Outdoor Rooms: DIY Hanging Daybed on Sunporch

Outdoor Rooms: DIY Hanging Daybed on Sunporch

How fun is this? A kind blogging reader Dandelions and Daydreams pointed this lovely idea out to me (thank you!) and I loved it so much I wanted to share it all with you!
Such a cozy spot for a Sunday afternoon nap!

Click here to find directions from Lowe’s to make your own hanging daybed! Enjoy!

Photo and directions: Lowe‘s

Outdoor Rooms: DIY Hanging Daybed on Sunporch


  1. This hanging bed is in my future. Love it!

  2. Vee~A Haven for Vee says:

    Oh that would be lovely! I wish that I had a place for such a pleasure.

  3. I am SO LOVING that!!!!!! WOW!!! Talk about a ton of fun! ;)

  4. I want one. Thanks.

  5. I have always wanted one of those!

  6. Cool! It’s like a hammock, but even better!

  7. Yawn! I feel a nap coming on!

  8. Hi There, I have found your site from thehousethata-mbuilt. What a lovely, resourceful site. I am going to add you to my favs list.
    Ness x

  9. That is one adorable idea and picture!
    Lisa & Alfie

  10. Oh, I love this! My grandparents used to have something like this on their back porch. I remember lying there and it was just wonderful. Bring on the weekend…and a glass of lemon aide! ;)

  11. I’ll chase my kids away and keep the bed all to MYSELF!! Even lock myself outside the house and keep the keys so they cant come out!! I am dreaming now :) happy weekend

  12. Now, that is just fun.

  13. Ann Marie says:

    oh my gosh, my husband would love this. he’s a big fan of sleeping outside.

  14. Outdoor rooms are so great – this one especially!

  15. I’ve seen something similar done in a child’s room before. I’ve always thought it looked so cozy. Kind of a throwback to lemonade/sweet tea and porch swings, where you actually knew your neighbors

  16. Melissa:

    absolutely love this idea…reminds me of my grandmother’s porch swing in South Carolina….so southern… Fay

  17. oh my gosh…i absolutely LOVE that!!!

  18. What a wonderful idea. Must do it! I will scheme it into my plans of our terrace. So much inspiration… so many changes to our plans… our builders are building with gritted teeth!! A-M xx

  19. Ohhh I love it! I want one. But … Don’t have a screened in porch even. Oh well… :-)

    Please have a lovely Midsummer Night’s Eve.

    Take Joy, as Dear Tasha said!

    ‘Smilnsigh’ blog

  20. The closest we could get to sleeping in the great outdoors!

  21. I have absolutely no place for this, but I love it!!

  22. Yet another reason I think you are a genius.

  23. aren’t they just the cutest kids!!!

  24. oh my kids would love this on our porch.
    or even…you could hang something like this from a tree…like a giant swing.
    a family swing.

    i will keep this in mind.

    have a great weekend! can’t wait to see the beach house.
    8 weeks?
    that went quick.

  25. I showed this to my 19 year old daughter and now she’s like it in her bedroom.
    Cute idea~!

  26. That so rocks! xo, suzy

  27. That looks so cool – would make me totally nervous though :-)

  28. I would die for a nap there

  29. I could just see the kids swing in the swing, I know my kids would have a blast, but could be scary.

  30. Sonya Holley says:

    I love this. We are going to add this to our screened in back porch. Got a question. Do you know where to purchase large rolls of material for outdoor porches to make curtains. Can’t seem to find a site. Material that will resist fading and mildew.
    Thanks Sonya in Tuscaloosa Alabama

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