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Make Room for What You Love by The Inspired Room

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Make Room for What You Love is an inspiring guide to inviting in what really matters as you learn to declutter with confidence the things that hold you back. This book offers motivating home habits to adopt and practical tips for simplifying your home so it will serve your family well and inspire you to achieve your dreams!

Make Room for What You Love

The book is divided into ten chapters to encourage you with specific goals and a new mindset for success! You’ll find a practical “challenge” section at the back of the book, designed to set you up with a doable plan for success in decluttering and organizing your home.

Home Decorating Adult Coloring Book - The Inspired Room


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Home Decorating Adult Coloring Book - The Inspired Room blog
The Inspired Room Coloring Book

My girls and I love coloring books, but in our house-shaped heart of hearts, we really wanted HOUSE coloring books.

Since we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we partnered with our awesome publishing company to create the coloring book of OUR dreams!

Rooms to color, housey things and color schemes to dream about and frame!

It’s for all of us house and home lovers. Order The Inspired Room Coloring Book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The Inspired Room - Decorating Book


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“Melissa Michaels’ new book, The Inspired Room, is full of smart, practical advice and packed with inspiration to spare. The photos are gorgeous and accompanied by helpful tips and details, and the writing lifts you up and makes you excited to dive into home decor headfirst!” — Sherry Petersik, NY Times Bestselling Author of Young House Love

“Melissa shares how to be content and happy in our home, inspiring our homes with the things we love and the people we cherish.” — Ann Voskamp, NY Times Bestselling Author of One Thousand Gifts

Leather Sofa - Living Room Textures - The Inspired Room

In The Inspired Room book, you’ll learn:

>how to dramatically transform your space with the foundational elements every home needs
>the secret for how to arrange furniture to make the biggest impact on the budget you have
>tips for how to use lighting and color to alter a room’s mood
>how to create your own authentic look
>helpful ideas for making a unique design statement
>how to have fun mixing patterns and styling tables with what you have on hand
>tips for organizing your space
>and so much more!

In this beautiful full-color hardcover coffee table book, The Inspired Room, I offer accessible tips to decorate and create a beautiful home on any budget, starting with what you already have and can gather over time. Order at Barnes and Noble or Amazon!

Love the Home You Have (A New York Times Bestseller)

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Love the Home You Have - New York Times Best Seller - The Inspired Room

Do you get frustrated by the mess in your home, the lack of funds or time for improving it, or even just get caught up in the idea that the grass is probably greener somewhere else?

Love the Home You Have will not only help you find contentment as you refocus on what really matters, but it will encourage you to make the most of what you already have! You’ll find easy to implement tips for homemaking, budget friendly ideas for decorating, and inspiration to create a home you’ll love. You’ll also find thought-provoking questions for every chapter and the 31 day Love Your Home Challenge!

I hope this book inspires you to fall more in love with the home you have! Order and find out more here!

Free Downloadable Art from the New York Times Best Selling Book - Love the Home You Have

Click HERE to get the above quote and many others from Love the Home You Have as printable artwork, desktop or mobile backgrounds!

That House was a Perfect House - Free Hand Drawn Art Printable from The Inspired Room

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