Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Curb Appeal Gates

On Mother’s Day we did a little mini drive by over on Bainbridge Island. I didn’t get a glimpse of the house, but I wanted to show you this gate.

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

It is a happy & sad gate…one side is happy, the other is sad! Maybe that means something, I’m not sure.

The rest of these entrances & gates are photos I have taken on past drive bys. It is fun to study how they put these charming entrances together…so many different shapes, textures and unique personalities!

Enjoy the tour! Hopefully I won’t shut down the internet by having so many pictures in my post.

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!
Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!
Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!
Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!
Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!
Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!
Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!
Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!

All photos by: Melissa Michaels

PS. Have your Procrastination Posts ready to share on Thursday! Even if you procrastinated so much that you have NO AFTER PHOTOS, I expect you to fess up and tell us what happened. I’ll admit I have a few excuses of my own, but I also have a photo to share! See you Thursday, looking forward to seeing all you have accomplished, or NOT accomplished (heh heh heh)!

Entrances & Gates: Curb Appeal Gates!


  1. What is it about iron gates…..I never get tired of them- Just wish I had a few at my place.
    Thanks for the lovely tour.

  2. I want one… these are beautiful

  3. I love the first set of gates…except for those creepy faces, eww! Gates and fences have always been some of my favorite outdoor decorating elements. I always think of the secret garden when I see a fanciful gate:>)

  4. Beautiful, thank you for the tour!

  5. What is about iron gates and arched doors that is so intriguing??? Love this post!!


  6. Melissa the gates are wonderful! The faces on the first gate may represent the masks of theatre; comedy and drama.

    Thanks for this extra special driveby!

  7. Lovely – each and every one. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I wonder if the happy/sad faces are to indicate “happy to see you” and “sad to see you go”?
    Loved seeing all these lovely gates and entrances. I did a post last month on door knockers in Boston’s Beacon Hill that you might like. You can check them out at http://openhouse.homegoods.com/index.php/2009/04/14/door-decor-that-knocks/

  9. Well, I will have some after photos, but they won’t be of a complete project. I guess that’s what happens when you are working OUTSIDE when it rains every day. AH!

    The entryways are beautiful.

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Creating a Gift Calendar

  10. Confessions? Whatever would give you that idea? =D

    Curb appeal…I need some! I notice that some of these ideas are very simple after all. I’ll be back to take a closer look.

    Vees inspiring blog post..Where is Everybody?

    • Melissa says:

      :-) I suspect there will be a few excuses out there!

      And yes, at first glance these entrances seem fancy but there are a lot of take away ideas even on small budgets and with less to work with! I love studying them.

  11. Wow, those entrances sure are something. I would love the outside of my house to say something reflective of me. Well, actually maybe it does. I think my outside says, “Due to circumstances beyond our control the owners who live here do not come out here to spruce me up. Please try back again next year when they aren’t working so much and the two year old is three and won’t run into the street every time the mom comes out to attempt yard work. Thank you, have a nice day. “. Do they make signs that say that?

    ha ha,


    Jennifer @ Blogging God And Mes inspiring blog post..Fun In The Sun

    • Melissa says:

      Ha, I hear you. I feel like my front entrance needs a sign saying “These people are flat broke waiting for their other house to sell so please excuse all the empty flower pots.”

      Oh well. We can dream!!

  12. Isn’t Bainbridge Island beautiful. I lived there 9 years and loved it. Actually I am off to the island today, for my girls once a week play date. Clarice

    clarices inspiring blog post..Espresso Sugar

  13. Thanks for this lovely tour. They are all beautiful in their own way.

  14. Hi Melissa. What a great collection of photographs! Front gates are so charming and can be as versatile as the home(owner), as evidenced in your snapshots. I have to add, too, what fun it must be to go on those “drive-bys.” Thank you for sharing with us these charming pictures. ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Inspiration ~ Decorating with Quilts

  15. Love the tour! I love seeing pictures of doors and entrances that have the arch.

    SoBella Creationss inspiring blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

  16. Wow, I can’t pick a favorite. They are all so beautiful. It’s kind of like people, beauty comes in all kinds of combinations. Well, I’m confessing now that I didn’t finish my project. I’m actually hoping to get to it next week. I’ll post my excuses tomorrow. ;-) Hey and they’re legit!

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Soul Sisters

  17. Those are amazing! Wow.

  18. Michelle says:

    Speaking of procrastination…I was dinking around your blog while putting off writing for ApronStrings Home Edition, (a monthly Bible study/fellowship group). This month’s lesson theme…How Does Your Garden Grow!

    So, imagine my delight when I found picture #5, (from the top). Part of my lesson will discuss how Jesus as our Gate, has restored the fellowship that was lost in Eden and becons to us to come and abide or dwell with Him, (John 15:5).

    That cozy little house, with the beautiful white gate and hints of a lovely garden, totally reflects that concept to me.

    With that great visual, I am done procrastating and off to write! THANK YOU! =]

    • Melissa says:

      That is a beautiful illustration. No wonder I love gates so much! They beckon us in to the beauty that is beyond if we only open the gate and walk in!

