No Place Like Home

No Place Like Homephoto credit: Flickr Annia316

Last week, my husband and I were preparing to fly to Ohio to attend a conference. At 5:30AM on that dark Wednesday morning as I was putting my suitcase by the door, I got a glimpse of something small and furry running down the hallway. I had to do a double take to assess what I saw, after all it was pretty early and I hadn’t had my coffee yet. Oops, nope, it was moving. Definitely a rodent. HOLY COW!

After screaming at the top of my lungs for my husband to come save me, I realized I recognized that rodent. He wasn’t just any common rat, he was our furry hamster, Cheddar (Cheds for short). Because I will not pick up ANYTHING that resembles a rodent, my husband came running to corner Cheds and get him back to the safety of his cage. This was his first success at escaping and he was not one bit happy that he was caught.

Suddenly, something happened.

Just as we were getting Cheds back into the cage and reaching for duct tape to secure him inside (well, not duct-taping HIM, but the place where he chewed through his cage), we heard a big BOOM echoing through the silence of the early morning. Along with the BOOM, the lights went out. It was now PITCH BLACK. And, as any smart rodent would do, off ran Cheds, back to freedom! Can you believe it? The hamster was now free to escape in a dark house! It was a rodent’s dream come true.

As we ran around in the dark looking for a flashlight and crawling on hands and knees trying to find Cheds, we were completely unaware of a more serious drama unfolding just up the hill from us. While we were experiencing a silly, annoying and minor “incident,” our neighbors’ life was slipping out from under them.

No Place Like Home

A Life Changing Moment

Just up the hill from us, at 5:30AM a neighbor awoke to a loud cracking sound. Before she could get outside to safety, her beautiful home overlooking the city started crumbling all around her, sliding down the hillside, busting into bits and taking another couple of houses along with it. Water lines were breaking and power lines snapped.

Our friends (who shared their beach house with us during the wedding) heard the ruckus across the street and ran outside. They rescued the homeowner with a ladder as she clung to chunks of her house that were sliding down the hill and landing in a giant heap of rubble. It was a nightmare. In a matter of moments, the house was gone.

No Place Like Home

All we could see at the time was the inconvenience of trying to find a furry hamster in the dark, but in the bigger picture of life around us, our neighbor was watching everything she had crumble before her eyes. I can’t imagine experiencing the horror she (and the other neighbors involved) went through that morning and what she will face in the months to come in dealing with what is left of her home.

When my husband and I got back from our trip yesterday, we walked up the hill to see firsthand what had happened. It was unbelievable. Where her lovely home once stood, a house where we had hung out for block parties, there was nothing but a gaping hole of dirt. Her lot is completely gone. In the ravine far below, windows, cars, doors, and personal belongings are scattered among big chunks of the neighbor’s house — all laying in a heap.

No Place Like Home

This experience made me pause. You can’t see something like that happen and not step back and think. What do I truly value? What if everything I have was stripped away from me, snatched from my hands and tossed into a pile of rubble? What is important to have in life and what can I do without? How would I cope with something like this? Suddenly, life feels different. Something like this makes you want to hug your kids and be so grateful for what you have. And it makes your heart break for someone else.

No Place Like Home

I like to keep a balance of appreciating beauty and recognizing how really fleeting “stuff” really is. As one who has a warm home to come home to every night, it is eye-opening to see someone else’s home slide down a hillside and crumble into kindling. None of us are immune to disaster, none of us are guaranteed a home or any other thing we might take for granted. With all the uncertainty in life, it is a good time to think about what we really need and what we can do to help others in times of trouble.

Because it is Blog Action Day, I invite you all to check out all the participating blogs discussing the topic of poverty (see link below). We sometimes need to pause and reflect not only on our blessings but on the needs of others.

