Trend Setter: My Dining Room Table Happy Accident

Trend Setter: My Dining Room Table Happy Accident

This weekend I got into one of my nesting phases that usually precede holidays. I’m pretty predictable. While I was moving things around and dreaming up all the projects I could probably squeeze into the week before Thanksgiving, I decided would put the leaves in my table. Easy enough, right? And then I realized that I never painted my table leaves. Who doesn’t remember to paint her table leaves? Yeah. THIS girl.

But unlike some women who would probably go paint her table leaves right then and there so everything would match, I just put the leaves in my table. Yes, I let them not match. {You might have seen me post about this on Facebook.

Yes. It is true. This girl likes to take the lazy simple route. I can use a runner or tablecloth if I want to, or I can leave the table as is. I have options.

It is unmatched and imperfect. Accidentally creative and even slightly funky. And you know what? I’m good with happy accidents.

Actually, I think I like it this way.


  1. Melissa! Thankyou so much for featuring my barn doors on your DIY page! I am so sorry I didn’t thank you sooner I didn’t know until I saw my feedgit thing showing up your site all over the place! :) Is there a different RSS feed for your pages? Did I miss a post ? Just wondering for the future how I know when you put stuff on your pages! You are the BEST!!!! Thank you again! PS. I like the 2 toned look on the table! :) ha! (jessica aka nucheysmommy ~ my blog got a new name and design recently) :)

    • Yes, there is a different RSS feed for DIY and Room tours…I put those in separately than my main feed just so I don’t overwhelm people’s inboxes. You just have to come visit and check those out while you are here, or subscribe separately!! You are welcome :-)

  2. I think I like the table too. It is funky, quirky and from what I know, You. Put a runner or tablecloth over it for the holidays and nobody will know the difference

  3. I think it’s fun and unexpected…a happy accident! That happens a lot at my house :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  4. Melissa, now that I get your posts via email I find that I don’t comment as often but I did want to come by and say hello. Then I read your post and just had to say, I love ya, girl! Such a truthful post, no pretentiousness behind it at all. Have a great day!

  5. I love how you just roll with things like that instead of getting all ‘blown out of the water’ about it.

  6. Seriously I LOVE the leaves not painted… looks intentional and hip! You have the best attitude Melissa. I aspire to be more chilled out about stuff like this!

  7. I LOVE the table like that! What a happy “mistake.” ;)

  8. michelle starling says

    Years ago I would’ve had a moment of panic. Okay, maybe a day or two of panic. But now, I’d find a way to make it work. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who forgets to paint something. LOL. To tell you the truth, from the photo, I couldn’t tell anything was wrong until you pointed it out. Maybe I’m not very observative first thing in the morning. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey, think of this way…you just started a new trend.
    Have a wonderful day

  10. That is why God made tablecloths and runners, I am just sure of it!!Love your go with the flow attitude, You my dear are going to be able to,”Enjoy the Process!!” I am also sure of that, happy Monday,

  11. Thank you Melissa! You are truly an inspiration in a very good way. It gets so old seeing all those perfect houses on seemingly perfect blogs. Life happens and that is why it is easy to forget those table leaves, but you know that is not what matters. Your post caused me to chuckle.

  12. Way to roll with it!
    Honestly, I would have forgotten to paint the leaves, too.

  13. Well, this is great! My Dad and I had a real chuckle out of this. We are going to paint my table this summer in the better weather and I keep the leaf under loveseat. This should remind me to bring it out. If not, I have a fabulous runner!
    Thanks for the smiles.

  14. The table looks really cute this way. I bet it will look great if you use lots of white accessories on the unpainted wooden center. They’ll show up really well that way and “match” the rest of the table.

  15. I really like it, actually! I hope you choose not to use a table cloth, and go with a runner, and let the inconsistency show!

  16. Oh You of Kindred Spirit, l-o-v-e your new ‘table runner’ Melissa! The dramatic color contrast, the ease of use and cleaning (no need to hand-wash because soup was spilled, etc.)…you rock girlfriend!

  17. Shoot! I think you’re onto something and now I’m kicking myself that I remembered to paint my table leaf! It looks pretty cool that way.

  18. I just saw an episode of “Color Splash” the other day, and they had custom-made a table that was about 2/3 one color and the other 1/3 was something totally different. So how hip-and-happenin’ are you?!

  19. Melissa, It’s beautiful! Wow! BTW, Thanks for sharing my DIY trundle bed :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  20. i’m into the diy projects before Thanksgiving too! i want to paint my china cabinet (my mother thinks i’m crazy) i think i’ll like it better. i love your dining room by the way it’s so warm! just for the record i wouldn’t have painted the leaves either…have a great week! susan

  21. I think the table looks great! It’s unique, and has the “feel” of a table runner against a clean crisp white backdrop.

  22. i love it!i love to be unique and be this to me is unique and special.don’t hide it.who wants to be like everyone else?i pray you don’t change this

  23. completely thought you meant to do that!
    love the funky stripe of wood! :)
    {{hugs}} melissa!

  24. Oh, I love your table! I wouldn’t change a thing.

  25. Melissa, I think you just started a new trend! When I see this look popping up everywhere, I’ll say, I saw it first at The Inspired Room! Thanks for giving us all permission to relax and enjoy the season…stress free. :)

  26. Hi Melissa.

    What a lovely post, and thank you for your “authentic self”! I would been frantically stressing about my options – to paint, or to table-cloth. It always has to perfect with me. Mmm, that’s something I should work on perhaps? I love your work and the lessons I learn from you. Thank you. Blessings, Shirley xxx

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