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Favorite Mugs + Coffee Accessories (TIR Coffee Shop)

by | May 4, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens, My Kitchen, My Seattle House

Favorite Mugs + Coffee Accessories (TIR Coffee Shop)

Happy Monday! Were you around in the early days of blogging when everyone would start their morning with their favorite blogs and a cup of coffee in hand? I loved those days. Maybe people still do that, I don’t know. Do you?

Anyway, one of my most FAQ through the years (and particularly on Instagram lately) has been about my coffee mugs and coffee making accessories. So to make it easy for everyone to find all our current favorites, I rounded them all up in one handy spot! I’m calling it The Inspired Room Coffee Shop. Clever, yes? :)

Click HERE for all my sources in “The Inspired Room Coffee Shop”!

Favorite Mugs + Coffee Accessories (TIR Coffee Shop)

Hope you’re all well!


  1. Jennifer Park Cox

    I’m recently new to the pour over. How much coffee do you put in if you want 4 cups of coffee?

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