House photos credit: Oregon Live

No Place Like Home


  1. oh gosh Melissa what a scary thing to happen! We sure can count our blessings. Thank goodness your neighbour is alive but how awful for her to experience this. I wonder what happened to cause it? Keep us posted how she is going xo

  2. Wow…that is incredible. Thank God your neighbor was safe!! :o

    muralimanohars last blog post..A total fizzle…

  3. Absolutely unbelievable!!! Thank you for sharing this dose of perspective. Thank goodness everyone is okay!

    Emily@remodelingthislifes last blog post..How Often Do You Grocery Shop?

  4. How awful! I’m glad the neighbors were able to rescue the lady. Whatever happened to cause that?????????

    Jill Florys last blog post..Dressing Table Giveaway

  5. Oh my goodness! That’s incredibly sad. I’m glad they were able to rescue the homeowner. I can’t even imagine what she must be feeling right now. Are the other homes/lots in the area in danger of landslides?

    Astrids last blog post..Not sure about these

  6. Horrible! If they were able to escape with their lives that is really all that matters. Did everyone get out ok?

    Kathys last blog post..Shipshewana


    I can’t even begin to imagine.

    Glad everyone survived that.

    Becky K.

    Becky K.s last blog post..Dear Senator McCain,

  8. Oh, wow, what an amazing story. Thank God your neighbor survived. It’s in those moments that we are reminded what to cling tightly too and what we need to let slip thru our hands.

    We are THAT familys last blog post..Clearly, I Have a Drinking Problem

  9. Hi Melissa –
    I didn’t realize that was in your neighborhood. I was watching the early news when they broke in with the story. As daylight approached and more pictures were available I sat in disbelief. I know that area fairly well and couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m so glad she got out but I just can’t imagine what they are going through. I think of them often and pray. Yes, something like this certainly does get out attention and help us focus on what’s really important.

    Adriennes last blog post..Autumn Leaves

  10. How very scary! I just can’t imagine. What caused this?
    All of those people are in my prayers


    Tidymoms last blog post..Making Life EASY!

  11. Oh my goodness this is such a horrible tragedy. I am going to add them to my prayer list because my heart is just breaking for them. I cannot begin to imagine how they are feeling. Thank you for sharing this story.

    Suzann from Lavender & Rosess last blog post..Got Time for a Quickie?

  12. Wow.

    What an incredible tragedy as well as an important reminder about what we should really cherish.

    Jinxs last blog post..The Enchanted Forest

  13. Wow! These pictures are horrific and humbling. In a day where I’m thinking more and more about entitlement and how much it affects my personal life and thoughts – it was appropriate to “picture” how truly little we own and have control over. Thanks for sharing. God bless your neighbors – glad they are safe.

    Joannas last blog post..Well that explains it!

  14. That is so horrible. Do they know what happened that caused the entire house to go? I’m so grateful the neighbors were okay. It certainly is one of those things that makes you think.

    Wendys last blog post..FALL! and an award

  15. Sugar 'N Spice & Mostly Nice says:

    I had actually seen this on the news a few days ago. It is still unbelievable looking at the pictures. Thank goodness, God had his arm around her that day. At the end of the day the things we possess are just possessions and our family and friends are the only things that matter.

    Sugar ‘N Spice & Mostly Nices last blog post..our small master bedroom

  16. Oh my gosh! The poor lady!

    How is she doing? Can she even rebuild if there’s no lot???

    As much as I love my “stuff” I try to remember that that is all it is. It can be replaced. My family, friends and pets cannot. They are what is really important.

    Terris last blog post..The Dread Pirate Sam

  17. What a freak accident. I am so glad to hear that she was okay. How tragic. Like you said…it’s in these moments that we find what we really treasure and value in life. I hope that she has the hope of Christ to get her thru this.

    Leigh-Anns last blog post..The Secret is in the Sauce

  18. Yes, this was a horrible event. It is unclear yet what caused it, but likely some sort of water leakage. It is a miracle everyone survived. There are seven houses (I believe) now around it that are under investigation to make certain of their safety. So many people to keep in our prayers.

