry! And of course I love having a new surface to decorate for the season. A touch of spring green always makes me happy!

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

It might still be really gloomy outside most of the time {sad face} but bringing in live plants makes everything come to life and reminds me that the days are in fact getting longer and the warm sun WILL return!

Soon I’ll be outside puttering around with my garden and enjoying spring once again!
Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

I had to smile when I saw this tablescape in my kitchen the other day.

I kind of love the perfect spring touch of froggie green, don’t you?

So what’s on your coffee table? It’s ok if you have stuffed frogs or Lego buildings.
They add a little quirky touch, right?

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  1. Looks great! We all need a touch (or a LARGE dose!) of spring right now after winter. LOVE the green basket. Do you recall where you found that lovely? (The froggie is a perfect accent too. :))

  2. I love when the other family members pitch to help decorate as in the case of the green froggie! (: Great new coffee table. So functional.

  3. What a beautifully decorated coffee table! Love it all!

  4. that froggie is really cute !!! :-)

  5. Great coffee table all ready for spring

  6. I remember eyeing that coffee table at World Market recently. It’s a great table. I think any vignette with a french market basket is great. I don’t know what it is about them that I just love.

  7. Love the little wire basket….perfect for catching things.
    Happy Spring

  8. Ha! Currently on my coffee table are: a Lego instruction booklet, a Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, several workbooks and somebody’s paper with scrap math on it. Not very exciting. BUT! I did just buy two brand new pottery barn weathered pine children’s chairs that work perfectly with the table. They’re so sturdy an adult can use them comfortably, so I do work with the kids here all the time. They really are beautiful with their rustic feel and give new life to our coffee table. Not to mention extra seating when little guests are here for dinner!

    • I love children’s chairs at a coffee table!!! My favorite!

    • Helene, I was going to say something very similar. Ours has Legos, Lego instructions, kids’ homework and other “important” papers that apparently can’t yet be thrown away. ;) I just kind of overlook it because its a losing battle, but it drives my husband crazy.

      • As it so happens my coffee table collection today has grown to include my daughter’s felt craft and my other daughter’s beanie baby…oh! And MY Country Curtains catalogue that came in the mail this afternoon….sigh…it’s a season of life and will be over before we know it, right? And then maybe even our husbands will be nostalgic for coffee tables past. But I’m also a firm believer that every stage in life has its special blessings and I truly look forward to the day I can clean and decorate and then it actually STAYS that way! Until then I will be content to watch Melissa work her magic! Cheers!

        • Exactly. In a few years, which will surely fly by before we know it, all the kid stuff will be gone and it’ll just be our adult stuff. I think of than when we get frustrated by toys everywhere. We’ll miss it someday!

  9. So pretty! And how do you keep that maiden hair alive, much less looking so good? I love them but kill them so fast…

  10. The froggie Makes me smile too! Just the perfect pop of green :)

  11. We’ve had some sun up here in the north part of the county but it also froze overnight. Love your spring coffee table design – does Jack leave those things alone? I’ve been inspired to use green, white, rustic and moss lately so this fits right in – thanks!

  12. Cheryl (CA) says

    Spring is already here in California! All the fruit trees are in full bloom and we enjoyed 80 degrees this weekend!! My coffee table has my book collection of Italian decorating and a large hurricane lamp with candles and a nest inside.

  13. Always inspiring, fun, helpful and putting smiles on faces. I am never disappointed when I drop by to read you. Wishing you a wonderful spring.

  14. Your coffee table looks really pretty! I have a 3 and 2 yr old little boy at my house so I don’t have anything that can’t be broken on my coffee table. It usually results in juice cups, snacks, and army men. :) One day soon I hope to be able to decorate a coffee table again. ;) I’ll keep this post so I can look back and see how you decorated yours.

  15. My “quirky little touch” on the coffee table is my husband’s egg carton, filled with dirt and little tiny tomato seedlings, soaking up the sunshine! At night, it goes into the laundry room under a grow light. Not my top choice for coffee table decorations, but I’ll love the tomatoes later! (There’s also a pretty little wicker tray with a teapot and a couple of candles–much better!)

  16. Love the decor!

  17. I love the rustic look of your coffee table. What creative and fresh vignettes you have created! I am inspired to do a spring makeover on my coffee table! Your blog is one of my favorites! Such inspiration every time I read it…

  18. Love the simple earthy look this little vignette brings to your room, lovely spring inspiration, I am eagerly waiting for spring to arrive here. Thanks for sharing.

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