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Quick Decorating Tip: <br>Add An Element of Surprise

by | Jun 24, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, Details | 46 comments

Theme Builder LayoutUse a chair as a bedside table.

Theme Builder LayoutUse a piano bench as coffee table.

Theme Builder Layout

Use pink plastic spoons to make a sunburst frame.

Decorating is more fun, way more interesting & much more frugal when we disregard the rules and think outside the box. Don’t you agree?

Be daring, it is YOUR house!
Add an element of surprise to every room!

Photo inspiration: Top two photos BH&G, last photo Country Living

For you crazy crafters, here are the directions to make the spoon mirror, Country Living.


  1. Theme Builder Layout

    This may be a short post, Melissa, but it will bring you an avalanche of comments! Being resourceful, having fun, seeing the potential of every object to be transformed, to inspire and be reborn because someone loves the promise it holds – are all threads in the authentic, creative style statements we weave. In our current economic situation, this simple tip encourages people to feel like feel like creative artists and not make-doers. Thank you!
    (PS I’ve just made a TV stand from a chest of drawers and the fucshia bedside rug in my daughter’s bedroom is actually a washable bath mat. We’re on one salary, so doing this saves us a lot of money as well as being fun!)

    janice|Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..Connected and Encouraged

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    Such gorgeous images Melissa. I love the first one. Your philosophy has been in the back of my mind the whole time I’ve have been planning my place…. the element of surprise… “what will be the wow factor in this room?”…. it only needs to be something so sweet and simple to get a “wow”… even a cute but unusual arrangement of gorgeous soft toys in a child’s room! A-M xx

    a-ms inspiring blog post..Pretty Things

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    I love whimsical! I wouldn’t have picked up on the fact that the second photo is of a piano bench…it looks like a table to me.

    My bit of whimsy are the pair of wooden skis I have hanging up in my entry way- they’ve got pegs in them and we use it as a coat rack. It may not be the prettiest thing but they work and I had them (I do admit that I need to paint them as they’re bright red and yellow…and don’t go with anything in my house!).

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Random Bits

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    Wow, pink spoons. That is so creative. It has such power too!! I love it. I’m doing a special feature on my Mom’s house. She is an antique collector with a little vintage. Check it out if you’d like. Thanks,

    kaseys inspiring blog post..Mama’s Got Style!

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the bedside chair. I’ve been wanting to do that in my own room for so long, but haven’t yet found the “right” chair. :)

    The pink spoons…not sure. Very cute, in the right house I think. I love whimsy…just not sure about the spoons! Anyway, it certainly is FUN!

    kristen@nosmallthings inspiring blog post..Pretty Stories

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    The spoon idea… wow! I looked at the photo and said to myself that is pretty…then you said it’s plastic spoons, then I saw it! Too cool!!

    Cheles inspiring blog post..Mid-Week Shout Outs

  7. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the idea of using a chair as a bedside table. What a great idea! And something I can do – there’s bound to be an extra chair around here somewhere and if not, it’s just an excuse to go hunting at a yardsale!

    Kristen @ Beautifully Imperfects inspiring blog post..A Weekend Away

  8. Theme Builder Layout

    This is one that I’ve never had any trouble doing. It may be because my decorating style is “Grandmother’s Attic.” What a nice idea for a coffee table. I’m using my grandfather’s toolbox.

  9. Theme Builder Layout

    Great ideas for thinking outside the box. :)

    Sarahs inspiring blog post..Design Work

  10. Theme Builder Layout

    I never would have thought of using spoons for a mirror frame! Very clever.

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Sneak Peek

  11. Theme Builder Layout

    I love seeing the unexpected. Just this weekend I purchased a red Coca Cola crate and put it in my bedroom for my magazines. Great post Melissa.

    LeAnns inspiring blog post..Anonymous

  12. Theme Builder Layout

    Use a piano bench? And one that has been distressed?? :) Right up my alley! :)

    Ang @ The Creative Mamas inspiring blog post..What I Found Wednesdays!

  13. Theme Builder Layout

    Great post, Melissa. Thanks for the good ideas.

  14. Theme Builder Layout

    I’m all for surprise! I think that’s what makes a home fun! Love that picture of the little highchair-
    Thanks for a fun post-
    Happy Day

    teresas inspiring blog post..I’ve never-

  15. Theme Builder Layout

    So adorable!

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Work

  16. Theme Builder Layout

    Fun ideas, Melissa!

    I couldn’t use our piano bench though – it gets used too much. But I love that white bench!

    Happy WED!

    sandys inspiring blog post..$200 Customized Basket GIVEAWAY!