  19. OMG! How does that happen! Thank goodness she was okay!

    Jen R Sanctuary Arts at homes last blog post..Two make-overs for the price of one

  20. I saw this on the news the other night and was stunned. Thank goodness they made it out alive!!

    Kathleens last blog post..on my desk

  21. It’s frightening how quickly life can change and a disaster can strike. Thankful to hear your neighbour escaped the catastrophe and is ok.
    I feel the need to go hug my family and pets too on reading this.

    Renees last blog post..Anticipation

  22. Tell your neighbor we are all thinking of her! How horrible. She is in my prayers.

    Amy from Texass last blog post..Fun Blog Headers

  23. Thanks for sharing this story. What perspective when we hear stories like this. Stuff doesn’t matter. When everything crumbles around us, God is there. He doesn’t leave.

    Michelle Wegners last blog post..Help For Southern India

  24. I’m…..speechless….

    autumn dahlias last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Skyline on Fire

  25. That is truly amazing, I am glad she survived this, but how does she put all of the pieces back together now? So sad.

  26. I was intrigued by your Twitter about a tragedy and photos. I read the beginning about your adventure with the rodent and was then horrified to realize that wasn’t the real drama. WOW; the photos say so much. How we take so much for granted! Tragedy can strike at any moment. It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? Rodent versus losing home…and potential life.

    Debbies last blog post..Thankful Thursday – Friendship

  27. That’s Dave’s house!!! He & I work for the same company & we were alerted last week about this, why he would be out for awhile.

    We are all in shock!

    Meghans last blog post..Scarey vs. Sweet & Oh, That’s Just Wrong

  28. Melissa, that is absolutely incredible…it makes me remember that verse where it says, “In the twinkling of an eye, a flash”…wow! You poor neighbor and neighborhood, and no, I don’t mean poor as in monitarily, I am talking about the poor that comes with grief.

    I am so glad to hear that she/they made it out safely, but the days, weeks, month, and maybe even years it will take them to get back on their feet is yet another reminder that we are so much richer for friends, for life, and for family!

    Great post! ~Melissa in Mel’s World

    Melissa in Mel’s Worlds last blog post..Take Root & Write – Mom Works at Home

  29. This was an amazing blog. Great reminder that life can change in an instant. Thanks Melissa.

    Mavens last blog post..It’s a CanadianThanksgiving Extravaganza!!!!

  30. That is an amazing story, and reminds us that it doesn’t take a natural disaster for something like this to happen. My favorite quote: “None of us are immune to disaster, none of us are guaranteed a home or any other thing we might take for granted. ”

    So true, and this is a stark example of that. I’ll keep your neighbors in my prayers.

    Jennae @ Green Your Decors last blog post..A Lesson in Culture: Organic Deco Pillows by Les Indiennes

  31. Oh how scary! So glad they are all right- Please let us know how things go- I can’t even imagine going through something like that, I hope she has close friends and family to help them through this. Oh how quickly life can change- let them know our thoughts and prayer are going their way. Are you in a safe area? Hope so.

  32. My Mom was just asking me if I had heard about this… the lady that rode her house down the hill on the roof. I can’t fathom that one, or quite understand how she got up there in time. Totally crazy!

    Is your home / neighborhood in danger of sliding now w/ this shift in the ground???

    CraftTeaLadys last blog post..Love Story

  33. Several years ago I met writer who had survived the Berkeley, CA fire by taking refuge, along with 3 firemen, under the cover of her pool. Hours later, when it seemed safe , they poked their heads out and faced an empty charred landscape. Nothing was left of her house and her pets had disappeared. The tangible past has simply been eradicated. She told me that had felt at once unbearable grief and a great freedom. Over the weeks and months that followed family members, friends, and colleagues gathered together meaningful pictures, letters, accounts and objects linked to her past, a trail of visual memories that trailed back to her childhood. The caring behind this project as well as the its result had comforted her enormously.
    I thought that idea might be helpful to support and comfort your neighbors, too.