      I love it!

  19. I love it when you do drive-by’s! I remember when I saw the first one you did…so much fun. I didn’t sign up for the procrastinator project but thanks to you I’ve checked a few projects off the list…my hubby even jumped on board and helped ;)

    Shellys inspiring blog post..Happy Mothers Day!

    • Melissa says:

      Well good for you on checking off some projects! Sounds like you joined in even without signing up! That is great.

  20. Sooooo inspiring. Really reinforces the idea of first impressions!

    missys inspiring blog post..Student of the Week

  21. LaDonna says:

    There is such a sweet coziness to all of these entrances and gates. I would love to add one of these to our home! :)

  22. Oh, I so love these gates! Especially the one with pendant light in it! It makes me think of what we can do to make our home more inviting….thanks for some great eye candy!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Through the Lens: His Perspective

  23. Wow! Thanks for the tour. Love gates and doors.

    Staceys inspiring blog post..

  24. Excellent post…so many beautiful gates and so many wonderful ideas. You inspire me on a continuing basis.
    ♥, Susan

    black eyed susans kitchens inspiring blog post..MOTHER NATURES DAY/MOTHER’S DAY

  25. Those arched doorways are just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    Maureens inspiring blog post..Mother’s Day

  26. Mary Jane says:

    Melissa I admire you for taking these photo’s. I’d love to snap shots of other people’s homes but I’m too chicken…I think I’ll work on that. Do you ever get asked what you are doing? If so, what do you say? Thanks!!!
    Mary Jane

    Mary Janes inspiring blog post..Let’s get real ramblings about Mad Dogs

  27. Loving these photos! Big Time!

    Now about that procrastinators project…I’m getting to it!
    Well, pretty soon!

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Outdoor Wednesday…Don’t Fence Me In!

  28. That one with the white door completely inclosed in the hedge makes my heart go pitter patter. lovely.

    Noelle Tomcos inspiring blog post..Little things

  29. I love your drive-bys! This is so different from where I live. I’d love to have a pretty entrance… instead I have a big concrete driveway. YUCK!

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Tablescape Design Tips

  30. I love yard pics. Keep em coming.

    Jens inspiring blog post..Bedroom Reno

  31. I live in West Linn but grew up in Lake Oswego! I recognize so many of those entrances! A friend of mine grew up in one of the homes! I always have so much fun reading your blog! Thank you!


  32. I am amazed that you live in such a lovely place to have so many wonderful places, gates and doors to take photos of! Wow! I wanna come and visit!

    Thanks for sharing……

    Brenda Leylands inspiring blog post..It’s Sunny Again

  33. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of those gates! I have always loved gates – gated homes, gated gardens, gates in front of neighborhoods. They always have such personality. I also love those striped awnings of one of the homes you had pictures. Thanks for the tour.

    Genas inspiring blog post..Happy Mother’s Day!

  34. Chi-Girl says:

    I don’t often have time to leave you a message but want you to know how much I enjoy seeing your photos and reading your posts. When I first began subscribing to your blog, it often depressed me too much to read the posts b/c I was running off to work or coming home from work and had piles of things to do, and how on earth could I ever do any of the things I see on your blog…..but I came to realize and was patient with myself, that I can enjoy them for pure beauty’s sake. And perhaps this summer, I can find some time to do a little something around my own small house….with little to no curb appeal….blah driveway, etc.

    If you ever see any homes that don’t have a “front walkway” leading up to the door, I’d love to see photos of homes where driveways lead up to the front door – and where it works well…..my neighborhood is a source of some of these homes but not ones I really want to emulate or copy.

    And I loved visiting Bainbridge Island, but didn’t have a car so we missed some of those massive homes. Maybe another trip one day!

    Thanks for all the inspiration and fun….


    Chi-Girls inspiring blog post..Still Here…

  35. Since I could not possibly have a beautiful gated entrance to my house, this post was just a beautiful thing! Sit back and enjoy the perfect photos! I, howver, better get back to my procrastination project! Homework due tomorrow!

    nancy offermanns inspiring blog post..Mother’s Day

  36. Wow what great photos, packed full of wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing them.
    Cheers Linda

    Lindas inspiring blog post..Laundry update and Mothers Day Pressie.

  37. Culpepper says:

    I have always loved gates. They always seem to be saying “There is something behind me that you need to see (or live in)”. They remind me of Employees Only signs. When I was little I always wanted to have a job where I got to go into a room that said Employees Only. Those signs and a good gate still entice me even as a old woman.

  38. Wow, their all wonderful…..Thanks for sharing. I especially like the iron ones.

    Suzy Homemakers inspiring blog post..Hooked on Thursdays….

  39. I didn’t know these places actually existed outside of magazine covers…just beautiful!

    Of course you’d never be allowed to do anything like that here with our HOA. Poo.

    kristen@nosmallthings inspiring blog post..What I learned this week. Take note.

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