  17. Theme Builder Layout

    My son told me the other day that we need to learn to tap dance on the box. I couldn’t agree more. I love love love your blog!

    kats inspiring blog post..The Other side

  18. Theme Builder Layout

    That’s most certainly the moral of to my own decorating story if you browse around… most recently being, a horsegate for a coatrack. How about an old sign for a headboard? I don’t think there’s too much normalicy in my house. LOL!

    I LOVE the first photo and saw it elsewhere. I’m looking for a highchair now. :)

    Great post! And I so agree with you! Isn’t it much cooler to create something totally uniquely yours only?


    Donna at Funky Junk Interiorss inspiring blog post..The front entry – Part 2 – Horse gate for coats

  19. Theme Builder Layout

    Never would have thought of spoons-what a great way to add a pop of color!

  20. Theme Builder Layout

    So resourceful! Such practical (yet unexpected) solutions yield such delicious magic. I’ve been wondering what to do with my mother’s beautiful wooden highchair — because my hubby is tired of it in his storage room, collecting dust. (My mom is 75 so it’s a precious antique — and while my son used it as a baby, he outgrew it a couple of years ago.) Now I’m thinking the tray could be flipped behind and it serve as a great side table. At the risk of sounding like a skippy record, THANKS, as always!

  21. Theme Builder Layout

    I loved the post today and I LOVE your blog. I feel really inspired whenever I check it. Thank you so much!

    Jocelyn Stotts inspiring blog post..J+K+8

  22. Theme Builder Layout

    Since we have just finished painting and buying our “base” furniture for each room… it has become time to decorate. I plan to do it slowly- so the rooms don’t feel like collections but aquired. And now I will totally try to add one element of surprise to every room. I’m excited- it sounds fun. And I like the examples you gave…

    ginas inspiring blog post..Enter to win a $500.00 Visa gift card from ecostore USA

  23. Theme Builder Layout

    Hello Melissa – I love these great ideas! I am one who enjoys using things in unconventional ways in a room. Love surprises!


    Maries inspiring blog post..atlanta bartlett

  24. Theme Builder Layout

    You’re absolutely right! We bring pizzazz to our house when we step out of our comfort zone and do something like this. I love it!

    Brenda Kulas inspiring blog post..Outdoor Wednesday June 24

  25. Theme Builder Layout

    Those are great pics, but the spoon mirror made me smile! Love it!

    Heathahlees inspiring blog post..A Busy Week

  26. Theme Builder Layout

    Simply Intense.. n ecclectic

  27. Theme Builder Layout

    Georgeous!! I believe in minimalistic and the uncluttered white space in everything, from blog designs to interior designs!!

    Carey Suantes inspiring blog post..Every Blogger Needs a Sexy (Sleeping) Partner

  28. Theme Builder Layout

    I absolutely love the pink plastic spoons as frame. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    Imelda Phillipss inspiring blog post..It’s Official

  29. Theme Builder Layout

    I like the little chair but don’t think I could pull of the spoon frame in my house. For years I had a old wooden highchair in my dining room with a plant on it. My TV used to be on an old chest. I use my grandmother’s old sewing machine cabinet as a sideboard in my dining room. Makes things a little more interesting.

    Carries inspiring blog post..Keeping Cool

  30. Theme Builder Layout

    Melissa, this is a good reminder! As much as I love to look at things in magazines and books (and blogs!), I’m always drawn to quirky little things in people’s houses. Your photos here are good displays of how to use something unexpected and have it flow seamlessly into the decor.

    Richella @ Imparting Graces inspiring blog post..Surprised by simplicity

  31. Theme Builder Layout

    Great ideas! I never thought of doing these things!

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Portland by Train

  32. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the idea of doing something a little different and ‘surprising’… it gives visitors something beautiful to look at and enjoy too! Great photos!

    nels inspiring blog post..made it!

  33. Theme Builder Layout

    So great. I love a bit of unexpected glory hound of decor pieces now and then – if they keep to the idea. Some get very far left field and make me wonder what happened on that wall, but these are great fun!

    The Blushing Hostesss inspiring blog post..Happy Anniversary Old Bay and a giveaway

  34. Theme Builder Layout

    I just happen to have some pink plastic spoons form the 99 Cent Store…now I know what I will do with them! ;)

    m ^..^

    ms inspiring blog post..Just Say No To Glitter!!!

  35. Theme Builder Layout

    Love the spoons. I can think of a lot of things to frame with utensils. How fun:-)

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Mexican Chicken Casserole



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