    Françoises last blog post..Green Card Adieu

  34. Oh my word, I’ve never seen anything like it!

    Org Junkies last blog post..Work It, Mom!

  35. Oh my, that IS terrible and heartbreaking. My heart hurts for them! Even though it’s just “stuff” it’s still so hard to see them destroyed. I will think of them today in my prayers!

    HBees last blog post..I’m The Birthday Girl

  36. Wow, what an unbelievable occurance and a good reminder to value what is truley important. I will keep you neighbors in my prayers and hope that they are able to restore some sense of normalcy into their lives soon. Thank you for this post and the reminder. I will check out the link you gave about Blog Action Day.

    Kaceys last blog post..Fab Finds for Wordful Wednesday

  37. A nightmare is right! Who would ever even imagine something this shocking could happen–to have your house basically vanish out from under you. It’s a miracle the homeowner is alive. Can’t believe I didn’t see this on the news!

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess last blog post..Vote For Your Favorite Fake Foto!

  38. Unbelievable! I am so glad that your neighbor’s life was saved. How amazing to even imagine that one’s home could literally “fall away” like that. It sure gives one a lot to think about. Thank you for this post. Is your home on the side of a hill?

    Vee~A Haven for Vees last blog post..I’m Blaming Somebody

  39. Oh my, Melissa— we will be sure to keep your neighbor in our prayers. :(

  40. How awful, the poor family! I’m so pleased they are all safe, but they must all be heartbroken. How do you even know where to start in recovering from something like that? Your neighbour is in our prayers x

    Liz@VioletPosys last blog post..Online Reward Chart

  41. I had heard about this on the news. It’s a true miracle that no one was killed considering how many homes were destroyed. How do you suppose an insurance company will deal with that? Sometimes in life we are faced with the truth of it all. We are pretty insignificant in this world and our stuff, even more so. Thank you, Lord, that you view us as valuable.

    Karen Bs last blog post..Cup Of Tea?

  42. Jean Prescott says:

    Literally thousands of us displaced by Hurricane Katrina have felt your neighbor’s bewilderment, shock and, yes, pain to a degree. Many of us were dealing with poverty of a sort long before the economy went sideways. I was a renter but Katrina wiped our building site clean, and just replacing necessities was a challenge. I believe you rise to it or you go under. It depends on your perspective (the old half-full/half-empty outlook) and the support of friends, family, neighbors. The people who leapt from skyscrapers when the market crashed in ’29 (and actually there weren’t that many of them) were defeatists not fighters.

  43. I saw this on the news too! WOW! I just could not imagine. Glad she was okay.

  44. That is so scary! Your poor neighbors! I can’t even imagine what that would be like, but it’s good for us to remember that we don’t know what God has in store for us tomorrow. I am concerned for the houses all around – I pray they will be OK.

    And I assume that you found the hamster eventually?

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess last blog post..Would You Like Chocolate With That? ~ Chocolate Cinnamon Bread

  45. Stopping by for the first time and what a post! I am amazed by your words.

    Carries last blog post..This is why we need friends

  46. Thank you so much for sharing this and putting things into perspective for me. Yesterday my entire department was told that our focus would be “redirected” and no longer, effective immediately. While this is devastating for most of us involved, it is true that in comparison to other happenings in this world, we still have all we will ever need. Thank you for reminding me of that.

    Jeni from Kansass last blog post..WFMW: Protecting Your Memories

  47. Those pictures make you speechless…I can’t even imagine that ever happening. So glad to here your neighbor is okay.

    Sues last blog post..HEY LADY…..THERE’S A MOOSE IN YOUR HOUSE.

  48. so true….it’s good to take inventory of those things in our lives that mean the most, and celebrate them :-)

    Shellys last blog post..Happy Fall!

  49. Melissa, my heart goes out to your neighbors. When I saw the report on the news I sat in stunned silence and I just cried for her. I cannot imagine how terrifying and bewildering such a thing would be. Thank God her neighbor was able to help her get out of there. Oh, how my heart seizes just thinking of it.

    I haven’t popped in to read your blog in a while so I was shocked again to see that this happened to someone I “know” (well, from here at least) . That brings it so close to home and as you said, we have no guarantees … it could be you or me or my neighbor who next has to deal with an overwhelming event.

    I’m glad you got Cheds back in his rightful home. That “boom” probably scared him too! He looks so cute in that bowl!

  50. I don’t even know what to say. It’s horrible. Jean Prescott has hit the nail on the head and Francoise also.

    We are flatlanders here on the Illinois prairie, but I’ve seen those types of home perched on hillsides or hanging over cliffs. I’m telling you I could never sleep a night in those houses, I would have nightmares. I’m always amazed that humans believe they can engineer anything. Unfortunately, nature will always have her way.

    I’m glad to know your neighbor is safe. This will be probably be an insurance nightmare and I hope she has support during this time.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    the Farmer’s Wifes last blog post..International Chick Flick Week

  51. wow. that is terrible. horrifying actually.

    leacas last blog post..Trash to Treasure, October OPAM

  52. I read this post, earlier today and was chilled by what happened. I am so happy to hear the homeowner was rescued. It’s just an amazing story. I tried to post a comment when I first read the post, but it didn’t publish.

    I’m anxious to hear further news about this.

    Pats last blog post..~The Elgin-Cottrell House Circa 1845~

  53. It always seems that it takes the most tragic things to wake us up, make us ask the what ifs and wonder what we should have. That’s why it is so important to live in the now, think about the future, and do our parts to help improve ourselves and surroundings.

    I’m glad your neighbor made it alright.

  54. Oh my word, Melissa! I can’t even imagine! It would be hard to believe without seeing the pictures!

    I’ve had a few “landslide moments” (although not literally, like that) in my life and it’s amazing how quickly life snaps into focus. You instantly know what is and isn’t important.

    Thank you for sharing this. I believe that it is going to be more important than ever to remember what is important.

    Kimbas last blog post..Updating a Sofa

  55. What a nightmare of a story ,Melissa! I can’t even imagine what you poor neighbors have gone through. Things like that aren’t supposed to happen. You are so right…we are not promised anything in this life and we have no idea what we’ll be faced with next. People are what’s important in this world & I’m really starting to realize that things are so temporary in the eternal perspective.

    Rhodas last blog post..Covering a Lampshade

  56. Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~ says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I’m totally speechless. How horrible! Just proves the fact that we have to be completely thankful for EACH day we are given.


  57. Wow. That is just horrifying! It truly does make you pause and consider what is of real worth in your life…

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..To Be Continued..

  58. I saw this on the news here on the east cost, and heard that your neighbor was hurt, but ok. Please let her know that she’s got lots of virtual hugs and real live prayers from all of us out here!

  59. Melissa, this story gave me chills. I can not imagine how devastated your neighbors must feel. So glad she was rescued. It certainly does put things into perspective.


    Rhondas last blog post..Find a Happy Place

  60. How horrible! That reminds me of when we lived in Florida and sinkholes would just occur. I can’t imagine the panic and fear your neighbor must have experienced.

    Neutral Dwellings last blog post..Get Halloween Party Ready!

  61. I was giggling and laughing at your hamster dilema then went into shivers with the hair standing up on my neck at the site and story of your neighbor. Truly unbelievable that in mere seconds disaster can strike. I feel for them and will make sure to put them in my prayers. Thank God that she was not injured or worse.

    Angela Kochs last blog post..Recipe Ratings

  62. OH!! This is so, so horrible. It seems a miracle that no one was hurt. I can’t imagine what this homeowner is going through emotionally. I know it’s just stuff, and I always keep that in mind too, but sometimes stuff that can’t be replaced (the home you raised your family in, photos of relatives no longer living) holds lots of memories and when you lose everything…and to be there as your world is literally slipping out from under you…wow. Wow.

    laura @ the shorehouses last blog post..Colorful weekend.

  63. horrible.
    that is crazy.
    how sad for them. i just can’t even imagine what they would feel. i bet it’s so amazing to see first hand.

    thanks for the reminder.
    hope you are okay.

    meg duerksens last blog post..tagged

  64. Melissa,

    I just cannot imagine the terror that your neighbor experienced.
    Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Laura Ingalls Gunns last blog post..One Hundreth Post

  65. Holy COW! I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve heard of houses in CA going in mudslides. Is that what happened here? I’m nearly speechless.

    Debs last blog post..The Original Leatherman

  66. I am so glad that your neighbor is ok. What a heartfelt, well written post.

    The Nesters last blog post..

  67. OMG, I heard about this on the news, how awful!! I’m so glad she is safe and that someone could get her out in time, I feel so awful for her!

    LindsBs last blog post..Silhouettes, take two…

  68. I saw that unfold on the news. That really can shake you up. I was so thankful to hear she was physically ok. Laurie

  69. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that. What a terrible thing to happen! I’m just glad she was okay! Is there anything we can do to help her?

    shans last blog post..{oooh, charming!}

  70. OMG. this is so sad. thank goodness she was safe. this is a great post melissa, because it does help us all to remember that ‘stuff’ is so very fleeting indeed. i said for a prayer for your neighbors……and also, give ched’s a big hello and a high five for me. he’s such a cute little ‘rodent’..hehe.

    shelbis last blog post..{ a princess, castle, vanilla with sprinkles cake }

  71. That is insane. How very, very sad and frightening.

    My prayers go out to that lady and her family – what a monumental and devastating loss. And I’m sure with time she will simply appreciate that she got out with her life. Incredible. I have never seen such a freakish thing affect someone I might actually “know” (through someone else!).

    A wonderful, thoughtful WOW post! And thanks for the funny bit about Cheds too. Lucky little rodent.

    xox Terri

    Terris last blog post..Paris Post: St-Ouen Flea Market (Clignancourt)

  72. Oh my gosh, Melissa. How absolutely sobering. I had my husband read this post, as well, because we are having geological engineers come tomorrow to install slope movement meters on our slope. We have lived in our home for six years, and have noticed signs of movement on our property. There are six homes on our street and at least three of them are showing signs of slippage. We want the builder to pay to reinforce the slopes around our homes. Seeing what happened to your neighbor only reinforces the danger that can be very real. Thank God nobody was hurt, and thank God your neighbor was rescued safely! Like you said, what truly matters are the lives of those we love and care about.

    I hope you and your husband had a good trip! And as for that pesky little hamster, ours used to escape too! I used to panic trying to find him as he scampered happily around our house! I know that they find it very funny. I can just hear their little hamster giggles as they use their peripheral vision to run at just the right moment!

    Big hugs and lots of love,

    Debbie/Four Angel’s Mommas last blog post..Because I Love Them

  73. Oh that’s just awful! How sad that it takes situations like this to slap us in the face sometimes and make us appreciate what we have… and what we really need!

    Thank you so much for calling my attention to this… I needed to quit obsessing about the not so important and refocus on what is important… my family and their and my health!

  74. My heart is broken for your neighbor…everytime they show this story on the news, I think of this family. Makes me think of all of the slides in the area a decade ago…God speed to your friend and your whole neighborhood…glad to hear on the local news that the city is backing off a bid and I hope that they find relief and peace.


    Ramona Owens last blog post..Recipe Sharing On A Tuesday Eve ~ Yum!

  75. Wow! I can’t believe what that must have been like for you or your neighbor! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. It’s shocking and makes me value even more what I have – a healthy beautiful 2.5 year old daughter, a wonderful husband who really loves me and our 2nd child on it’s way in January. ‘It’s all going to burn’ I guess, but it’s so difficult to see it happen prematurely like this.

    Best wishes,


    Cristas last blog post..SWAG ALERT: The Entire Boon Feeding Collection!

  76. Your pictures were incredible. How devasting for each ofl these families and especially for your friend who narrowly escaped with her life. I hope the others families will survive this and be able tos table their homes. It looks like a beautiful area.
    I am grateful for your prospective that stuff is stuff. It makes me to be even more grateful for my family and those things that I really cherish the most and can’t be taken away unless I let them.
    I am grateful your friend is alright physically and hope she can rebuild her life with the compassion and love shown to her by others during these terrible time.
    Thanks for the WAKE UP call before we head into this busy season of obtaining more stuff and hopefully our my family and I will concentrate on those things that truly mean the most to us in our life. Our Family, Faith, Love, health, and choice memories.
    I hope you enjoyed your trip and litter Cheds was safely found:)

    We have an area not far from us where the banks won’t lend money anymore on alot of beautiful new homes because of of land movement. What a scary thing for all those

    What an incredible

  77. WOW! That is just amazing to see the pictures of the house! I feel so bad for them…i juat can’t imagine that. It really does make you stop and think about what is most important in life. My prayers are with your friends.

    Karins last blog post..Freaky Friday Blog-o-ween Party!

  78. This illustrates just how unstable our world is. We build, build, build and make grand maps showing everything that we have given names to. It seems constant and feels secure beneath our feet. Then, with a volcanic blast, the fury of a tornado or hurricane, an earthquake, a mechanical malfunction, a man initiated attack, or natural occurrences, our surroundings are altered: sometimes permanently.

    The only constant is the Lord. The only stability is in the Lord. None of this world goes with us. We are reduced to God.

    I will be praying for your neighbor. Praise God that she was rescued!

  79. Thank you for this post to remind us all that as much as we enjoy the blog parties and decorating, things are things and not always here to create the image of what we call living.

    Living is truly about the people who we share our lives with and the community that we build.

    Pearl Maples last blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  80. Oh my Lord! How tragic. I will certainly keep this family in my prayers.

    I’ve missed coming around, but I am so busy at work. I did want to let you know that I heard from Felicity.

    Beverlys last blog post..A Funny For Those 50, 60 or 70 +

  81. Melissa, this is such a sad story. It is amazing how we can think we have a problem and then seeing what someone else is facing makes our problem seem so small. God bless your neighbor! And you too! I can’t miss a day of your blog!

  82. Wow, the pictures alone are devastating. How do you make sense of that and? I bet your neighborhood really pulled together for them. Sending prayers and love.

    the paris apartments last blog can’t make this stuff up

  83. Fifi Flowers says:

    That is SCARY! WOW… we never know what life has in store for us.

  84. THis is tragic. How did this happen- I mean what caused the home to go like that? Where abouts are you located? This is so awful- I am just glad that they were able to rescue her. Could you imagine being in there and this happening to you. Thanks for sharing. Daisy~

    Daisys last blog post..~Light and Bright~

  85. Amazing photos. I think I may have seen this on CNN. So horrible for your neighbor. She’s lucky there were others nearby to help her escape. Yes, this is a reminder about keeping things in perspective.

    On a lighter note, I love that photos of the hamster peeking out from the dish (even though I don’t like hamsters-lol). That’s a great shot.

    Lisas last blog post..Pick a Pear (and eat an apple)

  86. I think those are some of the most scariest pictures I have ever seen. I am so thankful that the woman is okay. I am very visual so that image will remain with me and make me value things that are important. Thank you!

    jens last blog post..BUMMER

  87. Holy mother of pearl. I’ve heard about people’s houses sliding down hillsides but I’ve never known anyone who lived in the same neighborhood at the time. How sad.

    Darlas inspiring blog post..Our next President of the United States!

  88. What an unbelievable thing to have happen. Your images really convey the feelings and emotions and the extreme sense of loss — thank goodness that everyone was okay, despite the severity of the damage. As always, love the sentiment behind this post, and the reminder to appreciate the things that matter most to us.


    tigs inspiring blog post..{happy weekend!}

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